New IAF Pilots Get their Wings

(Friday, June 28th, 2013)

iaAmong the young officers who received their pilot’s wings on Thursday, 19 Tammuz 5773 were a number of Shomer Shabbat pilots. They were among the graduates of the Israel Air Force’s Flying Academy Class 166.

Giving a boost to the dati leumi camp is the fact that 13% of the graduates were in Bnei Akiva and 16% in the Israel Scouts. 54% live in cities, 35 from yishuvim, and 10% from moshavim. 35% of the new pilots live in northern Israel. There are no females among the graduates.

Three of the graduates were talmidim in hesder yeshivot and five attended IDF preparatory yeshivot.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photo: IDF Spokesman)


  1. Chesssed says:

    The Gedolim appose Yeshiva boys in the Army

  2. jwander says:

    The Gedolim support Yeshiva boys in the Army

  3. yosse says:

    that’s the army they appose , however in the air force you fly high and faster and are closer to hashem

  4. charvona says:

    These men,not boys, are the best of the best. . May Hashem protect them as he sends them to protect us.

  5. 419elm says:

    “go air force go” it is better then roming the street and smoke cigarettesYOU HAVE MY VOTE

  6. zionflag says:

    May hashem watch over and bring you home safely.

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