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    Sigh. Jothar, are you sure?! Oh, no. And, if you’re certain that it’s true, is he capable of doing anything now, or is he under control?

    observanteen, no need to panic. Chances are he doesn’t know who you are but even if he does, the main thing is to remember that EVERYONE on this site is a stranger and if any poster emails you or calls you DO NOT respond. Even if that poster seems like a teen who is just like you (I’m assuming from your SN that you’re a teen) who you’d love to know in real life. Or even if they seem like a chashuver very frum kind nice sensitive and trustworthy adult. And besides ignoring it, perhaps it would be good to forward it to the mods or editor – I’ll leave it to them to comment whether they want that or not.


    Thanks, Charlie. But I’m not so sure. I hope he doesn’t know anything of my personal life, but an ip address is sufficient for stalkers…or is my imagination working overtime? This whole thing is freaky and truly scares me. Perhaps I’m naive, but I am scared of stalkers roaming the CR where I may have released some personal information. When I walk by myself at night, I sometimes wonder if Joe isn’t lurking in the shadows. You may be laughing, but I don’t want to take any chances with people like him. I certainly hope things are in control.

    Mods, please, please do let us know when things are back to normal.


    Nothing will be back to normal until the ywn owner does the necessary actions. Until then…


    Squeak, my earlier wb did not do proper justice. So at the risk of being overly mushy, I would like to say that your return has made the last 3 weeks absolutely worth it. Welcome back, old friend. Your presence was sorely missed.

    Ken Zayn

    Jothar I appreciate that you are well intentioned but please demonstrate how you have been proven correct other than the fact that one moderator has temporarily suspended ayc’s account pending his reply to an email from YWN. I also do not recall a single post from ayc where he is attempting to pry information from posters. So please provide links to some of these posts. Thank you

    Shticky Guy

    I have a big problem. I have received some emails from friends over the last few days. But are they posters here at ywn or not, if yes then dont I have to report them?

    And how do I ask them whether they post here or not without it looking as if I am stalking them ending up with me being reported to YWN? Oh never mind. I’ll leave it to the cyber experts here. I’m off to taste my shabbos food or something less risky that I need not fear of a knock on my door in the middle of the night. Good Shabbos everyone! I’ll leave the Yeshiva World Nightmare to someone else. When I return after Shabbos hopefully it will be calmer here!


    I am still awaiting word back from the mods. It’s possible ayc is innocent, and I surely hope so. There are a lot more blatant threads than hers, like the ones that got me to start this whole mess. BrainwasheD is right- everyone has a chezkas kashrus until we know otherwise.


    Jothar, what if AYC doesn’t want anyone to know who s/he is? —>This<— poster might have a point.

    Avram in MD

    Shticky Guy,

    I have a big problem. I have received some emails from friends over the last few days. But are they posters here at ywn or not, if yes then dont I have to report them?

    Surely you can differentiate between an unsolicited, unverifiable e-mail and a normal e-mail from friends. This seems like an attempt to discredit the appeal for greater caution through a straw man fallacy.

    That said…


    Is it possible to stop the conflation of the Joseph/AYC/speculations issue with the real issue of poster safety which is what prompted you to open this thread in the first place (note your OP says “no need to mention names”)? The title of this thread, Be aware of stalkers/info stealers is important to discuss and can be done without naming names. This needless speculation about specific posters only adds fuel to those criticizing greater caution because of the Orwellian feel, and brings people who would otherwise agree with the message of caution to the other “camp”, since the caution appeal becomes associated with personal attacks.

    If the moderators suspect a specific poster of harassment, perhaps they can close the problematic thread with a note saying, “if you have been contacted by posterX, please e-mail the moderators.” Nothing more. As for this thread, perhaps rather than focusing on specific posters, we can discuss more general things like warning signs that an e-mail may be phishing, posting with caution, etc.

Viewing 9 posts - 251 through 259 (of 259 total)
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