Interactive Pesach Magazine – A First in the World



In searching for a way to take Passover knowledge to the next level, the MK-Canada’s Kosher Certifier has succeeded well beyond their wildest expectations, creating the world’s first-ever interactive Passover magazine.

The vehicle to usher in a new age of Kosher education was discovered by Goldie Zweig, the MK’s creative graphic designer, when she came across a new technology called Augmented Reality – AR.

Augmented Reality is a technology that takes the world around you (through a camera or head mounted display) and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like it’s actually there in the real world. All virtual material created and produced by Zweig, includes videos of Kosherization, audio of children reciting the Pesach Brachos, as well as exclusively designed games and quizzes. Rabbi Emanuel even has a cameo voice appearance.

As a user the process is simple – you download the free Zappar app which opens up a camera view in “scanning” mode. Once the app detects something that’s Zappar Powered it assembles all the content and brings that thing to life on-screen in front of your very eyes. That means that boring black and white text pages in anything from a book to magazine can now come to life and jump off the page with videos, interactive games and more.

If you own an iPhone, Smart Phone or tablet the Zappar app is available and you can start exploring the world of Kosher Passover Magazine bringing you exclusive content in AR.

Do you have children who love stories? In this year’s magazine experience Rebbee Hill the magnificent storyteller in an audio story created special for the Passover Magazine. World renowned speaker, Rabbi Paysach Krohn author of the bestselling The Maggid series, is featured with 3 sets of video stories, geared towards all audiences.

Not sure how to Kosher your kitchen for Passover? Watch how it’s done with experts, showing and explaining the process. Don’t know how to set up your Seder plate? Zap it, and watch was the Zeroah, Beitza and other foods are “dropped” onto the Seder plate on your screen in their correct positions according to your custom.  Want a better understand of Sephardic Passover customs? Zap the video and watch it all unfold in vibrant media.

Don’t let the name of the magazine fool you. Though the name of the publication is Canada’s Passover Magazine, the publication is not geared just towards Canadians. This magazine has customs for all sects of Jews, no matter where they live in the world. The name is Canada because that is where the magazine was founded by the MK Kosher certifier, and that is where it has become a phenomenon known throughout the world. Being diverse, the magazine is trilingual, English, French and Hebrew.

Reactions from the audience at the exclusive launch for the magazine was overwhelming. ‘We’ve had many requests this year for additional shipment of magazines’ says Rabbi Emanuel, Executive Director at the MK, ‘the response to our interactive magazine has been incredible, with emails pouring in throughout North America, wanting to implement Zapcodes in their publications, educational lessons and more. I’m confident that when people see the Kiruv and chinuch potential, many others will emulate us.’ During the first week of its release, Canada’s Passover Magazine had a total of approximately 3940 zaps.

Following the smashing success of the world’s first ever Jewish interactive publication, a second edition is being printed.  Through its website, the MK has been receiving dozens of emails daily requesting copies.

An offshoot of the magazine are requests pouring in from Jewish day schools as well as Jewish organizations regarding zap codes and how to implement them into their programs. Due to the overwhelming number of requests, the MK have arranged for an exclusive link for sign up:


Canada’s Passover Magazine has been distributed across Canada as well as the United States. For more information about the magazine and/or shipping requests go to:


  1. What we need in Montreal is a revolution in bringing down the skyrocketing kosher food prices, not apps. Families are struggling.
    A non-religious Jewish woman told my wife that this year she and her friends wont be buying kosher food for passover cause its become way too expensive.

  2. Are we pushing that kids should be using Iphones because of this new great chinuch technology? Is it a Jewish App or can the App be used to zap anything?