VIDEO: Bolivian Judge Refuses To Release Jacob Ostreicher

(Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 03:53 PM)


A Bolivian appeals panel has refused to immediately release a New York businessman, despite evidence he was fleeced and extorted by prosecutors who have had him jailed for 18 months without charges on suspicion of money laundering.

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Instead, the two judges sent the case of Jacob Ostreicher back to the trial judge.

They ordered her to reconsider favorable evidence she previously threw out at the urging of an official who is now under arrest.

Ostreicher’s case led to the uncovering of a shakedown ring allegedly run by the No. 1 legal advisor in the Interior Ministry, and including two prosecutors. It came after actor Sean Pean interceded with President Evo Morales.

Penn was at the hearing but did not comment. He has praised Morales’ decisiveness in pursuing the ring.

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  1. chilled says:

    they said in the video he only gets ten days in hospital….

  2. frumnotyeshivish says:

    Really bad reporting. The appeals court held that the trial court must reconsider the fact-finding. This is good, not bad…

  3. @HALACHAtextOnTwitter says:

    Is this a story for 2012??? Is there any sense of justice???
    ה׳ ירחם

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