Police: Man In Body Armor Made Terrorist Threats In Kiryas Joel


kjThe following is via News12:

A Garrison man is being held at the Orange County jail after he allegedly made terrorist threats in the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel while wearing tactical body armor.

Frank Zebzda, 30, was arrested following the incident Friday, during which he claimed to be a member of the Sovereign Nation movement as he allegedly threatened and intimated residents.

He is now facing six charges, including a felony regarding the threat of terrorism.

News 12’s cameras were rolling as he was taken to his arraignment in Monroe. He said he was “absolutely not” a terrorist and added that he loves America. Asked why he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, he said, “Because you’re allowed to by the Second Amendment.”

In court, Zebzda pleaded with the judge for freedom and claimed to be mentally ill. He also said he wants to represent himself because he “knows the Constitution very well.”

Several social media posts apparently written by Zebzda discussed mental illness. One post talked about mental illness being a “black cloud,” and read in part, “Though we angrily lash out, we have no way to cope or express how to feel better in that moment.”

Other writings include references to the Black Lives Matter movement, Sept. 11 and the terror attacks in France. At least once comment was directed toward the “hacktivist” group Anonymous, from which Zebzda apparently sought help in getting his own organization, titled the 13th Agenda, off the ground.

Zebzda’s social media posts are now under investigation, News 12 is told.

Zebzda was ordered held on $150,000 cash bail. He is expected back in court on Monday.

(Source: News12)