Schlisel to be Admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital for Observation


schYishai Schlisel, who perpetrated the fatal stabbing attack at the Jerusalem toeiva parade earlier this month, will be admitted to a psychiatric hospital to determine if he is fit to stand trial for his actions. Schlisel murdered 16-year-old Shira Banki z”l in the attack, which left a number of others injured.

According to the Channel 10 News report, cell mates have reported that Schlisel “acts very strange” and it has been decided by a court to admit him for psychiatric observation towards determining his mental fitness to stand trial for his actions. A bit over a decade ago Schlisel stabbed participants in a Jerusalem toeiva parade. He wounded a number of people in that attack. He was evaluated and psychiatrists determined he was fit to stand trial. He served a ten-year sentence after being convicted on attempted murder. He was released from prison about three weeks prior to perpetrating the latest attack.

Photo: Schlisel in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. The court extended his remand for an additional ten days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photo: Yoni Rikner)


  1. I am horrified that Shira Banki was murdered and shudder to think that the murderer may have been an otherwise frum person. However, I would caution The Yeshiva World to write that Mr. Sclissel is ALLEGED to have murdered Miss Banki. Also, much as I decry her murder, given the circumstances, I would write after Miss Banki’s name, “a”h” rather than, “z”l”.

  2. Psychiatric “medicine” is riddled with problems. It is far worse when the cops are involved. The drugs administered are extremely dangerous with many permanently debilitating and fatal side effects. Many such as Thioridazine are powerful sedatives. Claims that they are fundamental effective are basically justified by the fact that the patient is so weak that they are incapable of getting up from a chair or raising their voice. Often their mentality and attitudes are in fact unchanged. They are in fact prescribed cops, prosecutors, judges, etc. who will then get psychiatrists to rub stamp their decision. The cops etc. essentially claim that the crime was in and of itself a proof of psychosis.

    Another popular psychiatric drug is lithium. It is a deadly poison whose side affects gradually destroy vital organs. The reaction to these side effects is to coerce the patient into taking more drugs. Their effectiveness is questionable and they have horrible side effects of their own. In addition dangerous effects of drug interaction are difficult to pinpoint. The doctors and cops though claim there are no such side effects and the drugs are perfectly effective.

    Lithium can be effective over the short run probably because the patient recognizes that they are being poisoned and correctly perceives that they are being given a death threat. The problem is that if they have a legitimate grievance for example hatred of homosexuality, their infuriating behavior returns with a greater intensity.

    In the case of Schlisel detailed reporting is needed to be properly informed. It should include actual medical data, what the criminal justice establishment is saying, and importantly his own personal comments regardless of how mixed up they may sound.

  3. Politically, it is better for all sides if he is declared insane, though his actions hardly suggest mental illness. Jewish political extremism is a threat to the status quo, and treating him as a criminal gives credibility to it. As a meshuganah he is much less threatening than as a terrorist or rebel (or as they say in halacha, as a “morded be-malchus”).