HaRav Boaron: All Of The Michlalot Are Intended To Corrupt The Chareidim


HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Boaron, counted among the prominent rabbonim and dayanim in the Sephardi community, has come out against all of the chareidi colleges.

Kikar Shabbos News reports that during a shiur for the SHOVAVIM, Dayan Boaron told his Bnei Brak audience in Beit Knesset Abir Yaakov that the colleges, despite being “chareidi”, pose a danger to the neshomos of all attending them.

“Today there are all kinds of heretical views in the streets. Here, too, there are all kinds of colleges that teach them prohibited subject matter Hashem Yerachem, and every man should safeguard his daughters, his wife, and himself, and not to attend these colleges,” the rav is quoted saying, adding, “All these colleges, which the government finances with huge sums of money, are in order to ruin the chareidim. They want to bring them into the labor market and ruin them – that’s their goal,” he said.

“They fear that in 20 years the chareidim will multiply and will have a majority in the Knesset and take over the government – this is only their fear, they are not afraid of the Arabs,” he said.

“A person must watch over his sons that they should learn in yeshivos and talmidei torah, and in this merit may HKBH have mercy on Am Yisrael, and remove His wrath from them and merit the redemption by grace and compassion” he concluded.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. With all respect, the Kikar Shabbo journalist who reported this story must have distorted the Rav’s words since he couldn not possibly have meant to say what the article implies.. He seems to be saying there is a big conspiracy between the government and the chashuve rabbonim who have worked with the government to structure a college program for young chareidi men and woen so that they can gain the needed education and skills to earn a parnassah. The Rav seems to be saying that c’v , the next generation of Chareidi youth might find a job to help support their families and make an economic contribution to the economy of EY. Instead, its more important that they remain funcitonally illiiterate, jobless and dependent on governmnt handouts and begging for charity to support themselves and their family. What a misguied perspective which as noted above, is probably a distortion of what h meant to say. Clearly, there are many chashuve rabbonim who absolutly reject this view and are working hard to make these new Chareidi colleges a success.

  2. Is there a recording of what he said? Too many times what has been said by Rabbaim is deliberately distorted to fit into someone’s agenda.

  3. Well, clever informed commenters, what do you know about the curricula of the chareidi colleges? Have you investigated before issuing definitive rulings? Do you know which rabbanim support them and which oppose them? No? Then perhaps do some research before writing.
    The colleges are not teaching trades. They are teaching academic curricula which includes the usual hefty helping of kefirah. The Rav is not stupid, chalilah. He would not have spoken as he did if he did not know of actual terrible results of the kind of “education” people get in such places.
    And why do you find it so hard to believe that there is a conspiracy? The Erev Rav has been busy from the time of Yetzias Mitzrayim trying to corrupt Klal Yisroel.

  4. “The colleges are not teaching trades. They are teaching academic curricula which includes the usual hefty helping of kefirah. ”

    Well then, what makes them Chareidi?

  5. I don’t understand the isreali’s that see how hard it is to get a normal job without education and still are not interested in giving there kids education(I didn’t get a school education)