R’ Ovadia Sends a Harsh Message to Meir Porush


porMaran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita has instructed his son Rav Moshe Yosef to bring a message to MK Meir Porush, Kikar reports. The gadol hador is reportedly angry over the candidacy of Sruly Porush in the Elad mayoral race. He decided to send his message to Sruly’s father, R’ Meir Porush, quoted saying “הוא משיב רעה תחת טובה”, basically calling Porush ungrateful.

Rav Ovadia is quoted saying five years ago the senior Porush begged him to support Meir Rubinstein’s bid for mayor in the Betar Illit race, adding “Even though this was against the desire of Rav Eliyahu, I did so. When Meir Porush ran for mayor in the Jerusalem race, I supported him with all my might because of zechus avos and my admiration for him.”

“Now he enters his son in the Elad mayoral race despite promising a number of months ago that he will not do so.”

The rav is quoted as warning Porush if he decides to have his son run in the Elad race against a Shas candidate, adding “I will speak out against him in my motzei Shabbos drasha.”

The rav is quoted adding “I will do everything possible against him including getting out of my sick bed”, explaining Porush should not be running against a Shas candidate in the primarily Sephardi community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Reply to No. 1

    Why don’t you ask the question as to why the Rav feels compelled to insert himself into these minor political races and threatening anyone who dares challenge his hand-picked candidates whether for Chief Rabbi or some local mayor or council race? He increasingly is acting like some Chicago political boss who is intolerant of anyone who runs against the party machine. You seem to believe these political deals should be hashed out in some smoke-filled backroom deal and never see the light of day. Sorry, but those days are over and hopefully the tzibur will push back against this type of political horse-trading which restricts who can seek public office and denies voters the chance to cast a ballot for the best candidate