VIDEO: An Interview With Yair Lapid’s Fake ‘Chareidi’ Supporter



As reported by YWN-ISRAEL, Yair Lapid’s chareidi supporters was unmasked in the media as being non-chareidi and a non-religious individual but was dressed as a chareidi, presumably to give the impression that chareidim back Yair Lapid.

When asked to describe himself he said, “A religious Reform Jew with a black yarmulke”, adding it is very hard to wear “dati clothing in Israel” because “one draws fire due to so many dysfunctional individuals in the frum community”.

He explains he studied in yeshiva before coming to Israel but at the age of 16, he “felt the pain of 50,000 to 100,000 others as being a member of the ‘untermentch’ group as the term was used by the Third Reich”. He adds too many refer to him and others as the ‘erev rav’ and has had enough.

He adds this was not the doing of Lapid and the latter did not ask him to join him, but he do so on his own, not at Lapid’s behest.

Regarding his own military service, he was not accepted to the IDF due to medical issues and nevertheless tried volunteering in a kitchen or doing anything, and today, if accepted, he is willing to close his business and enter the Nachal Chareidi framework and serve.

Since the incident, he explains he has been under attack on Facebook and received many threats but he continues his battle against the Jewish establishment and insists he is not a ‘second rate’ Jews as so many refer to him and others like him.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)