BADATZ: No Hafganahs until Police decision on Sunday


The Eida Hachareidis on Motzei Shabbos released a message urging people not to take part in violent Hafganahs against the planned pride parade until the final Police decision on Sunday. They also have reiterated their promise that “if the parade is held on schedule, they will bring 1 million marchers to counter it”.


  1. A million quiet marchers learning and/or saying tehillim while blocking the parade is the way to do it – much as the firesetters mean well it is not the way in which we as Torah Jews should behave.

  2. Wow. Now thats a statement.
    One million. Mind boggling.
    (i wonder if it would be smart to include the arabs and start a dialoge) True kidush H’ is when we follow the torah t’memus dik. You would be surprised how much that impresses.

  3. I didn’t want to go near Kikar Shabbos, but the government was seriously ready for WAR on Motsaei Shabbos. It looked like the entire army was on call patrolling Yerushalayim. There were cops stationed all over, on HORSES, ready to attack. They were waiting all along Kvish Echad behind Geulah – ready to charge in if necessary. It looked pretty scary!

  4. Itzik, I’m not sure I agree with you. Sometimes there is an inyan of getting up and DOING something. Yes, it’s true that “b’charbi ub’kashti” really means Torah and Tefilah, as Targum Unkelos translates it. But coupled with that, sometimes there has to be other action. Mordechai Hatzaddik put on levush sok and went to the shaar hamelech loudly lamenting. And eventually, they all took up weapons and fought the enemy. Shaul Hamelech cut up two bulls and sent the pieces out to all of Klal Yisrael, telling them to get together for a war. Eleven shevotim declared war on Shevet Binyomin when they refused to do anything about the horrible event in Giv’ah. So yes, first we try with Torah and Tefilah, then we try with negotiation, and then we have to go to war, as we learn to do from Yaakov Avinu. I’m not so sure that hafganos have no place in the Torah world. Moreover, if the Gedolim say to participate, how can we disagree? Worse yet, how do we have the chutzpah to tell the Gedolim that they speak against the Torah?

  5. Motcha; The Gedolim have stated that to act with violence is AGAINST the Torah in this situation. So it is you who are disagreeing with the gedolim!