Changes in Jerusalem Bus Service


egednnBeginning on 23 Tammuz 5773 (July 1, 2013) the 53 and 53A bus lines in Yerushalayim will stop operating. They will be replaced by the number 9 line which will begin from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and continue to Romeima to Geula, Machane Yehuda, city center, Shaare Chessed, Rechavia and ending in Givat Mordecai. This will permit residents of Romeima and Machane Yehuda area communities to meet.

The advantage of the new line is that it will run on both Sorotzkin and Zayit Ra’anan Streets and connect the Geula area via Tzefanya, Ezra and Nechemia Streets. The line will also provide improved inner neighborhood service beginning from Sorotzkin in the area of Petach Tikvah and Shamgar Streets.

According to Baruch Brandwein, who heads the Romeima Community Council, he has received many requests for service covering these areas and he and his people have done their best to implement such a line.

For Har Nof residents, the 60 line will be canceled and it will be replaced by the existing 74 line, which will enter Har Nof. This will provide an increase in the frequency of buses as well as providing new service on motzei Shabbos and Yomim Tovim.

The 52 and 55 lines will change their route inside Har Nof in both directions. Leaving the neighborhood, the bus will run from Rosenthal, Chai Taib, Shaulzon, Katzenelbogen, to the depot and then on its route.

Entering Har Nof, the bus will run from Katzenelbogen to Shaulzon, Chai Taib, Rosenthal, to the depot.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)