Impoverished Chassan & Kallah Gave Up Everything To Be Jewish


On Wednesday morning, giyures Chaya Menucha G. released an emotional video which has already captured the hearts of Jewish readers around the world. Now engaged to a chassan who is also a ger himself, she has been selected by tzedaka organization Kupat Ha’Ir as especially poor and in need of help.
Born in Europe, Chaya Menucha was “surrounded by anti-semitism and other religions. However [her] heart always yearned for something more. From the time [she] was a small child [she] was fascinated with Judaism. [She] began [her] journey, learning what [she] could.”
Her fundraising campaign page includes details of her moving story, as well as a video message. In the video, she shyly addresses the camera, humbled by her request for help. A visible smile spreads across her face as she mentions that she will “build a Jewish home.”
The couple are reportedly living with very little money, and will receive no support from their non-Jewish parents. Lacking the basics, their hope is that readers will step in to ‘be their family.’
Perhaps the most emotional statement of the campaign reads as follows: ” I trust that Hashem would not have brought us here to be homeless and hungry.”
With one month remaining, those close to the chassan & kallah hope that Chaya Menucha is right.