LISTEN: Trump Robocall Goes Out On Behalf Of Roy Moore; Polls Show Him Trailing By Double-Digits


An automated phone message from President Donald Trump has gone out, urging support for Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. A new Fox News poll shows the one time heavy favorite trailing by 10 points.

White House spokesman Raj Shah said Saturday that Trump has recorded the phone message on Moore’s behalf. The calls went out to households Monday, a day ahead of the U.S. Senate election.

“We need Roy voting for us and stopping illegal immigration and crime, rebuilding a stronger military and protecting the Second Amendment and our pro-life values,” Trump’s voice is heard saying in a robocall obtained for ABC News. “But if Alabama elects liberal Democrat Doug Jones, all of our progress will be stopped full.

“Roy Moore is the guy we need to pass our ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda,” Trump adds.

Moore is locked in a heated contest with Democrat Doug Jones for the seat that previously belonged to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore was once the heavy favorite to win in deeply conservative state. He has been hit with several allegations of having inappropriate relationships and/or harassing underage women. Moore has denied the allegations, which date back almost 40 years ago.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And to think that the Republican party once laid claim to the mantle of moral values. Sean and Rush have ruined the GOP. Trump and Moore are the rotten fruit of their labor.

  2. One might object for Moore’s refusal as a judge to follow ruling of higher courts on moral grounds (though in all fairness German judges who resigned rather than follow immoral rulings were hailed as heroes).

    As for his taste in women back when he was in his 30s, we need to realize that the frum community custom of men marrying before they are able to support a family is not universal, and in many cultures men wait until they established financially (meaning they are in their 30s) to get married, where women planning to be professional homemakers are ready to marry in their teens. It isn’t really a scandal. Note that no one has accused him of any sort of sex crime, and there is no claim of the sorts of behavior that go Bill Clinton in trouble.

    And what Trump is really like is unknown. He’s still “acting” like his character from the “Apprentince”. I suspect he’s much nicer when he gets out of character (my evidence for this is that his wife and daughters would have left him long ago if he really is the total boor he is deliberately pretending to be).