A Week Later: Mourning and the Investigation — Father, Brother of Menachem Stark Speak to Ami


UntitledThe tragedy of Menachem Stark’s brutal murder has left the broader Jewish community reeling, even more than a week after his body was found. No one, however, has been affected by his death more than his family members. In this week’s Ami Magazine, Menachem’s father, Rav Yisroel Stark, remembers his son’s life and chesed, and speaks about what Menachem’s loss has meant to his family. His brother Yitzy Stark discusses both how Menachem’s family is coping with the tragedy and inside details of the police investigation hunting down his killers.


(Ami Newsroom)


  1. While his murder was detestable do you really believe he was murdered because he was a Jew usually the terminology used by the comment or is reserved for someone was killed simply because he was a Jewe