UN to Israel: Get Rid of All Settlements or Else


A United Nations fact-finding mission has concluded that all Israeli settlements are in violation of international law. The settlements violate the rights of the Palestinians as well as being a violation of the 49th Geneva Convention which prohibits the transfer of civilian populations to occupied territory.

In essence, despite widespread media coverage surrounding the release of the report, the latest UN condemnation of Israel carries nothing new.

“Israel must, in compliance with article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, cease all settlement activities without preconditions. It must immediately initiate a process of withdrawal of all settlers from the OPT (occupied Palestinian territories),” said a report by the inquiry led by French judge Christine Chanet.

The UN report states that since 1967, about 250 settlements have been established, home to 520,000 people. It sites that after the UN General Assembly granted the PA (Palestinian Authority) observer nation status, Israel moved ahead announcing its plans to construct 3,000 additional settler homes in areas of the “West Bank and East Jerusalem, areas desired by the PA for the future Palestinian state.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Sooner or later Israel will either have to tell the UN to get lost, and unless the US supports the decision, tell the US to get lost — or be willing to withdraw — and offer something to the Palestinians. Not everyone believes Israel can survive without foreign support, especially if it leads to foreign sanctions (e.g. banning transfers of funds to Israel, ban on trade, etc.). A big factor is to what extent the United States supports Israel.

    And on top of this, Israel is about to pick a big fight by conscripting anti-zionist hareidim who believe the state was a mistake to begin with, and whose persecution may serious weaken the resolve of Israel’s supporters, most of whom see Israel in religious terms and especially as a haven for persecuted Jews.

  2. Just for once, instead of picking on Israel, I’d like to see the UN tell the bullies like Iran and Syria how to run their countries. Israel needs to tell the Useless Nuisance to get lost once and for all.

  3. The U(seless) N(obodies) are after Israel again. What else is new?
    I can’t think of a more unnecessary organization, except, perhaps, the PLO.