More Details On IDF Soldiers Rescued Alive from Kalandia


11For those who insist PA (Palestinian Authority) residents are supporters of dual existence, this is yet another example of the hate for Israelis that prevails among PA residents, who did their best to murder two IDF soldiers who made a wrong turn and found themselves in Kalandia, which borders Jerusalem. The soldiers explain they erroneously entered the Kalandia refugee camp on Monday night at about 22:00 because Waze directed them.

The incident occurred on Monday night, the eve of 21 Adar-I. Within seconds of entering the area, the yellow Israeli license plate on their vehicle served as a call for residents to come out and attack the vehicle. The vehicle was about 100 meters from the main entrance when the occupants, two unarmed IDF soldiers, realized they were in a life-threatening situation.

They both ran from the vehicle as they realized locals were trying to set it ablaze, which they succeeded in doing. One soldier ran to a nearby home while calling for assistance. A very large response followed and he was extricated safely B”H a relatively short time later.

The second soldier headed for Kochav Yaakov, quite a distance. His disposition was unknown and military officials feared the worse as they faced off the blood-thirsty mob. Eight border policemen were injured in a shootout, one listed in moderate condition. The residents clearly tried to kill all Israelis in their community.

B’chasdei Hashem the second soldier was extricated unharmed as well and the large force pulled out of the area, which is located on Jerusalem’s northern border, not far from Atarot.

Kalandia is run by the Tanzim military faction of Abu Mazen’s Fatah faction.

Despite all reports to the contrary, IDF Spokesman Brigadier-General Moti Almoz on Tuesday morning 21 Adar-I states he spoke with the Binyamin Regional Brigade Commander who confirms the two were indeed armed.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Decide which way you want to go- either they were armed or they were not armed. It can’t be both, your article contradicts itself.