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    defame (I just googled it)



    kapusta: My point is you dont know either. For all you know they are guilty. Which is why we give them a trial, because we dont know. Which is also why I am saying do not daven for thier freedom daven that god gives them what they deserve. Whether it is freedom or imprisonment.


    kapusta: I cant google my computer has a firewall.

    I am not vilifying them i am just saying no one knows whther they are guilty or innocent or guilty besides for god so pray to god that he gives them what they deserve and not that they should be freed.


    what about innocent until proven guilty?

    I do hear where you’re coming from though.



    You are just going in circles here.

    You admit you have no clue about the Japanese judicial system, yet you are relying on it to be “fair”

    Since you do not know the true story, you have no problem if they would be punished, and you feel you cannot pray for their freedom.

    Why can’t you daven that (if they deserve a punishment) that it be given easily with minimal suffering. Why do you insist that the cruelty of a Japanese prison be “a just punishment”

    Do us all a favour and learn about what you are talking about before you continue with this dialog.



    What do you know of the Japanese judicial system to say it is unfair?

    I do not think anyone knows what the true story is.

    That is exactly what I am saying. Daven that they get what they deserve. If they deserve a Japanese prison then they should get that if they dont deserve that I am sure god can work it out that they get punished some other way.

    kapusta: Right now there is proof that they are guilty. They had drugs on them. The only thing that makes us think they are innocent is thier word. Are you saying we should trust them? I dont think anyone who is guilty would say they are guilty.


    Go learn about it. I’m not going to teach you about it


    aussie, they were found with drugs on them, no one said they knew about it. And with that, they are innocent until proven guilty.



    Many people find it hard to understand that they didn’t have a clue that what they were doing was wrong. I personally think that they knew they were doing something not 100% kosher but did not know the severity of their crime or what it means to do something illegal in a forgein country which has a completely different judicial system. However I am sure they have done Teshuva by now.


    Let’s say for argument sake that they did know what they were doing?

    Yidden have RAchmanus! You think they haven’t learned their lesson? You think all Bochruim in Israel and everywhere haven’t heard this story and learned from it!

    They are little kids! Let’s daven for RAchmanus

    aussieboy- we’ll daven that you should get what you deserve for others daven for rachmanus. If you want to hear an amazing shiur about having rachmanuis for other people go to Aish Kodesh’s web site and download Raav Winberger’s Shabbos Shuva drasha (which he gave motzei shabbos)


    Please don’t say they should get what they deserve – chas v’shalom – none of us deserves – we get because of rachamei shamayim and chasdei hashem – and let us all daven that they too will get judged with rachamim – whatever they did, whatever they knew, they have suffered terribly, their families have suffered terribly – i know there is a ‘tough love’ sentiment that is necessary sometimes – but this is beyond that – prison in Japan where you can only lift your head once a day – it’s a nightmare – everyone should be b’achdus and daven that they get released to at worst the Israeli court system, but hopefully to cheirus!


    The question seems to boil down to a few points

    1) Did they know they had drugs in the bag?

    1a) Can they convince the judge of that? Even if they say they did not know the judge may or may not believe them.

    2) Does this point matter as a matter of law in Japan. I don’t know. The fact that they knew they were doing something illegal may be a problem.

    I don’t think there is any argument over if they had drugs or not, I think that is well established.

    I feel bad for these boys but I don’t have much hope that they will be exonerated, maybe they can arrange to spend their time in jail in Israel instead of Japan.


    Whats the difference if they are guilty or innocent?the fact is that they are part of the jewish nation, and they are our brothers, and now they are in pain, so now we have to daven for their safety and freedom. REGARDLESS of whether they are guilty or not!!!

    besides for the fact that lets just be very happy that we are not judged according to what we deserve, because then our lives would be very very very different!!Lets be very happy that hashem is judging us with rachmanos. Also, even the japenese judicial system knows that they didnt know what they were doing,but they claim-“THEIR THE ONES CAUGHT WITH THE DRUGS, THEY SHOULD PAY FOR IT” and also, they want to enforce the severity of bringing drugs into their country. So basically these 3 boys are the scape goats for the world.So PLEASe everyone take something upon yourself in the zchus for these 3 boys.

    One of the boys alreadyfinished his trial and his getting his verdict on May 1st, so lets daven now before its too late.

    The other 2 boys are staring their trial in a few weeks.this doesnt mean that theres time to waste before daveniing for them..the more tefilos the better!!

    to hear updates on them call 718 305 5000-the kol haolam koolo hotline. click in the american news option, then interviews, then – an interview on the updates of the 3 boys in japan.

    YW Moderator-72

    from the news alerts section of the front page:

    Last Hearing this Week for Bochrim Imprisoned in Japan

    Last Hearing this Week for Bochrim Imprisoned in Japan

    April 29, 2009

    The last hearing in the case of the three yeshiva students imprisoned in Japan is scheduled for Friday, 7 Iyar (1 May). The verdict is expected to follow shortly thereafter.

    The tzibur is urged to be mispalel for the three, Yoel Zev ben Mirel Reesa Chava; Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel; and Yosef ben Ita Rivka.


    if you have yest to do so, go to:


    and sign up as a z’chus for the three young men as well as others that need our tefila.

    the sign-up document can be found at:


    Please do not overwrite any fields – only select cells that are available.

    our prayers as individuals can make a difference and certainly as a world-wide effort they can make a greater impact.


    Neither judging the guilt or innocence of the boys, nor whether or not they “knew” something was nisht kosher, NOBODY deserves what they undoubtedly have gone through in Japan. The problem is that we soft Americans do not have a clue as to how severe the penalties are in other countries when it comes to drug trafficking. It’s kind of ironic, given that these countries are so guilty of allowing it to happen. But when they catch Americans involved in it in some way, the Americans are shocked to discover that not all countries are as soft on crime as ours is. And what is more, those countries do not follow the American Democratic Constitution (SURPRISE!). All Americans young and old should be forewarned that illegal use, transporting, or sale of drugs in a foreign country, will get that person treated as a criminal according to that COUNTRY’S rules and not our own. There are places that will cut off your hands for that, or worse.


    a few wks ago,ywn posted that the youngest of te 3 boys will have a chance to appeal on may 15, wat ended up happening?

    also on yom tov the conversation came up at our table and one of the guests said that in 4 weeks the youngest is going to isreal-and i want to know if anyone else heard this?


    believer: yeah heard something but they are still working in trying to transfer him to Israel I don’t think Japan have given permission as yet…


    Please Daven for these boys who “live” in inhumane conditions. Here is a Nusach of a “Tefilla”:

    Our Father in Heaven, please be filled with mercy for our brethren who are languishing in a Japanese jail;

    Only You, the Creator of all, can fully feel their pain and suffering that is far beyond human description;

    From Your Throne of Mercy, please make their pitiful and fearfully miserable plight rise up to You;

    Deprived of all creature comforts, devoid of contact with their family and nation;

    Please do not forsake them in their moment of great need; do not leave them in the hand of their tormentors any longer.

    Overnight three healthy young men have become dreadfully sickened;

    Taken over by forces so powerful that have virtually squeezed out their very life blood;

    Ribbono Shel Olam, if our sins have brought this catastrophe on our brethren, we are ready to do any act of Teshuva necessary;

    Our Master, how mighty is Your name throughout the land, please reach out mercifully with Your outstretched arm;

    And pluck them out of captivity, back to the loving arms of their families;

    Ribbono Shel Olam, You are the ultimate Matir Assurim, the Helper and Support of the helpless;

    Please consider this predicament of the 3 boys in heinous imprisonment as a Tzoro of the highest proportions, deserving of your unlimited mercy;

    Your Scheina is with them, being imprisoned, languishing in inhumane conditions;

    Please join our Tefillos, however inadequate they are, with the desperate cries of these boys from the deepest pit of all mankind;

    Our Merciful Father, please remember the parents and families of these 3 boys;

    Whose suffering is beyond human imagination, their nightmare is indescribable;

    Please arise oh Caretaker of all the downtrodden and release them from the hands of their captors;

    Break their shackles and return them in peace and health to their families;

    Restore to them and their families Simcha and the basic human amenities of freedom.

    Avinu Shebashoyim, instead of the joys of a Chasunah that other young men have to look forward to;

    These boys have only to look forward to days upon seemingly endless days of inhuman horror;

    Our faculties are so shaken, our insides so twisted in sorrow and agony at the thought of their tribulations;

    Please release them from their bondage, may their suffering come to a merciful end in a most happy way;

    Allow them to return to their homes in Eretz HaKodesh to serve You once again with unrestrained joy in their souls and with reinvigorated bodies.

    Ribbono Shel Olam, our simple souls cannot imagine any future or happiness for those languishing in those fearsome conditions;

    But You on High, understand the purpose of their suffering and pain and see their future, through the dimness of this tragedy;

    But will they have any future at all if they remain in the dungeons that strip mankind of their sanity?;

    Our Father and King, we come before You to ask that You act for the sake of Your Name, so Powerful and Merciful;

    For the sake of Your Scheina that lies with them in their horror and for the sake of releasing their families and all of us from the bitter wormwood that we taste as long as they are in captivity;

    Please fulfill for them the words: And the ransomed of Hashem shall return, and come to Tzion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.



    whoa,does that leave me shaken!!

    wherever did you get this from???

    also,does anyone have any updates regarding any of the 3 boys?


    there was an article in mishpacha this week


    There was a detailed long article in Der Yid this week.


    Ashrecha to all those who remind me that there are three nishamos suffering in Japan. I’m sure I’m not the only one who, nebuch, forgets to add them in my tfillos.



    There’s a small booklet circulating with a few kapitlach Tehilim &

    a special tefillah for the three Bochurim that were H”Y imprisoned.

    I pick one up from a local satmar shul.

    it’s free. you can put it in your siddur (fits in any siddur)like by olienu,

    So one can remember everyday to have them in mind.

    or you can just jot their names down on a post it

    & insert into your siddur so you never forget to have them in mind.


    Like CNP stated, mishpacha has a whole write-up in this weeks addition about the three boys in Japan. More specifically, it speaks about what four askanim are doing for them. An absolutely amazing article and eye opener.


    definitely a must read!

    and for anyone who still has doubts about their innocence… PLEASE read it!


    I read the article in Mishpacha. It was clearly written to pull at the heartstrings. But it was missing an important ingredient: How did a judge in a democratic country that is not known for corruption, find one boy guilty so far? Clearly there is much more to the story than that which is reported in Mishpacha.

    The line early in the article suggesting that drugs are not known in yeshivas would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. “The insular chareidi Torah world that these boys inhabit does not include street drugs…”. Sadly, we are all aware that the opposite is true.

    Finally, the article would have been a lot more believable if it had included even a small amount of sympathy for the intended victims of the people who sent the drugs.


    From what I think, the mishpacha is only allowed to reveal certain details. That’s why you’re left with so many questions at the end.

    Its really amazing though, to see how selfless these askanim are and how much they’re doing for these helpless boys they didn’t even know.


    although drugs is a problem, even in the frum community, the Chareidi Torah is defiantly insulated- and WAY more so than the world of these judges can even understand…


    About 99% of trials in Japan result in conviction. There is not much justice in that country. Not in the judicial system, and not in its incarceration/hard labor/destroying inmates system.


    Check out the homepage (if you didn’t get the text that was passing around last night 56 times). Supposedly the trials are going on now…


    I’d love to participate but the mod keeps deleting my posts.


    just as a side note to the conversation above, the Japanese THEMSELVES hold: innocent until proven guilty- if they are convicted C”VS, then they go to prison. Shouldn’t we hold the same?

    Be Happy

    Does anyone know the matzav of these boys now?


    when will the verdict be??

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