Urgent Hatzalah South Florida – (Irma) Fundraiser; Communications Infrastructure Destroyed In Storm


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Hurricane Irma has been one of the most overwhelming storms to have ever hit the State of Florida. Many streets in our local communities were totally flooded, and thousands of people – many of them elderly – are stranded in buildings with many of them IN NEED OF MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. Overall, millions of homes and businesses are still without power, including several hundred thousand in our own communities!

Hatzalah of South Florida has been at the forefront, prior to and during the storm, and is still currently working around the clock to assist the members of our communities from the aftermath of this epic storm and the damage it has left in its wake.

Hatzalah of South Florida itself has been affected by this devastating storm. Our primary communications infrastructure sustained heavy damage during the storm and most of our crucial LIFE SAVING supplies have been depleted. We are currently running on our backup systems, much of which will not be sufficient for too much longer. We need YOUR help and we need it NOW.

We have been collaborating with numerous organizations, dozens of emergency relief personnel and many others from around the country. As we speak, shipments of medical supplies, communications and power equipment, and other necessary provisions need to be ordered and enable us to carry out our mission of saving lives.

This cannot happen without the necessary funds. The needs of the communities that are relying on us are both basic and vital given the current situation. Our communities are counting on Hatzalah of South Florida and we in turn are relying on your support which will enable us to be there for them during this difficult time.

In the merit of your boundless generosity, may you and your families be blessed with a healthy and happy New Year.

To participate in this life-saving work, please visit MiamiHatzalah.Com/Donate

With Eternal Gratitude,

The Team of Hatzalah of South Florida.

Miami Hatzalah dispatchers worked around the clock during the storm
Hatzalah from NY assisting Hatzalah from Miami

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)