VIDEO: PM Addresses The Knesset During Effort By Opposition To Push A Bill To Dissolve The Coalition



Opposition parties on Tuesday presented a private bill in Knesset calling to dissolve the coalition. The bill of course failed, and as a result, they cannot bring such a bill again for another half year.

During that session, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the opportunity to boast the accomplishment of this current administration.

Some of the highlights include – I said yesterday a last effort would be made to save this government, which has outstanding achievement for the State of Israel. I made good on this and I think coalition partners for exhibiting responsibility, so we can continue to lead with determination in the areas of security, domestic, social economic, foreign and other areas. I am pleased we decided together to continue together. To my friends in the opposition – it was scary, ha! I am glad the color has returned to your faces! To my friends in the opposition, if there would have been elections, I would return to here and you would return to exactly where you are.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)