HaRav Mutzafi Responds To Northern Border Tensions


HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Mutzafi has responded to the increasing tensions along Israel’s northern border and what we can/should do to give a chizuk towards increased security for Israel.

The rav was questioned on motzei Shabbos as how the tzibur should respond, upon hearing the news of the Iranian drone and the IAF F-16 that was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire.

The question asked was, “Moreinu. We, northern residents, were scared on Shabbos as a result of the growing security tensions, what should we do?”

The rav responded, “First of all, one must not be afraid. See what is written in Sefer HaChinuch (Mitzva תקכ”ה),

“שלא לערוץ מפני האויב במלחמה. שנמנענו שלא לערוץ ולפחד מן האויבים בעת המלחמה ושלא נברח מפניהם, אבל החובה עלינו להתגבר כנגדם ולהתחזק ולעמוד בפניהם, ועל זה נאמר [דברים ז’, כ”א], לא תערוץ מפניהם, ונכפלה המניעה במקום אחר [שם ג’, כ”ב] באמרו לא תיראום”.

The rav added, שיוכל לתת כבוד להשם ברוך הוא ולעמו.

The rav then detailed how one is mechazeik oneself during these days, stating we must turn to Our Father in Heaven with tefilos.

1. One should recite Tehillim 91, Yoshev Beseser… and say the pasuk ‘V’ehi Noam’ should be recited at the beginning.

2. Recite Ana B’Koach seven times

3. Shir Lamalot (Tehliilim 121) seven times

4. Aleinu Leshabeach (עלינו לשבח) with concentration/kavona.

5. Pitum HaKetoret (פיטום הקטורת) from Ata Hu until HaMelech Ya’anenu Byom Koreinu

6. Tehillim 20, יענך (12 times)

7. Shir Hamaalot (שיר המעלות) Tehillim 120 until and including Chapter 134.

And May Hashem protect us all.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)