Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Stern Speaks Out Against Female IDF Combatants


Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern Shlita joins the audible voice of prominent rabbonim speaking out against females joining the ranks of combat units of the IDF alongside male soldiers.

“Our generation merited the mitzva of Yishuv Haaretz as per the Ramban in Sefer HaMitzvos, interpreted as a general mitzva incumbent on the nation, even today”.

The rav continues, explaining the job of women does not include serving as combat soldiers as the Torah and Halacha teach us, “and while they can assist logistically by serving in Sheirut Leumi, and not the task of female combatants, not in exclusively female units and for certain, not in mixed units”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. With all respect, the Rav offers no basis for his assertions. Even in our history, there have been women who have taken the role of warriors when the tzibur was in jeopardy. Perhaps he would have more credibility if he proposed some form of alternative service so frum girls would work for a year or two in hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities etc. when they graduated high school in lieu of active military service. Certainly, they cannot claim that such alternative public service would take the girls away from their learning since most girls do not continue in advanced torah studies after high school.

  2. GodolHadorah, please go to a local rov and ask him to explain the women in IDF issue to you. It’s now clear that your comments aren’t trolling (despite appearances) but stem from a deep-rooted unfortunate ignorance of the yesodos of Torah and Halachah.

  3. To No. 5.

    What you wish to describe a an “unfortunate ignorance” the torah and halachic roots of the traditions governing how young women are funneled from bais Yaakov into shiduchim and family status is really not as rigid as you’d like to believe. The concept of having young women provide a year or two of national service in a tziniudik environment has been proposed by many chashuve rabbonim. There is no reason why they couldn’t commit some time to national service and thus support their communities and the medinah (unless, of course, you seek to undermine the economic and military preparedness of EY).

  4. #4,

    I believe you should reread “and while they can assist logistically by serving in Sheirut Leumi”.

    I understand he is promoting womens public service in general with an exception to combat units.