PHOTOS: Police Continue Efforts To Disarm Israeli Arab Sector



Israel Police is continuing efforts to remove illegal weapons from homes in Israel, focusing in this operation on the Israeli Arab sector, in which the presence of illegal weapons is far more widespread than in the Jewish sector.

A police spokesman for the northern district reports the following were confiscated in operations in area villages.

  • A FN pistol and ammunition in Demayda
  • Explosives were confiscated in Moshav Elkosh
  • A Karl Gustav rifle was found in Kfar Manda
  • Two stun grenades were found in Majdal Shams
  • A Karl Gustav rifle and magazine were found in Kabaya
  • A makeshift Kar Gustav was recovered in Shfaram
  • Hundreds of bullets and a magazine in Kfar Kabul

Since the beginning of 2017, 32 rifles, 35 pistols, 31 grenades, 17 bombs, 1 LAW rocket, 8 fireworks, hundreds of different caliber bullets and LAW rocket related paraphernalia were recovered in Arab municipalities in the northern district.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Israel Police N. District spokesman unit)