Israel: Chareidim Use Less Water


charA report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics shows the chareidi tzibur uses less water than other communities in Israel. The report states per person water usage is lowest in the chareidi areas.

The report is based on figures from 2012, which shows an average annual water requirement per person being 48.8 cubes. If we look at usage by city, Elad comes in with 33.5 per person, Modi’in Illit with 34.3 per person and Betar Illit with 34.8 per person. This is even lower than the Bedouin community of Rahat, which rates 35.9 per person. In Bnei Brak annual usage per person is 41.3 and in Eilat, that number stands at 74.5. Herzliya rate 73.8, Ramat HaSharon 70.5, and Tel Aviv 63.1.

The local councils use far more water, as is seen in Kfar Shmaryahu (277.1), Savion (272), and Omer (99.9).

The wealthier communities also lead in garbage production, with the national average in 2012 being 1.7kg per person annually. Savion leads with 7.6kg per person, followed by Kfar Shmaryahu with 5.9.

Garbage production in major cities is led by Eilat with 3.3, followed by Tel Aviv (2.9), and at the far end with the lowest, Elad, with 1kg per person. Modi’in Illit follows with 1.1 and Bnei Brak with 1.4.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The figures suggest that cooking and showering aren’t the big factors, but rather things such as swimming pools, lawns, etc.

  2. I’m surprised that no one pointed this out already: Obviously there is going to be less water usage per person in the chareidi areas as they are counting children and babies into the per person equation. As far as I know, babies and children use less water than adults, and, couple that with the fact that chareidi areas have more children, then you get a lower per person usage. But if this helps put us in a better light, then let’s just leave that little point out of the discussion. 🙂

  3. #4 kuperman

    how many people in tel aviv have swimming pools?
    how many people in Ramat hasharon have swimming pools for that matter?

    do you even engage your brain before you spout your anti israeli rubbish or do you just feel that anything is better than nothing?

  4. thabo: You should compare the presence of swiming pools, car washes (and cars), dishwashing machines (as opposed to children helping with the dishes), lawns, trees, etc. in rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. I’m not sure Tel Aviv qualifies as “rich” since the city includes slums and affluent areas (and I suspect you’ll find water use is higher in the rich areas).

    It is not, as you and some of your cohorts appear to imply, that hareidim are smellier or filthier than hilonim or modern orthodox/dati leumi (though the hilonim often say so). Hareidim do have a lower per capita income. In all countries, affluence correlates with water use, but not with hygiene. It has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion.

    And I am totally pro-Eretz Yisrael. And the best way to improve the quality of life for the Bnei Torah (the only sort of Jews entitled to claim rights in Eretz Yisrael, since our rights are derived only from Torah), is to get rid of the zionists, or at least remove them from the government (not that I don’t give the Dati Leumi credit for publishing great sefarim, and the seculars do many useful things such as inventing new ways of desalinazation which was needed since their excessive water use was destroying both the Kinneret and the aqifers).

  5. #8 kuperman

    don’t make assumptions and don’t put words in my mouth

    nowhere did i in any way insinuate that chareidim smell or any other such slur.

    i take issue wth your constant sniping at the govt and fellow yidden who do not follow your narrow hashkofa.

    even if everyone elso on this site sees a story as positive you will find a way to be “dan lekaf chov” and twist the story to bash anyone who is not your flavor of frum.

    you can be trusted to post something negative on almost every news item that has anything to do with eretz yisroel.
    you seem to have to show that you know everything and understand everything about any topic vaguely related to life here in eretz yisroel all from the comfort of your armchair in the USA. (pray-tell, when was the last time you lived here and for how long?)
    you post as if you live here and are active in society but you are not.
    you are nothing more than troll.

    BTW. I am chareidi myself. I work during the day and learn at night. I know that there are many problems here and there are some yidden who hate us and our way of life.
    I will not, though, tar every yid who does not agree with my hashkofa as a rosha and apikores or “not a real chareidi” as you like to call us.

  6. akuperman is actually right for a change. Haredim are less affluent, so they generally don’t have to water lawns and wash cars. There are definitely issues with personal hygiene in Haredi circles with mostly Hassidim, but that has nothing to do with water usage. It has more to do with general awareness of what’s around you and they are the same type of people who smoke indoors and put their feet on the seat on the bus. It isn’t everyone, and the issue is pretty much non existent within the Litvak and Sepharadi communities.