The Miracle With Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky And The Har HaBayis Terror Attack


It has been three weeks since the fatal terrorist shooting attack on Har Habayis that claimed the lives of two Israeli policemen. According to a report in the Bakheila newspaper, just two days before the attack, one of the people on line at Rashbam Street in Bnei Brak to speak with HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita was fortunate enough to get in, and explained to Rav Chaim that an incident occurred in which he is being charged with assaulting a policeman.

The Jerusalem resident explained his fears to Rav Chaim, who told him “nothing will come of it”. Gabboyim at the home explained the situation to him a second time, to which he explained he understands, reiterating “Nothing will come of it”, referring to the case against him.

After the attack, he received notification that the accusing officer did not appear for the hearing, and as a result, the charges are dropped and the case closed. One of the policeman killed in the terror attack was the officer charging him with assault.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. ‘i had to read the story twice to make sure i had read it right. But c’mon YWN! You know you are putting in this story just for the outrage. I think it is borderline זלזול ת”ח

  2. I created a login just to say how horrific, insensitive, krum, and perverse this story is. That is actually the best I can say about it. I highly doubt the truth of it, but, assuming it happened, how can you possibly insinuate that the death of the Druse police officer was a miraculous salvation for some guy accused of assault? Maybe he in fact assaulted the officer. And even if he was wrongly accused, would that justify the death of the officer who gave his life to protect Jews? And we now attribute prophetic abilities to Reb Chaim who saw fit to calm his interlocutor but apparently chose not to use his powers to save the family that was butchered in Chalamish? Or maybe they relied on Rabbanut hashgocho so weren’t worthy of salvation. I prefer to believe it never happened, and you would do well to not post drivel.

  3. If this happened in Russia none of you would be kvetching about this true story. It’s only because you hold the Zionist State and their officers in higher regard than Russian officers that you are in denial about this story from the Godol HaDor. But the Zionists are neither better nor more worthy than the Russians. Indeed, less so.

  4. The reactions from so many readers suggest that those responsible for writing and for publicizing this story have really poor judgment, in multiple respects. This is not a positive service to the Yeshiva World.

  5. While it is worthwhile taking such stories with a large helping of salt, I honestly do not understand those calling this story “perverse”, “insensitive” etc.

    NOWHERE does this story imply that we should be happy that this policeman was killed or that it was Rav Kanievsky who somehow caused him to die.
    NOWHERE does this story imply that this policeman somehow deserved to die for prosecuting his alleged assaulter.
    NOWHERE does this story imply that the alleged assault did not happen or that the policeman deserved to be assaulted.

    ALL THIS STORY DOES is ascribe some degree of “ruach hakodesh” to Rav Kanievsky in that he was apparently able to perceive that this person didn’t deserve the tzaros such a prosecution would inflict, and thus would be delivered from his troubles.

    Even if the assault took place, the torah has prescribed penalties for such acts, which involve paying reparations. There is no question that jail time is punishment far beyond what the torah sanctions (unless we are talking about an uncontrollable repeat offender who must be locked up for public safety). Those of us who believe in “hashgocho protis” (which by the way is a fundamental tenet of orthodox judaism) understand that if a jew is convicted and sent to jail for assault, Hashem must have had other aveiros in mind which this person had committed and which warrant such a punishment, and if a person does not deserve such a punishment, then Hashem will see to it that it won’t happen.
    Similarly, Hashem must have had his reasons for requiring the death of the policeman, UNCONNECTED to this court case (since accusing someone of assault, truthfully or falsely, certainly does not warrant death).

    When Hashem needs two things to be done, he may certainly “kills two birds with one stone” and pull off both at once, and this does not imply that the two things must be connected.

    Also, nobody is claiming that Rav Kanievsky is some kind of demigod who could have “used his powers to save the family in Chalamish” as Litvak613 seems to think. All this story is claiming is that he could somehow see that someone standing in front of him didn’t deserve certain tzaros.

    I also think that those believing and publicizing this story simply see it as an amazing example of a degree of “ruach hakodesh” on Rav Kanievsky’s part, as explained above, and are HONESTLY NOT trying to imply that policemen who accuse chareidim of assault had better watch out for divine retribution.

    The ones with an agenda are the chareidi-bashers in the comments above, who have an agenda to believe that chareidim always have an agenda.

  6. Joseph, your focus on the Zionist theme given what others commented before you, while not addressing anything that they said, makes it seem like you have an alternate agenda (could be to spark conversation). Also is it that everyone is in denial or just disturbed about the celebration of loss of human life when we don’t know the whole story let alone the fact that if the story was true the gadol hador was probably not as ecstatic as you are about someone getting shot to death.

  7. WHAT A GEVALDIK MAYSAH!! NEVER doubt Daas Torah!

    For all those who think this is “highly insensitive, ” I would strongly suggest you pick up your paci on the way out the door.

  8. The fact that this story is being touted in public amongst superficialy frum chevra speaks VOLUMES as to the perverted hashkafa possesed by way to many people who have clearly FAILED to internalize what it means to be a Torah Jew.

  9. I think any yid with an ounce of Ahavas Yisroel left in them should be outraged by such a story. Maybe it happened, maybe not, but to make a story out of a Jewish death – your brother’s death??

    YWN should be ashamed of themselves for putting up or allowing such a story.

    Even when the Mitzriim we’re drowning Hashem didn’t allow the Malachim to sing Shira, yet you casually laud a story which praises the “miracle” that involves a Yiddishe death? You should be visiting the grieving family and ask mechila!

  10. El Rushbo, thats great advice, sounds like advice a parent gives that wonders 30 years from now why all his kids went off the derech.

  11. Scrolldown – the two policemen who were slaughtered were both Druze. This makes the story akin to when the mitzrim were drowning when Hashem didn’t allow the Malachim to sing Shira. I wholly agree that publication of this story, whether it is true or not, is simply insensitive. Strip out all the other comments, it is just plain insensitive. Since when are we Torah Yidden allowed to be insensitive to others. The policeman was part of a force that protects us. He and his family deserve our praise and gratitude, not to be made the objects of “mamash a moyradik maaseh”.

  12. nomachlokes,

    Paci is short for pacifier.

    I don’t know why you people are getting all up tied up in knots over here. Reb Chaim is alleged to have said it wouldn’t be a problem, NOT that the cop would be killed.

    There are many ways something to not be a problem. It just turned out that this was the way it wasn’t a problem.

    Yaakov Avinu and family were supposed to be dragged down to Mitzrayim in shakels but HKB’H kaviyochol changed his mind and came up with the M’chiras Yosef instead. How it happens is up HKB’H.

  13. I too created a username just to protest this disgusting story. It is more than a chillul hashem, it is represents the charedi worlds extraordinary lack of hakaros hatov to hashem for the medina and its security forces which he gave us and allow us to live safely in eretz yisroel. Lack of hakaros hatov is one step away from kfira.

  14. Way to go YWN, calling the murder of two policeman a neis and making orthodox Jews look insensitive and idiotic. Keep up the chilul Hashem!!!

  15. now someone who could actually learn and also does moifsim thats something to write home about. someone who all they claim is he does moifsim and in the rest of the time sits around giving gives out shirayim or touring a shlacht hois is gornisht.

  16. moishe shoshan…

    who sits outside the mir making sure no one inside gets hurt. which idf officer? none. which idf officer makes sure no rotzeach from across the street comes inside? none. they get protected by hkb”h directly he needs no intermediary. and he gets thanked personally every day 3 times by the kedoshim inside.

  17. Lbj, once you say that about the mir then you have to suggest as a possibility that for anyone in the chareidi tzibbur who died al kiddush Hashem that they were not really thanking the ribono shel olam or that something was wrong with their avodas Hashem that it was not strong enough to provide protection.
    Since we seem to be very familiar with daas Elokim..As a zechus for their learning is it possible that HKB”H allowed for their to be an army to protect yiddin who are learning from other nations who are invading?

  18. lbj – “ein somchim al hanes”. And, in fact, those killed in the Har Nof terror attack a few years ago were talmidei chachamim who were busy thanking the Shomer Yisrael at the time they were killed – along with a Druze police officer who died trying to protect them. So the attitude of “wow, what a great nes that Rav Chaim was able to foresee the yeshua that this individual would have” is the height of Kafuy Tov – a police officer lost his life protecting Jews, and other Jews celebrate since they only are looking at it from their own narrow perspective.

    Tell me, would you also say “what a nes” if the police officer was a Jew?

    an Israeli Yid

  19. There are so so many remarkable stories to tell about the גדול הדור demonstrating his גדלות.
    Why did YW choose to tell us this one? Because they know what stories will create reader interest.
    We are their reader’s.
    They know what we want.
    WE are responsible.

  20. apushatayid commented:
    “Rav Chaim is b’h alive and well. why doesn’t someone ask him if the printed story (and the insinuation) is true.”

    Assuming someone actually dared to waste a godol’s precious time (as well as their own time on a long wait) just to attempt to verify this story, R’ Chaim is likely to reply with a generic brush-off response like “BooHoo”. 🙂

    Maybe you can inquire from his gabbaim if it is true. But who cares – we should have the Emunah to believe that it COULD have happened.

  21. This is appallingly insensitive. Two people died protecting Jews from terrorists, but it’s a neis becuause a Jew who likely assaulted someone was spared from a trial? Do the lives of non-Jews simply not matter? This attitude is why so many young people are turning away from Yiddishkeit. Yeshiva World News should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such a tone deaf story.