Greenfield Lauds New Garbage Collection Schedule to Ease Traffic in Borough Park



Councilman David G. Greenfield today expressed his thanks to Sanitation Department Commissioner Kathryn Garcia for her hard work in helping to alleviate Borough Park’s traffic problem and Mayor Bill de Blasio for his personal involvement in improving the quality inflict of Boro Park residents. As part of a deal announced by the Mayor last night, the Sanitation Department will adjust its garbage collection schedule in the neighborhood to avoid making pickups during rush hour. The move, advocated by Greenfield since his election, is expected to help ease traffic in a neighborhood where congestion on the roads has been a major headache for area residents.

“Today’s action is not a silver bullet,” Greenfield said. “There is always going to be traffic. But while it may not solve the entire problem, what we announced today will make a real measurable difference in the lives of my constituents. It will be easier to drive through Boro Park in the morning. That’s a huge victory for Boro Park residents.”

At a press conference this morning, Greenfield thanked the various leaders and community advocates who worked so hard to make this happen, including the mayor, Commissioner Garcia, Assemblyman Dov Hikind, State Senator Simcha Felder, DSNY Chief Keith Mellis, Deputy Chief Jack Ryan, Assistant Chief Andrew Pugliese, John Talmadge of Local 831, Yidel Perlstein, chairman of Community Board 12, Barry Spitzer, district manager for Community Board 12, Isaac Wollner of the Bus Transit Association and R’ Heshie Dembitzer of Bobov for their consistent advocacy on this issue.”

“I’m proud we were able to get this done for our neighborhood,” Greenfield said. “I will keep working to solve quality of life problems and continue to make Borough Park a better place to live.”

For as long as he’s been in office, Greenfield has been a strong advocate working to improve life in Borough Park and throughout New York. Prior to today’s achievement, he successfully lobbied to reform parking meter rules by allowing a 5 minute grace-period at muni-meters, allowing for pre-payment of meters on Friday and getting rid of impossible to remove stickers places on cars on alternate side parking days. Greenfield continues to work on commuting-related issues like reforming alternate-side parking requirements, restoring F express service in Brooklyn, and providing subway riders with viable alternatives when their local stations are closed for construction. Greenfield has also committed to renovating every park in his district, a process that is currently underway through $30 million that he has secured and has funded an initiative to beautify his district by hiring people to clean garbage from the sidewalks and public spaces.

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(YWN Desk – NYC)