The Hidden Message for the Yerushalmi Branch: Vote Yachad


05-PSC_8079On Monday, 25 Adar, HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita announced his decision regarding elections, stating “there is no party to vote for”. Clearly the rav has signaled he cannot endorse any of the parties competing for the 20th Knesset.

However it is learned that a recording sent to thousands of members of the Yerushalmi branch informs them that the hidden message for them is to vote and cast their ballot for the Yachad party.

The recording states:

“לציבור בני התורה המבינים בעם שלום רב, דע כי המפלגה היחידה אשר אינה רודפת את ציבור בני התורה ומכבדת את כל גדולי ישראל למרות חילוקי הדעות, היא מפלגת יחד שבראשות אלי ישי. ‘שמים קץ לרדיפות שמים קץ בקלפי’… זכור, מפלגת ש”ס חתמה הסכם עודפים עם יעקב אשר”.

The message explains that the only party that does not harass the chareidi tzibur while honoring gedolei yisrael, despite differences of opinion, if the party headed by Eli Yishai, the Yachad party. Put an end to the harassment of the chareidim and vote…remember, the Shas party has signed a surplus votes agreement with Yaakov Asher.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Yeshiva world’s continued campaign oh half truths due to its misguided support of a particular party that is NOT espoused by the Gedolim.

  2. This is really stupid and misleading. If he had a deal with Yachad it would have been in print so to maximize influence in the party. I don’t believe a word of it. Utter foolishness.

  3. It sounds ridiculous, but with these people it’s totally believable, unfortunately…

    When the entire foundation of the movement is just about protesting what’s NOT to be done, and not about what IS to be done – you can end up anywhere.

  4. We all received a lot of msgs on our cells – NOT ONE WAS FOR Yachad

    Don’t believe this at all

    And anyway, I liv in a Charedi neighborhood in Yerushalaim – and I see tons voting – for GIMMEL and SHAS

  5. dear realisticguy

    if u lived here u would know….

    if u lived here u would no that Reb Shmuel Shlita would not say to vote for Yachad – yes it is probable that he would say not to vote – like the Neturi Karta – why would he say to vote for Yachad?????

  6. Yerushalmit (8)
    How can he say not to vote when all the Gedolim he claims to be the follower of – Chazon Ish, Steipler, Rav Shach etc. – all said that not voting is like voting for the left???

    But the answer is simple. When the drive isn’t from the angle of running Klal Yisroel, but from the angle of “let’s show that we are the little frum bunch” everything is possible…

  7. Mdshweks
    You are talking about a godol byisrael not youngsters playing frumkeit.Furthermore even the gedolim of yahadut hatorah will admit to certain changes that were made which they deemed necessary.Rav Shmuel is of the stature to disagree. We know when dealing with such a situation we follow our leaders and don’t say a word against others .