BUSTED! Lapid’s ‘Chareidi’ Appears To Be A Fraud [VIDEO & PHOTOS]



In the accompanying photo, we see Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid with a chareidi person who appears close to him. They were photographed at a Tel Aviv train station Sunday morning 17 Adar as they were promoting the party’s ‘share the burden’ campaign.

According to a Bichadrei Chareidim report, the ‘chareidi’ at Lapid’s side during the campaign against chareidim is not truly chareidi, but a boxer of Russian origin who lives in Netanya.

Some of the little nuances that tipped people off include he was wearing a black tee-shirt under his white shirt and his yarmulke appeared to be the type one might wear when in the process of becoming a baal teshuvah, as well as the clip, which is not worn by chareidim. Lapid wished to show he has a chareidi supporting him, at his side, but the façade was revealed.

The ‘chareidi’ male is Dave Mandelstam, and his Facebook page shows him numerous times at Lapid’s side, but in many of the photos, we see he is not religious, yet alone chareidi.

It was also learned he did not write the sign he was holding at Lapid’s sign as he is doesn’t know how to write Hebrew properly.

In the second photo, we see Dave without the chareidi disguise.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Fake news….one can be a Chareidi at heart without necessarily wearin chareidi lvush. Any chareidi parents would be honored to have such a good looking boxer in the family.

  2. Lapid is a total fraud! “Share the burden” garbage when he had “protectsia” from his MK father, to get a cushy army newspaper job instead of really serving in the IDF.He has expensive haircuts and suits but couldn’t even finish high school.

  3. That Rasha Lapid would never put his arm around a true Torah observant Jew. Lapid is the Haman of our times following in the wiked ways of his father and other Torah haters suxh as Shulamit Aloni and others who are now chewing dust for dinner.
    You don’t have to be called sherlock to see how this guy looks like a bad Hollywood actor pretending to be a frum Jew.

  4. :You don’t have to be called sherlock to see how this guy looks like a bad Hollywood actor pretending to be a frum Jew”

    So true….you can be called “shmendrick”, “Oursvorf” or so many other endearing names and know at first sight that you cannot tell a book by its cover, or similarly assume that some idiots dressed in Chassidic or Yeshivish lvush but throwing diapers or garbage at the police or some “Rav” equating public officials to “Nazis” is a “frum jew” rather than some despicable hooligans or hateful leaders of the klal masquerading as a frum yidden

  5. @Gadolhadorah what are you getting so upset about? It’s clear to all that he’s a faker. Whether you like the conformity or no is entirely irrelevant. You conveniently ignore the issue at hand in order to spout more of your very subjective opinions.

  6. Obviously he is a “fake frummie” but given how many other “fakes” we have among so called “real frummies” acting like hooligans and soneh yisroel, I’m less concerned about this borscht broker claiming to be the “Lapidiker Rebbe”