Last Chance! Prague Annual Woman’s Winter Retreat With Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller & Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt – January 9-13, 2013



Before you know it we will soon be sharing what may be one of the most unforgettable experiences of any of our lives. Touring and experiencingPrague’s Jewish history and magnificent sites is different than going to just any European city. It is a place whose imprint will never be forgotten in our history.

This year Rebbbetzin Tziporah Heller and Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt are teaming up to create the ultimate inspiring, relaxing and rejuvenating women’s retreat. This 4-Day Retreat offers both married and not-married women of all ages a rare opportunity to recharge their spiritual batteries in the enchanting, mystical and inspiring city of Prague!


During the course of four-days, participants will be treated to an action-packed and uplifting weekend retreat; stimulating lectures by Rebbetzin Heller and Mrs. Greenblatt, informal discussions, touring Prague’s breathtaking sites, experiencing Prague’s ancient Jewish quarter, visiting the famous “model” concentration camp Theresienstadt, davening at the kever of the Maharal and Kli Yakar, and enjoy must-needed downtime time with friends, gourmet meals, and more. Shabbos is of course a highlight of this retreat. It is hard to explain how awe-inspiring is the experience of walking into the Maharal-Altenu Shul during kabbalas Shabbos and hearing the tefillos and lecha dodi echo through the thick ancient walls. There are always fascinating people davening in the shul from all over the world and the group will have the opportunity to meet some people fromPrague’s Jewish community. Motzei Shabbos includes a special Melava Malka program with a powerful and moving siyum as a finale for this fantastic retreat!


Hurry – there is still time to sign-up! For more information contact Nesivos: In the US: 718-407-4447∙ In Israel: 972-54-528-1991, Fax. in Israel: 972-2-652-6646, email: /