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    hi all,

    just dropping in to say hi, and that i still exist. numbers are doing great, plus i pretty much got my basal down to almost perfection and i have been losing weight just by eating regular.


    sweet- honestly.. i DONT feel bad for myself… most of the time i am proud of myself if im being honest…. this is a challenge that Hashem gave me and BH with His help i overcopme it on a daily basis! im not saying there are not days when i had enough or that it gets hard but for the most part i am grateful that from all the diseases that are unfortunatly in the world i got one that i could control and lead a normal life with. thats just how i feel….

    dx3- i was thinking about you!!! wondering where you were we didnt hear from you in a while!!! im so glad ur numbers are doing well!!! u are so lucky that you are losing weight!!! im just happy right now that i am staying the same!! you should be proud!!!! welcome back 😉


    Rebbitzen still not around to welcome the new page for us ?! ;(

    Hi right back dx3 – glad to see you up here! It’s funny how quiet it can be – but i guess it’s also funny how busy it can be at other times!

    Dx3 – WELL DONE!!!!! KUDOS!!! WAY TO GO!! i’m reallly trying to do the same as you .. Cofeefan, how’s it going for you? i like the way you look at this… i find that it’s really important to have your perspective right – at least it’s only this – so long as it doesn’t disregard what you are finding difficult!


    Hi everyone!!! Just to let you all know that I got married a bit ago!!! :))))))))))))))))) Bh doing great!!! (even my BG’s are doing great!!!) Missed you all and hope to be back here some more now that things will hopefully start to settle down!!

    am yisrael chai

    Mazel tov to you, allsgr8, on your recent marriage.

    And happy to hear about your great BG’s, too!


    welcom back allsgr8!!! i was thinking abt you!!! we missed you!!


    WELCOME BACK, now as Mrs Allsgr8!!! We missed you indeed!!!

    Hi ayc 😉

    Have a good shabbos e/1!

    am yisrael chai

    PE ;)!


    Hey, where is everybody?!! Or more like, HOW!!?!?

    I had an interesting incident shabbos… we normally start the seuda at 12:30, so at 11:30 i was a 140 so thought – okay, i’ll take now, it takes me ages to come down anyhow… Well, wouldn’t you know it, we only ended up starting at 1:30, so by 12:30 i ended up eating most of the food myself!!

    am yisrael chai


    Say aloud “????? ??? ????!”


    Hey, anybody Here?!!!! How was yom tov?!! How did you manage?!!! I hope you all prayed hard and kept us all in mind!!!!!!

    Anybody fasting today?!


    Yes I did try to fast but then about half way through I was 63. Oh

    Well I will try to Adjust my basal so that yom kippur will be better.


    Glad to see some life over here! Sorry about that dx3…. i broke it like less than 2 hours to the end a 68. Did you care that you had to eat?

    i had an appointment today – and thank G-d my A1c went down!!!!!!! although it’s still way beyond any of yours.!


    i know princess- this thread has been TOO QUIET lately!!!!! thanks for reviving it!!

    i did not even try to fast! i am SO SO nervous for Yom Kippur!!! i DO NOT want to break it!!! does anyone know the halacha for eating on YK? the 1 oz every nine minutes thing? opefully we wont need it but just in case does anyone wanna review it for us all?


    Hey tell me well done!!!!! i’m so delighted with it although it’s still way high!!!!!

    Yom kipper fasting is “time” to be nervous… other fasting you can always break it but yom kipper you just don’t want to have to.

    Firstly – rem. you have to lower basal as day goes on… the body starts to keep the stores because it isn’t getting the usual food.

    Testing has to be done only as much as nec.! It’s malacha…

    If you have to eat – eat in shiurim, yeah, the 1 once thing every nine minutes … if need, it’s seven minutes, and if can’t wait – your health comes first!!!!!!!

    Somebody review it better than this – pls do!!!!!


    hi all! long time no speak! does anyone have the shiurim for breaking the fast incase we go low? I know rabbi meisels gave it out, i just can’t find mine.


    oh..i didnt realize that you already wrote on the subject. well if someone could write it down if they know forsure, that would be great


    Hey rebbitzen, glad to see you back!

    i checked with rabbi meisals and my rav so the following is a combination from both… Break the fast at a 70. Check as often as needed.

    Drink is just under 40cc which is as much as you can fit in one mouth full. Solids is 30cc which is 3cm to 4cm to 2.5cm. You can eat and drink together each of this amount.

    Wait 10 minutes, if it’s too long, 4 and if too long 2. If can’t do it in shiurim – don’t!!!

    This shiur works out to be 4 rolls of winkies.

    Lots of luck to all of us!!!!


    Baruch Hashem, I don’t suffer from diabetes. But this thread has made me realize how grateful I should be to Hashem and helped me count my blessings. Wishing you all an easy fast.

    Princess: Sorry, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it (since I forgot the contents and will have to go back to check), although I’ll really try my best:(.

    Gut yom tov and gmar chasima tova!


    i often wonder how many people just read this thread without commenting …! Well of recent there hasn’t been much to read anyway.

    Thanks observanteen, and no prob at all! Keep praying for all of us 😉


    I definitely will! I really will try my best, but in case I don’t manage please forgive me. Thank you!

    am yisrael chai


    “i often wonder how many people just read this thread without commenting …”

    Would you like to create a sign-in sheet for posters who visit this thread??


    Yup!!! It would be fun to have a “how many views” option! Well i’d like to know – so all of you lurkers pls come forward! Just say a hi 😉 or better yet wish us an easy fast ! You too – an easy fast!!!!


    thanks princess for posting the info!! im really nervous!!!! hope you guys all do well im sure we all will!! and

    lets just keep reminding ourself if CHAS VISHALOM we need to break the fast that this is what Hashem wants and He does not want us to harm ourselves in any way! i know its very hard to eat Yom Kippur… ive done it before and i cld say i found it physically painful.. but Hashem gave us D and He knows we can handle it!!!

    Gmar Chasima Tova everyone!!!

    (and im on board with the sign in sheet too;) its nice to have some pop ins here!!!)

    yossi z.

    i still keep an eye on you people. seems like you really do have your own world here. i missed allsgr8 getting married! a belated mazal tov to her!

    i technically have what to report about myself but i am going to keep mum until there is something concrete to say (check ouyt the can you do me a favor thread if you must know more than what i posted here)

    gmar tov to you all and hatzlacha rabah!

    keep t up!

    😀 Zuberman! 😀


    Hey! HOW WAS IT YESTERDAY?!?!!?!?!?! And how was the effects?!! Thought of you all of course!!!

    i stayed in between 88 and 140 all day bh bh!! With a lot of guessing..

    yossi – i’m following eagerly, waiting!! Waiting and hoping.. kept you in thought! Thanks for posting here!

    So … how many is that on our checklist?!


    hi there everybody

    i did it. i fasted the whole yom kippur. the only hard part was at night when i was in the 300’s and i felt like i was dehydrating until i got my # to about 180. my goal was to stay around the 180 mark. i basically did and in the end i ended the fast with a 122

    huuay for me

    sorry i can’t post as often i am busy with getting into the school thing. you know all the schedules and stuff like that


    i did it too!! easier than tisha baav but still was a bit hard! i stayed in low 200s all day except at the end i dropped to 90 which isnt low but the drop affected me… i was just soooo thirsty from being ‘high’ but i refused to have to break it so i was happy with the high. plus i had the normal fasting issues like headache etc bec im not used to fasting it was harder. but BH i was able to do it!!!!!!

    we miss you dx3 but good luck with school!!!!!!!


    wish i could say the same…i had to already eat winkies within the shiur at night! i was so annoyed. i never used to go low then, and it started punt that night!


    a day after the fast is when i got a really bad headache. but after the fast itself i was ok. this was a bit unusual.


    well it is bain hazmanim, and that means more time, which means more food, which means HIGHER NUMBERS. so i was basically floating in the 200’s today. help!!!!!


    oysh d!!! i know what you mean… during my summer vaca i was also not in the normal control!!! Diabetes is a very scheduled thing (at least for me…) my body likes knowing whats happening.. coffee at 10 lunch at 130 snack at 430 etc… so any changes throws everything off! yomtov will be hard!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    Rebbitzen – i’m sorry you had to break it… i know that although that’s what hashem wanted it’s still difficult!!! My dad told me b4 the fast when i was worrying that there was a great rabbi who when he broke his fast on y”k said he was HAPPY because he never had such a mitzvah to do before. i don’t know if that made me feel better or worse or though..

    dx3 and cofeefan, how well i know your words! i’m so frustrated!! i have to get my A1c down but now with all yom tov and being in the kitchen cooking – i LOVE the kitchen and i love making all nice goodies – but my numbers…………. ;( ;( ;( i’ve gone to the mid 400’s again. Yes, it’s so hard, help!!!!!!

    Lets keep on praying for each other and thinking of each other and hope that G-d will give us the strength to do our part (sigh) and give us those good numbers!!!!


    HELP!! my numbers have been soooooo crazy lately!!!! i wake up high no matter how low i was when i went to bed. it just spikes all the time and i cant get it down no matter how much insulin i give!!!! i changed my basal rates already….. is it just yomtov? like once i get back to normal schedule and normal eating habits it will go down? im terrified what thid is doing to my A1C!!!


    Cofeefan, i’m so sorry!! Hold on a lil longer – it’s after yom tov now and we’re finally able to get back to schedule. i know how frustrating it is to see all those numbers 400 ++ and you’re still tryingg…. the food is enough to get anybody mad! Hang in a lil longer – yom tov is a crazy time. Give yourself the time. Remember that if our numbers would always be perfect we couldn’t by definition have diabetes!

    A1c – you just have to do your best. Perhaps if you can push off the next one a little it may work 😉 proven, tried and tested!




    sorry I haven’t been around lately ..been busy bh! 🙂

    Looks like Yom tov does the same thing for all of us 🙂

    Coffee- oy! I know the feeling..it happens to me every so often. I go to bed at a good number and wake up in the 200’s for no apparent reason! I usually end up adjusting my basals but I think that from the time you change basals it takes about a day or two until you see results-dunno why. – Dont worry so much about the A1c so much- if this is only happening for a couple of days and you’ve been okay the rest of the time it wont change it drastically. keep trying!!!! You’ll feel better soon iyh! 🙂

    Princess- Hows the aftermath of yom tov? Did you get out of the 400 zone????!!!! Rooting for ya!!


    ALLSGR8!!!!!!!! Heyyyyy, welcome back!!!! So glad to “see” you back! You’re missed 😉 How are you doing?

    Hope you’re right about A1c!!

    My numbers were up and down – not all been so high, but yom tov being so “food friendly” (or food enemy) and all of it around doesn’t do any good! Lets just hope we’ll all reach good numbers. i still pray for you all !! Rebbitzen, you too 😉


    My daughter (type 1, age 13, 1 year since diagnosis) is considering a pump. She is B”H responsible and really understands her diabetes.

    We are looking at the Animas and the Medtronic and wondering the following:

    1) The medtronic requires that you enter the information on the pump itself (not remotely like the animas). How do girls/women deal with that when wearing a jumper/dress?

    2) Does the latest medtronic model have a food database like the animas? The educator who came to show us what pumps are all about did not point out that the animas does have one, but posts on other forums seem to indicate that it does.

    Thanks for all your help and support!


    csilver – i have a medtronic pump and my kids have an animas pump. the medtronic does not have a database nor do they have a remote. however the animas does have a database but only in the meter not in the pump. the good thing is that the meter works as a remote. hope this helps

    its 12:00 right now and BOTH of my kids are 47 HELP!!!!

    Now that yom tov is over and the new zman starts tomorrow i hope to get ny numbers under control. i am now 259. i hope i do not have to take another a1c within 3 months.

    gata go buy more juice we are going through it way too much.


    hi csilver;)

    i have the omnipod and i am a BIGGGGGG fan of it! it solves the jumper dress prob bec you never have to touch that to program a bolus etc its all on a seperate thing thats the size and shape of a blackberry. the actual pump is small and you cant see it through clothes (at least on me 😉 and it also has a HUGE food library that i find very helpful! just today i wanted to eat an orange and i couldnt remember the carbs for it so i looked it up and was able to bolus no prob! have you ever looked into it? i love that it has no wires! for a girl that young i think it could have many benefits! but the other pumps are also great too! its great the technology theres out there today!!

    whatever you chose i hope it will be a good tool to help you and your daughter with diabetes! and know that we are all here to help (even if we dont post for days and days at a time!!!)


    Thanks dx3 & Cofeefan!

    We didn’t think that the medtronic had a database – I’m not sure it will be a deal-breaker, though. Our doctor only works with the medtronic and the animas, so the omnipod is not an option right now.

    Can any other women weigh in on the dress/jumper issue with the medtronic?

    Thanks! and thanks for the support! I have been lurking here for quite some time and get a lot of information and support already!


    csilver, hi! i hope you come to a good and clear decision that you’ll all be happy with and mainly that you’ll reap from the pumps benefits! Often decisions are a gamble and whatever you choose will be great!

    For me, the advantage of the metronic over the animas is the fact that it can come with a GCM which the animas doesn’t.. the metronic also has larger amounts of units to be held at one time which could’ve perhaps been easier bc i use quite alot.

    i think i rem. hearing about database being able to be put in but normally i just guess – look at the box / packet etc or use a scale i bought which has the database in there. Cofeefan – yours sounds amazing! didn’t realize you had that option!!

    Wearing the pump, in fact i do use the audio often, esp. in public – as far as i know the metronic has an audio button too. As far as wearing it, it WILL work out whatever pump it is, either going to the bathroom or just hiding behind something or other.. i try to not let it affect my choice of clothes!

    …. Hope that’s somewhat helpful 😉

    Dx3 – how are you doing? Worrying for you and ROOTING for ya!


    HI everyone!

    good to catch up, haven’t popped in for a while…

    csilver; I have the medtronic and know many ppl on the animas that r dying to switch over because of the features such as CGM wehre the BG numbers go directly to the pump!

    under dresses/jumpers there’s the audio bolus that e/o’s talking about, it basically once u find/know ur way aroundthe pump, you can feel it under a dress and make out the right buttons and e/ time u press a specific button it’ll vibrate let’s say one vibration per unit so u’ll know how much ur inserting

    neother q’s or concerns, feel free to ask!

    hope this helps somewhat


    Yes, this has been extremely helpful!

    Another question: does anyone do anything different with their pump on Shabbos?


    csilver- Hi! I am on the omnipod so I can’t say too much about the other pumps but when I was deciding between pumps my doc advised me not to base my decision on the integrated CGM since it is not very accurate…. just thought you’d want to know that. Also, the sensor for the CGM isnt that big- you could wear both a pump and the sensor at the same time without looking extra bulky cause of it.

    Regarding shabbos, I press buttons with a shinui. I also try not to press extra buttons whenever possible.

    Whatever decision you make it should be the right one and one that will help your daughter live a long and healthy life Bez’h! 🙂


    i don’t use my pump on shabbos. i keep it on ofcourse, meaning the basals are all going, but i bolus with a syringe. of course if i need to use it i dont hesitate and will use it no prob but i try to avoid it. but thats just my own thing it’s prob not the right thing lol


    allsg8,csilver; that’s not true the cgm can get really accurate if you know how to use it properly, calibrate and insert at the right times etc.

    and the dexcom’s device is pretty big, about the size of a cell phone which has to stay in range(up to 4 ft i think) of the sensor stuck to ur body, that’s pretty difficult for a kid who doesn’t carry a pocketbook with them all day….and it’s enough having to deal with hiding the pump itself

    regarding shabbos i also used to press the buttons with my knuckles thought that was a good shinui and then i got enlightened when R’ Meisels said it’s not neccessary

    cofeefan; u really don’t use it?!

    where did u come up with that from?


    idk metooo 😉 i just made that for myself! like i said it’s prob not necessary and i could ttly use it i just dont! lol


    regarding shabbos the biggest change i will do is use my pinky instead of my thumb or pointer.

    i have used the cgm for a little and then stopped because every time i pulled out the needle in the middle i had a geyser of blood coming out. furthermore after a day and a half it started to burn.

    regarding the medtonic pump i love it because it is so much simpler to use and it does have an audio bolus that i use a lot.

    whatever you choose csilver will be good. all the pumps basically work the same.


    csilver – how is it going?!! What did you decide in the end?

    Cofeefan, it’s not too late to change – there’s absolutely no reason to make it harder for yourself!! If you really want to at least check with a Rabbi, when i checked i was told if i need to i can even change my insulin.. Using the pump is all d’rabbonon, and a few d’rabbonon makes it easier to allow.

    i hope you’ll start using your pump again!!

    I sometimes try to use my knuckle to press buttons but was told i don’t even have to do that – metoo, rabbi meisals said that’s not nec.? And hi btw! Been a long time 😉

    The rest of you too for that matter – hi! Hope you’re all good and managing….

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