Driver Involved In Hit And Run That Injured West Hempstead Rav In Custody


Months after he was seriously injured by a hit and run driver in December 2016, the mora d’asra of the Young Israel of West Hempstead NY, Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer Shlita has Boruch Hashem returning to his shul duties. On Motzei Shabbos, Nassau County police announced that they have apprehended 46-year-old Benitez Rodolfo, a resident of the Far Rockaway section of Queens.

The rav was hit while trying to cross the street in front of the shul at about 7:35PM when the pickup truck ran into him, a white Dodge Ram. Benitez ran into the 71-year-old rav, leaving him seriously injured. He was thrown some 30 feet in the air and was left with head and other injuries, of which he is still recuperating.

Benitez was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with physical evidence.

B’chasdei Hashem, the rav is returning to his duties in his beloved shul, which he has been serving for over three decades.

(YWN – NYC Desk)