Kerry Warns of Consequences of Congress Votes Down Iran Deal


iraSecretary of State John Kerry says if Congress rejects the Iran nuclear deal, the U.S. won’t be able to prevent allies from doing business with Tehran.

Speaking to a New York crowd, Kerry tried to counter Republican claims that a better agreement can be reached. That argument would entail the U.S. maintaining or increasing pressure on Iran by threatening foreign governments and businesses with penalties for doing business with Tehran.

Kerry says that idea is far-fetched.

“Are you kidding?” he asks.

He says European countries wouldn’t cooperate with U.S. sanctions, and would walk away from separate U.S.-led penalties against Russia.

He says the dollar would lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, and allies wouldn’t support U.S. military action against Iran if Congress was responsible for breaking the deal.



  1. What this genius fails to comprehend is that if the deal goes through and Iran gets the bomb we won’t have to worry about the dollar anymore ever as it will cease to exist…..

  2. Will these “righteous” Europeans now label all Iranian goods as “From Terrorism Sponsoring Iran” as they are insisting on labeling Israeli West Bank goods as “Occupied Territory”. Or do the Europeans consider Jews in control of the Kotel and Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, for example, as a worse crime than support of international terrorism.

  3. he should have thought of this before he bypassed the congress and the American people by pressing that the UN vote. In other words Kerry is saying:” This is a bad deal but the US will lose face and we may have to stand alone” but that is what leadership is all about. Moreover many of the sanctions are US based and if we keep them in place they will continue to have an affect. The only thing this person did not say is what the President said: It is the jews and Israel against the world. Sounds like 1939

  4. As usual and this illegal regime will resort to chicagonian style tactics
    And resort to threats and ominous warnings , as they fail in the arena of logic and reasons , so they will rule just by the method of Fear – to impose it on a citizen cplagued by complacency …..

  5. Has anyone heard of “Peace in our time”? Hitler tricked those willing to listen to his lies (and not willing to read his book). The Iranians don’t even bother to lie! Only deaf, blind and mad people could think of trusting the Iranians with anything worth more than a penny. The ink isn’t even dry and Iran is spouting its usual vitriolic garbage. Maybe Obama & Kerry are depending on an Israeli strike against Iran?