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    DX3, still considered Type 2, although I’ve been hearing that there will be guidelines for Type 3 (adult onset, insulin dependent) coming down the pipeline soon.

    .20 units per HOUR as a basal! That’d be 12 units basal for the day. My basal on Lantus is 70/day.


    i had a very hard time fasting for some reason. started out in high 100s all was fine, but then woke up at 3 am in 70s. suspended insulin for half hour, still didnt go up, so did for another half hour. woke up at 11 am with BS in 200s!!!! (NIGHTMARE!!!! i was sooo thirsty!!) took half correction, but then by 230 i was in 80s again and dropping, by 5 pm i was in low 70s (even with suspending….) spent the rest of teh day in low 80s…. at one point i was 67 but i refused to break it so i said ill wait a while to see if it goes up, and it did so BH i didnt have to break! all this was after reducing my basal by 30%!!! it was a roller coater of ups and downs!! it was so hard!!! i dont know what happened!!!

    going to my doc in septemeber so ill be able to discuss with her abt yom kippur! this cant happen then!!!!

    tracht gut

    Just wanna congratulate my two diabetic brothers for managing to fast the whole day yesterday!

    way to go!!


    Cofeefan, are you on the pump? If so, which one and how do you like it?


    Rebbitzen! It’s page 35 – are you around to welcome it for us??!! It’s waiting for ya!! (at least now maybe come say hi to us !! )

    Cofeefan, i’m so sorry for how it worked out! It must have been so difficult! What are your ##s like today? Any better? Try not to worry too much because the body always reacts something by a fast!

    Talking of being high and thirsty – i’m sorry.. i know what that’s like.. i called my rav before the fast and i asked him if i can break it if i’m thirsty because i’m high.. he made sure my doctor allows me to fast, and he knows about all this because he has type2, and said to me (if you’re high – TAKE INSULIN!!)

    Zen – i think Metooo was saying that she TOOK so little on tisha b’av once her basal was reduced so much for the fast. Also, i think type2 will take much more basal… having said that, i’m on a really lot of basal and it bothers me lots!!!!!!


    Meeto- ohm weoowww! your total basal is excessively low. lucks u! are you still honeymooning or what ??!> my basal shifts between 28/27 per 24hr.

    tracht gut- CONGRATSZZ!


    zen- yes i am on the omnipod. i LOVE LOVE it!!!! best pump i had!! makes my D sooo much easier to deal with!!!

    princess- my numbers today are surprisingly good. i was expecting to be high all day!!! but bh!!!


    cofeefan’s ##s were great today!!

    Lets get together and shout HORRAY!!

    What a pleasure, what a delight,

    May it always stay so right!

    For you, and all of us who share,

    Whether through cyber or elsewhere!

    Let us pray and hope that i too,

    Will be part of that group of you!

    Because taking insulin = weight,

    A situation which calls for hate,

    Omission – in their a choice at all?

    Princess!! Don’t let yourself fall!!


    heyyyyyyy! sorry!! WELCOME TO PAGE 35!!! i get so nervous everytime you guys start talking about fasting! am i supposed to fast?!! i though rabbi weismandel said no?! i know i said this already, but it came up again with tisha bav…


    zen- wow. well good for you for getting things under control.

    cofee- sorry to hear that you were rollercoasting. hope things are under control now.

    I was doing well fasting until about 4:30 in the afternoon. About 2:30 I was 80 so i downgraded my basal. At 4:30 I was 64. too bad I had to break the fast. After eating and drinking I didn’t eat anything till the end. B”H no ketones.

    Princess- nice poem


    sweet- funny how ur doc said that bec mine said that if i got low during the fast i SHOULD suspend…thats the reason i did it… weird no? i guess it jst shows that there are many ways to treat D. and i know i shldve broken it….. i wouldve if it kept dropping… im sure you know how hard it is!!!

    Reb- no you should NOT NOT fast!!! if YOUR rov said you shouldnt you shouldnt and you should NOT FEEL BAD!!! you do whats best for you!!!!!!! honestly… if i wldve known how difficult it wld be for me this time i wouldnt have done it. hopefully we should not have another Tisha Baav so we wont have this issue anymore!!!!


    Princes liken your poem!


    Nice poem princess!

    keep them coming 🙂


    You miss them metooo?!?

    Great to see ya back rebbitzen, stick around ? Don’t worry about fasting – you do what you’re told to do!!

    Cofee, does sound interesting that you’ve been told to disconnect entirely.. the body takes times to work!

    Thanks for the compliments! Keep ’em coming ? jk


    Princess: miss what?


    Ok, Princess, I’ve found it. B”H, I don’t suffer from diabetes. But your poem made me understand how painful and difficult it is. You are so articulate! I love the way you express yourself. Your poem gave me chizuk in spite of the fact that I don’t suffer from diabetes. We all have our challenges and tough times, y’know…

    Thanks for posting this! Keep ’em coming!

    (Sorry everybody… I didn’t mean to intrude.)


    Princess- you should become a writter, or poet. you expressed yourself beautifully.

    Do any of you guys use emla Numbing cream) before doing your set?


    i used to dx3, it helped sooo much when i had to manually insert bec i wasnt doing it quick enough bec i felt it, so it hurt MORE… but when i numbed it with the emla it really made it easier! now the omnipod does it itself sooo fast that i dont feel a thing so i dont need it….


    does anyone here have problems with mosquitoe bites? i get a TON! i was outside for 5 minutes and i got at least 10 botes. my family and i were discussing if we think the D is a factor in it like if they can sense the sugar in my blood or something… but my BS was 91… not even high so idk. any opinions on this?


    Please note that I was raised in a Conservative home & am now a Baal Teshuva.

    My main problem is that my blood sugar can drop without my realizing it. I even have a Service Dog that not only alerts me when my level drops when I am awake, but has also saved my life quite a number of times by waking me when I’m sleeping (he weighs 18 lbs. and jumps up and down on my chest while barking in my face until I wake and drink some juice or eat hard candy I keep by my bed to raise my level enough to get up and eat something proper).

    So I was told that I am not allowed to fast & to do so would be as wrong as a healthy person who refuses to fast.

    It was suggested that on Yom Kippur I should bring a small bag of food & occasionally slip out to the bathroom and eat enough to keep my blood sugar level up, but I fear that others may spot me doing so or see the bag of food and think I am committing a Chillul Hashem.

    Plus, and I fully know this is my own personal issue, it feels kind of sneaky and bad. Then, not to take away from anyone else, I see posts from people praising their relatives for being able to keep the fast and I feel even worse for not being allowed to even try to do the same…

    I don’t expect anyone to find some sort of resolution for me or to not post when they are proud of others for being able to fast, I guess I just needed to “share” my internal predicament.


    yoel- welcome aboard!!

    first of all kudos to you for putting you thoughts into writting on this forum. your words are inspiring, keep up the good work. as you know life is challenging, yet you seem to be doing a wonderful job at it.

    i really never fasted until recently, this is after about 15 years of trying to perfect my basal so that i shouldn’d go too high and dehydrate nor too low so that i should pass out.

    (this yr tisha baav i didn’t make it) many times on yom kippur i have eaten and people have seen me. i usually tell them that it’s medical and i have to eat (even though I look perfectly “healthy”). (there is somebody where I daven who is hooked up on Iv the whole 26 hours of yom kippur every year). What i try to do, (if I have to eat) is to eat less that a kezayis, an olive size, (28grams) evey nine minutes (usually i wait a little longer). maybe ask the rav if you can use his room for privacy. remember that if you or me or anyone has to eat- it is a MITZVAH and that is our way of serving Hashem.

    you are doing great and keep it up!


    YoelYitzchak- Welcome aboard!! 🙂

    Wow! I have never heard of a dog trained to detect low BG’s that is SO interesting!! How long do you have the dog for? did you get it right after you were diagnosed with D?

    About eating on Yom Kippur- I dont think you should worry too much about what people think- if someone happens to “catch” you in mid of eating or drinking something and you feel uncomfortable you can just explain yourself… unless you keep your D a secret (but it doesnt sound like it) Also, maybe instead of eating just drink juice or something since that takes quicker and your less likely to get caught chomping on food on Yom Kippur and feeling uncomfortable 🙂


    Thank you for the kind replies! I like the idea of using fruit juice and asking the rabbi if I could use his office. I bet I could even leave juice and small bits of food there so I don’t have to carry them with me.

    Typically, dogs that can alert for diabetes cannot be trained – they either have the “skill” or don’t. There was a great article in Diabetic Forecast regarding this a few years back.

    I realized that my pup was able to alert me about 4 years ago (I wasn’t diabetic when I first got him about 6 1/2 years ago) when he jumped in my lap, looked into my eyes with intent and I noticed he was smelling my breath. He jumped off my lap and began barking at me. When I didn’t get up quick enough for him – I didn’t realize why he was barking at me so intensely – he started to run between where I was and where my medicine was and wouldn’t stop until I got up, went to where he was going and realized I had forgotten to take my meds that morning!

    I feel very blessed that HaShem had arranged for Milo (I didn’t pick his name) to come into my life.


    coffeefan: Funny that u came up with that connection, I do get bitten quite a lot, and my husband apparently comes out with none! Wonder if it has anything to do; doubt it:)

    Yoel; wow! that’s amazing how a dog can pick up on such details! u really are very blessed to have such a ‘medical personell’ around


    wow Yoel sounds like quite a story!!! its so cool that your dog is sensitive to BS…. its amazing!!!! i agree with everyone about yom kippur…. the rabbis room suggestion seems like a smart option for your situation!! and btw welcome to this thread 😉 happy to have another member!!

    today i had a bit of an “incident”….. i was swimming, (after 30 minutes cardio exercsie….) and i got SOOOOOO dizzy and shaky it was so scary. so i got out of the pool, got dresse, got into my car and ate a pack of winkies, waited a few minutes and then i drove home (slowly…) when i got home i tested and it was 53!! thats AFTER the winkies.. could you imagine what it was when i was in the pool????? it was prob sooooo low!!! i was so afraid!!! the rest of the night i felt HORRIBLE!! my head was pounding, i couldnt sit straight i was dizzy and nauseous… i layed down for a half hour and felt better…. i think it wasnt just a normal low and was having some reations to oit dropping so low so quickly then going back up.. idk it was bad!!! but BH i feel better now!!! idk what happened because i always do that much exercise and i ate before hand etc…. bh it was just scary and nothing more i guess right????


    Thanks for the welcome!

    cofeefan: Mine does that every once in a while, too. I’ll just be doing my normal routine and BAM, it drops like crazy!

    Might I suggest that you keep a tester with you at all times? I have two testers, both of which are One Touch. The “nice” one is kept at home. I like the feature where I can plug it into my computer & it keeps a record of my levels, which I can then easily print out for my doctor visits. The other is small & goes with me whenever I’m away from home for a while or doing anything strenuous. You can put it in your locker & test between cardio & swimming.

    I’d also suggest that you let your doctor know what happened – especially if it’s never happened to you before.

    BH that you are ok & made it home without incident.


    yoel- i usually do have a tester with me but i had switched bags and i forgot to put it in… but dint worry… its there now lol!!! thanks 😉 you like one touch better than freestyle? do you really think i should tell my doctor? i was planning on mentioning it when i go in a month, is there a neeed to tell her before?


    cofeefan- I’ve only used One Touch, never tried another brand.

    I’d say if this was unusual for you to drop like that, at least just leave a message for your doc about it. If she thinks it’s concerning, she’ll let you know – better safe than sorry <G>.


    Amazing how much you can miss in just a few days!

    WELCOME YoelYitzchak! A new member to join the clan 😉 i hope you’ll gain from here and we’ll gain from you like it seems already!

    i’ve read about the dog, but haven’t actually heard anybody who has it… Cool!! Sounds like you enjoy it! It always works?!

    i like the idea of using the Rav’s room for privacy too… if it can work! It’s difficult to have to eat .. there’s lots and lots of people who do eat, even on yom kipper.. dx3, i like the way you go about it!

    Cofee and metooo, interesting about the bites, wonder if it is related… lmk if you find out it is!!

    Cofee, you’re swimming story sounds so scary! Glad you’re past now!!

    Talking of meters, i always used to use the onetouch – i even have the long and thin different colour ones .. now i use the freesytle lite – it takes a TINY amount of blood in comparison!

    Guess what?! bh these past few days i’ve been trying really super hard, and beside seeing that my insulin amounts of def. incorrect… i’ve been seeing some good results too!!!!!!!! Whoa!!!!!


    i have a question- how do you all test on shabbos in regards to hilchos shabbos?

    My question isnt CAN you, but HOW do you test to have as little problems as possible with the halochos of shabbos?


    princee~liken your poem!!


    i test the exact same way on shabbos! i try to remember to use my left hand but i forget but i was told that its ok bec its for my health. but i dont remove the strip bec then it turns the machine off but bythe time i need to use the next time its already off by itself so removing the strip doesnt affect it.



    I’m starting my “DIET” tooommmooorrroowww!!!!!!!…any “low carb” recipes are appreciated!..:))((*)(*));)


    Princesseagle: My little guy may not alert me if I’m in the 80’s or so, but has always alerted me in some manner when it’s been in the low 70’s and when he jumps on me to wake me it’s been below that.

    Sweettooth: I got him for free on Craig’s List & he was gotten as a regular pet. His ability to alert me was found out by accident, so to speak. He is spoiled as far as food goes, he only get all natural food (he actually has food allergies so no corn, grains, by-products, etc) and treats like dehydrated liver, chicken hearts, and such but, considering he’s saved my life several times, I think he’s worth it. I was feeding him one certain brand because it was kosher for Passover(!), but the company was cited by the government for lying about the ingredients, like no lamb and only “meat by-products”, which could be anything nasty, in cans labeled as Lamb & Rice. I’ll also add that every penny I spend on him, including grooming (he’s 1/2 lhasa apso & 1/2 bichon frise so his hair grows like ours) every 3 months, is tax deductible under medical expenses.

    Funny story: We were visiting my parents a number of years back & were at a restaurant. I was not fully kosher out of the house, going for “kosher style” when at restaurants. My mom asked if she could give him a shrimp (my folks do not keep kosher, but BH, are totally respectful of my decision to become more observant). I said she could, but told her that he had never had shellfish or pork. She reached under the table & he took the shrimp from her, dropped it on the floor, sniffed it & just looked at my mom. My dad, speaking for the dog, said, “Treif! It’s treif!” & we all laughed. <G>.


    Loll he might b a gilgel… no treif that is a big step…!



    I didn’t “buy him on Craig’s list”. The woman who had listed him was looking for a new home for him. She was a mid-wife &, as she had recently divorced, was not able to take proper care of Milo due to the fact that she never knew how long she’d be gone, from a few hours to overnight or longer.

    If you go back through my posts, you will see that I said he was never trained to detect low blood sugar – he did it on his own. It is just an innate skill he was born with and I am thankful everyday that HaShem saw fit to bring him into my life. He can also tell when someone isn’t feeling well (physically or emotionally) and will go sit with them. He’s just a very special little dog.

    He is extremely bonded to me to the point where he will typically stay in whatever room I am in. Even when it’s boiling hot and I’m in a non air conditioned room, yet right next to a room that is air conditioned, he will stay with me & just pant his little tongue off to try to stay cool. I found it interesting that if someone else is with me, then he will sometimes go into the cooler room.

    When I was visiting family, I was upstairs talking with my mom when my dad and brother went downstairs. Milo went to the top of the stairs & then looked at me. I noticed him and told him it was ok, he could go downstairs and only then did he run down the stairs after my dad and brother. It was the first time my mom met him and she was very impressed, she now refers to him as her “grand-doggie”. <G>.

    I could give you dozens of similar examples.

    As far as the ADA is concerned, he is a Service Animal. He is registered with two different national registries for Service Animals and even has an ID card that states he is a Medical Alert Service Dog (plus his picture, breeds, name, and my name, etc.). It’s very handy when I’m flying, however the first time he flew with me, he just had his vest on & no one even questioned it when we went through security.

    Hope that answered your questions.


    OK, I tried looking it up & couldn’t find it…

    What does gilgel mean?


    Wow YoelYitzchak sounds amazing! Keep telling more examples! i love them!

    So i’ll to be your “google search” … The neshoma of a jew nowadays is said to have been in the world before and didn’t fulfil its purpose and therefore has to come down again to correct that fault before being able to go back and get olam haba. The term gilgel is used to say what the neshoma was before.. Sweettooth was joking that this dog could be a gilgel, meaning that he’s been in the world before and has to come back down as a dog this time to fulfil whatever it is… Don’t believe it, although the concept is real there’s a lot of “must be gilgel – must be gilgel” around too..

    Sweettooth, how’s the dieting?! Bride or no bride – s have to diet too!!!! Lets see who can lose more first … whose joining!


    Prince Thanks!


    Sweettooth – i wish!!!! Maybe i’ll go so skinny la la la , well you never know i guess .. Weather the Storm – hey, i like that sentence. PLEASE LETS TRY TO! They say it gets easier to diet but IT’S SO HARD TO!!!!!! Well thankfully i’ve been seeing some sort of good numbers at times..

    Good Chodesh Everyone! May it be an inspiring month, full of joy – to the kallah’s and the rest!


    Hey, so which one of u were at the wedding?!?!?!?!?! :p



    Hi there sweettooth long time no see;)

    so what about u princess?


    what wedding are you guys talking about???


    Like hi 😉 How are you all???

    i’m a teacher – one of my little boys has diabetes! i just mentioned to him that if he’s not feeling good he should come tell the teacher… he said to me, “when i’m not feeling well, i feel tickleing,”!!! It’s so cute and i feel so bad for him!!!!! He’s only 4!!!!


    princess- thats so sad! but cute too in a way!!!! did you tell him or his parents that you have it to? it might make them feel more at ease!!

    its crazy how so many kids are diagnosed with D. over the summer i heard of 2 girls both very young that were diagnosed…. it makes me so sad because why do they have to go through this?? yes i know i did (and still am doing…) it but it makes me so sad that other kids have to do it all.. i guess cuz i know what its like…. im sure all you guys agree…. one is exactly the age i was when diagnosed so i feel connected i guess… we all share this “bond” in a way… idk this prob makes no sense lol 😉


    Hey Rebbitzen i think it’s time to welcome the new page – missed you around here and hope you’re okay! When i rem. i try to keep you in my prayers 😉 (yes, the rest of you too!!!!)

    Cofee, you’re so right, it hurts to hear how many children are being diagnosed with this… Without putting this down in any way, i’m working with a child who is really ill, i guess for me it just puts things in perspective a little, but once again, i’m NOT putting down the struggle of diabetes – believe me, i live ‘n breathe it!

    So sweettooth, what’s happening with your diet?! Is it happening?! Are we having a competition, and whose joining!

    Interesting way of looking at it, as in feeling bad for your body… but yeah, i know what you mean.. i think i feel more bad when i hurt it and hope i’m not really ruining it!

    About the kid i teach – yes, the parents know, they say they’re glad i’m teaching which is nice to hear!

    Today with him was already a “story”.. his mum sent a msg to “run around with him bc of medical reasons” – lol. He was a 270 and alth didn’t want to do much running eventually we did jump like 300 times! Yup, i did it with him 😉 and i’m like, “so you think i might get low?” and he’s like “No!” Of course not 😉 Eventually he went up to a 450 and his mum came to give him insulin – there was none in school so i couldn’t (yup, now there is there) spoke to her for some time then! …

    And after all that i was like a 320 and it made me so upset, i’ve been seeing decent numbers recently bh – may it only last!!!!!!!

    Anyhow, it’s funny talking of a “d story” without it being about me this time !!!

    So long…

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