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    My grandparents use loads of Hungarian and I wish I had a clue what some of those words and phrases meant. Put down some of the more common words and phrases and what they mean. Thanks


    Uncle Dezei is Dezei Batchi. (Dezei is his name.)


    Ishtenem- (common utterance, means my G-d, I think).


    Igen- yes

    Pulatchinta- blintzes!!

    Nemtudun(I think)- I don’t understand.

    Puputch- slippers

    Bulunt- I think this means crazy.

    What a language! Those are the few words I picked up over the years. There’s more…I’m thinking…

    Feif Un

    volvie: Yes, Batchi is uncle, and neini is aunt. These words are also said after the name, not before.


    Smartcookie Nice try but your tranliteration leaves much to be desired. Nem tudom – I dont know boland = crazy

    Ofcouse yes I..tenem is H’ if you thought it referred to Hashem You should not have speeled

    WIY I have a pretty large Hungarian (spoken) vocabulary, but I just could not figure out 1) which words you are exposed to 2) How to translitrate. Would yiddish with hebrew characters help?


    OOPS I meant to write spelled not speeled ransliterate not translitrate

    I guess I should not offer to help. With my typing unskills you would not gain much. Spell check would not help much with transliteration


    feifun: I indicated that they are said after the name.


    Seems I really “Shouldnt be here”. With my chronic typos (mistyping a correction) I’m not contributing much except for some “head scrathing” at trying to decipher what I meent.


    Shouldnt be here

    I am exposed to real Hungarian from Hungary but is current Czech republic.


    WellInformedYid your response just illustrated my uselessnes

    I am misunderstood. farewell guys.


    WIY: Czech was originally part of Austria, not Hungary (although both were part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire). Slovakia was part of Hungary. This is all pre-Trianon Treaty (i.e. pre-WWI.) Between the wars, both Czech and Slovakia were part of Czechoslovakia. I suspect the area you are referring to is in the Subcarpathian Rus, which was part of Czechoslovakia between the World Wars and became part of the Soviet Union after WWII, and is now part of Ukraine. It was a heavily Orthodox Jewish/Chasidic region of Europe. And it too was part of Hungary pre-WWI.

    What city are they from?

    Aishes Chayil

    Kitch Lanyo- little girl



    itvon-I am here

    Medyek- I am going




    finom-very good


    baryosh- becheined




    irtem-I understand

    mi von-what is it

    Aishes Chayil






    seretlek-I love you


    mit chinaltz-what are you doing?


    hod vod-how are you

    Well, I am not sure of all the spelling ….


    hudtutzigleni-how are you doing

    I don’t know how to spell it.


    Miyushag – how are you

    Chinush – skinny

    Kisinem – thank you

    Kapusta – stuffed cabbage

    Aishes Chayil

    Myushag is ‘whats news’


    Farewell suspended could not resist I was so right when I wrote but I just could not figure out ….2) How to translitrate.

    Kitch Lanyo- little girl kish not kitch no o at end of lanyo

    ninche-nothing nothing – shemi ninche there isnt any

    holnop-tommorrow no l in honop

    itvon-I am here itvon – here it is

    It vagyak= I’m here

    Medyek- I am going

    Hosoc-house house hasz

    aidesh-sweet edesh

    ember-person Human (male)

    finom-very good fine


    baryosh- becheined no “R’

    sember-eyes no ber

    chargot-yellow sharga


    irtem-I understand ertem I understand Irtem I wrote

    mi von-what is it what is it = mi ez, mi von coloq whats happenning


    ishkolabro-school school ishakala

    felesh-wife felesheg

    feher-husband feher white husband fer


    seretlek-I love you


    mit chinaltz-what are you doing? mit chinals


    hod vod-how are you


    min kul uku min kul marin bishin (no idea what it means)


    hudtutzigleni-how are you doing

    I don’t know how to spell it. It is 3 words Hudy Tecig leni

    Miyushag – how are you 2 words mi ushag

    Friends give up its futile Hugarian is HARD to transliterate and even if you knew how to write it in Hunagrian nobody would be able to read it.


    what does Asta koocha faya necki mean?


    (no idea what it means) Really?? See ????? ?????? ????? ??????Artscroll and Metsuda etc sidurim for Yekum Purkan

    ??????????????? ???????????????? ??? ???? ????? ????? ???? ???????? ?????????. ????? ???? ??????????? ????? ???????????? ???? ????? ????????. ??????? ?????:


    WIY An expresssion of anger/frustration Wishing someone a dog’s

    wood or tree.


    WIY- lol you just took that off a different sight!

    You say it when you wanna tell the person to go get a life.


    yay! i like this thread! i’m like half fluent… k so first of all i just wanna make a few slight corrections if i may

    nothing – shemmi, nichen mean there isn’t

    eye – sem, eyes- semek

    school – ishkola

    wife – feleshaig

    tomorrow – holnup

    dog – kootyuh

    chinosh – pretty, nice looking, softer word. doesn’t mean stunning or gorgeous, means like pleasantly pretty. about a girl only pretty much.

    i wrote – irtam

    i am here – it vagyok (gy sound is sort of like a soft d & y mixed)

    school – ishkola

    how are you – hogy vugy

    I don’t know – nem tudom

    Crazy – bolond

    smartcookie – palachinta!! yummmm

    btw Ishtenem is sort of the all around “oh my gosh” phrase. there’s more, having to do with another religion lol, but this is a very main one.

    hmmm k now for my own

    konyha – kitchen

    anyu – mother

    apu – father

    pirosh – red

    naranch sharga – orange

    sharga – yellow

    zold – green

    kaik – blue

    liluh – purple

    paprika – pepper, pirosh paprika – paprika powder

    roohuh – dress

    ing – shirt

    zeneh – music

    nup – day, sun

    anything else?

    apushtayid – i don’t recognize it at all. could it possibly be yiddish?


    well informed yid – asta kutya faya is sort of like darn. neki means to it. lol


    Another possibility dog’s pain. I never had the courage or Chutzpa to ask my parents for def


    what does: “Klaatu barada nikto” mean?


    what does: “Klaatu barada nikto” mean? does not sound like anything vaguely familiar. is it another try at an aramaic tefila?


    ofli- cucumbers

    lopin- couch

    gitir- come

    sdvel(?)- store

    ghart- hear

    binults- garbage

    wellen- sugar

    fotrik- fork

    wottild- grandfather

    sottild- grandmother

    vottild- great uncle

    grottild- great aunt

    snottild- mother in law

    frottild- father in law



    (i don’t know how to explain that sound) Only “that” sound?

    Stop guessing mod 80 is pullimg our legs


    shouldnt be here – lol

    well that’s one of the only sounds that have no REMOTELY similar sound in english


    popa_bar_abba Are you using ???????? of some sort In 63 years of exposure to the Magyar language I’ve never heard these words.

    Or is it your way saying “Who really cares?” It is all a bunch of

    useless nonesense anyway. You most probabaly are right

    Smile66 Did you ever hear anybody use that term articuately enough to analyze?


    My grandparents are Hungarian so I understand most of these words. Great language when you don’t want people to understand…although you’ve gotta be careful in BP 🙂


    popa_bar_abba Gottcha!!

    I tried frottild on autodetect @ and got nothing back


    dunno – i agree GREAT language when you don’t want people to understand, though yes you do have to be careful. i have a story about that:

    once my aunt (who is completely fluent) went into this cute little vintage store to browse around for five minutes, and while she was browsing, she heard the two men who worked there start saying all these rude things about her in hungarian, like “why does she have to be taking so long?” and “what is she so interested in here already?”

    so she stayed in there for almost a half and hour and asked them questions about every little thing.


    shouldnt be here – which term?


    A similar story:


    shouldnt be here – which term? Dog’s ???


    i analyzed it now 🙂

    but yes i have heard it before now


    Oh wait, Hungarian ? I thought this thread was Nigerian .



    I just tried Njagra Indian on Google aint no such language or nation


    Very interesting information

    Anyone who shtams from Hungary (i.e. their parents or grandparents came from Hungary) is technically considered a Hungarian citizen under Hungarian law. What this means is that they can go to any Hungarian consulate in the world (New York, LA, Tel Aviv), either in person or via mail, and apply for a Hungarian passport. Since Hungary is part of the EU, this means they can then travel (or even move) at any time for any length to Hungary or any of the 26 other EU countries — England, France, Poland, etc. — without obtaining any VISA or any prior notice.


    Volvie why post incomplete info ??? You left out >>>speak<<<

    The Hungarian new law has allowed millions of ethnic Hungarians in neighboring countries to apply for Hungarian citizenship. The only conditions are that they have to prove they are of Hungarian origin and >>>>speak<<< the language.


    Popa bar abba

    as wellinformed said @ Graduation Trip Popa You’re on a roll with Nigeria.

    I thought you were getting Shailos from Nigeria but I checked

    and did not see any


    SBH: Perhaps you takke shouldn’t be here? 😉

    You misunderstood. That new law, effective Jan. 1, ’11, affects naturalizing as a Hungarian citizen. IOW, if someone isn’t already a citizen, if they shtam from any of the “Greater Hungary” (i.e. Pre-Trianon/WWI, when Hungary was reduced to one third of its original size) areas, where the people lost their Hungarian citizenship under the Trianon Treaty and acquired citizenship of the newly formed states (i.e. Czechoslovakia, Poland, the added areas of Romania, and parts of Yugoslavia), those people can now acquire Hungarian citizenship through the new law you referenced, without having to travel or move to Hungary. Some of the areas affected include Satmar, Munkatch, Ungvar, etc.

    People who shtam from the parts of Hungary that are still part of modern day Hungary (i.e. Budapest, Debrecin, etc.) never lost their citizenship. And since Hungarian law grants citizenship to anyone’s who’s father (and by extension father’s father, etc.) was a citizen [and since 1951 to anyone who’s mother was a citizen], therefore they are and always have been citizens. And they can simply claim a passport under their status as a citizen. And they don’t need to know a word of Hungarian.


    shouldn’t be here:

    When you go to Nigeria, you need to know halacha yourself. I was backpacking once and I decided I could make hot water for my hot cocoa in a fleishig non- ben yomo pot. see Gra YD 95:10.

    When you go to heaven, Hashem will say, “Did you see my Nigeria?” (Don’t answer, “All my money did”)

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