HASHOVAS AVEIDA! Person Accidentally Forgets To Replace Bag Of Jewelry In Safe Deposit Box In Boro Park Bank


vaultIf you or someone you know has a safety deposit box in Chase bank on 49th Street and 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, then read on…

In the beginning of March, a Jewish person was in the private room of the safety deposit box area of Chase Bank on 49th Street and 13th Avenue in Boro Park, and found a bag full of jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, it maybe closer to a million in jewelry.

Someone must have thought they replaced it into their box but it remained on the floor on the side. The bag was turned into the bank for safe keeping.

Sources tell YWN that Detectives from the NYPD are trying to locate the owner as well.

If it belongs to you please go claim it at the bank.

Please forward this information to all your contacts!

Tizku Limitzvos!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Like that – “If it belongs to you please go claim it..”

    Please, please come and claim it. Deep down, at the long end it’ll be worth the trouble…

    And then at the end – “Tizku Limitzvos!” (well if he has all that money I guess he doesn’t need any other brochos – so be zoche to do mitzvos with your newly found riches)

  2. The story is NOT true. I dont know how someone can be so foolish as to believe it. I worked at that location several years ago. You need a bank employee to get in to that area and its behind a locked door which only branch employees have access to. Everyone that goes in to that area signs a log and shows id. Not to mention all the security cameras in the bank. The concept that someone left it in that area and the bank has no idea whose items it is is idiotic and impossible.

    Moderators Note: The story is 100% true, and the NYPD is working the case with multiple detectives. The amount in jewelry is estimated to be around 1 MILLION DOLLARS.