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    It has happened to me before.

    Almost 20 years ago, before I was religious, and before I had mezuzahs placed all over. I was sitting on the couch one evening watching tv, when I felt someone’s presence looking at me.

    I turned to look and there was a man standing beside my fridge, at the edge of the kitchen just grinning as if he was enjoying the good joke of being invisible and in my space! As if I couldn’t see him.

    Well, I could ran towards him, as if to scare him off with a lunge. He disappeared. Never came back. But that was real.

    My husband explained that these are souls who have unfinished business and cannot move on. They are suffering since they are neither here nor there.

    That is not the only experience I’ve had. When I was a teenager, I also saw my friend’s father, in her house, who had committed suicide. That was really freaky.

    So…have you ever seen a ghost?


    Just call GhostBusters!!


    Have you ever seen a psychiatrist? I mean a real one…


    I did — and called Ghost Busters.


    ha ha ha ha ha laughing very hard from deiyezooger. VERY FUNNY


    ummmm always runs with scissors- when I was in the hospital and they were distributing meds they would always ask us if we were seeing things that others couldn’t see or hearing things that others couldn’t hear. I’m pretty sure that your situation would fall under the seeing things that others can’t see and I’d get it checked out if I were you.



    were you by any chance drinking, smoking or under the influence of any kind of strong medications at the time?

    I. M. Here

    I once heard a shiur from Rabbi Mizrachi on torahanytime about this topic. He proved it with pictures. Was spooky!


    Casper, the friendly ghost.


    @always runs with scissors fast; I hope I didn’t offend you, I meant it in jest. If I did then I apologize.


    I might have seen something that could qualify as that, but I was a very little girl and woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream. And when I woke up, the “thing” that was in my dream was standing at my door.It looked see-through and just stood there. I was fully awake, started to scream for my daddy, who came running, and as soon as he got to my door, he ran right through the apparition and it disappeared. I never forgot this.


    always runs with schissors- I’m seconding what deiyezooger said. Although, I did not mean what I said in jest I do realize now that it can be very hurtful for someone to say that. I am sooo sorry for saying it and wish I could take it back!!! Please forgive me!


    Maybe it was Joseph??


    scissors what does your husband base his opinion on? anything?


    If you want to consider the dream I had of my father O”H during the shabbos of our shiva week for him, I have told this over in the CR before, so I won’t go into the details again, but each one of my siblings, my mom, and I had the identical dream that shabbos afternoon, in which my dad’s neshama came to us, telling us the exact same thing, in the exact same way and choice of words. It was not a generic conversation, but most specific. Rabbonim who came to be menacheim aveil told us we had received an incredible matana to have him speak to us all in that way.


    No, it was one of the invisible mods — the one that doesn’t sign his name.

    the one who doesn’t sign her name


    Goq, the Gemara says that those who die before their time hang around until their time. I don’t know if that explains all sightings, since many are long past their had-been life span. Most such things are from people murdered or suicide.


    I had an experience few years ago back. My husband was away on business. I was sleeping on my side and felt that someone had walked into my room and sat down right next me. I actually felt the bed move down, and thinking maybe my son came to stay with me, I turned around and called his name, but no one was there. He was soundly sleeping in his own bed. Let’s just say, I was really spooked and stayed in bed with the covers over my head the rest of the night. I never forgot that happening, but something was there.


    I once met a ghost and had a conversation with it.


    Do you mind sharing what the conversation was about?


    You won’t share the conversation?


    I am so disappointed that most people answering this thread either made fun of me and don’t believe in it!

    Thanks HaleiVi for explaining that it can be ! And whoa mazal I totally believe in what you’re saying!

    I think frum yidden who have had kosher mezuzahs all their life would not have had an opportunity for such an experience. But all I can tell you is not so many years ago, in our grandparents generation in Eastern Europe, this sort of awareness of souls (ghosts) was normal, people held an awareness of it, and even there are many stories of paranormal happenings, even amongst goyim from those decades. But somehow Hollywood has cashed in on it, and turned it into a weird thing and no body believes in ghosts now.


    I don’t believe that censoring my post demonstrates the moderator’s interest in elevating the proper hashkafa.


    Happiest, thanks for the apology.

    On the note that you made, I would like to reflect and ask you about your experience, if you are sure that you were the only one on that hospital floor they were asking that question to, regarding the hearing of voices that weren’t there and seeing things too? Maybe YOU JUST THOUGHT everyone got asked that question.

    When I was a nurse on psychiatry, I observed a nurse ask a patient if he has been hearing any voices lately. And his response was hilarious. He said “Yeah, the nurses”.


    always runs – i was kind of upset when i saw how many ppl made fun of you. there are many stories of these things happening! i have also at times woken up in the middle of the night thinking someone is there and thinking i feel the bed moving. but i’ve never actually seen anything.

    btw – i’m not sure it only happens in homes with non-kosher or no mezuzahs.


    actually i know that one time the bed was really moving – but we were having a little earthquake. so no ghost story about that time.


    my mother in law has told us many times of a story that happened to her. one Shabbos afternoon, she heard a knock at the door. she went to answer it and nobody was there. she happened to look at the time. that night, as soon as Shabbos was over, the phone rang with the news that her stepmother had passed away – AT THE EXACT TIME SHE HEARD THE KNOCK AT THE DOOR.

    Sender Av

    wait, there is a female mod?

    yossi z.

    This is an entire section in zohar and kabalah in general. This concept of what we are calling here ghosts are real and do happen and exist. No joke. Whether or not we understand exactly what is being talked about could be under question. In other words do we fully comprehend who what where when why and how such things happen? Possibly not but they definitely happen and exist. Now we may also not fully comprehend the situation when it happens to be able to know whether or not what is happening is real as the mind is a very complex tool.



    Oomis, my father also came to me After shiva in a dream that seemed so real. He told me he was fine and not to worry about him, just to take care of my mother. I tried to reach for him and woke up. I started screaming for him to come back. I tried my hardest to have him come back again but he never did. My Mother has NOT come to me in a dream and I am chalashing for her to visit me. Somehow I need it.


    ” no body believes in ghosts now.”

    Not anymore. Now they have all these reality “Paranormal state” shows. Aetv. com has one from the Paranormal society.

    Even if you don’t believe all the things on the show, it’s very interesting. There definitely is a lot of things about this world we have no understanding. Nor should it be that important to us because Tomim Teeyeh Im…


    Oomis, sorry, I missed your story. Sounds awesome (literally). Can you share with us what your father A”h said? Thanks.


    …I also saw my friend’s father, in her house, who had committed suicide. That was really freaky.

    ME TOO!

    What happened was that my friend’s father committed suicide & so I decided to rent out the room in their basement of their house so that I could also help out the family. To make a long story short, he was standing on my bed one night….and he wasn’t too happy either! I FREAKED OUT & was running all over the house! Keep in mind, that I was in the military at this time & I did NOT believe in ghosts at this time.

    Either way, the next morning, I only explained what happened to the wife & she didn’t say anything. So, I went & got some mental help…I thought I was just going insane….HOWEVER, 3 days later, the wife “decided” to tell me that sometimes her husband (the man that was now deceased) comes onto her bed at night & she can actually feel the bed move & she could smell & hear him….by now, I was getting freaked out AGAIN.

    THEN, she told me that he was known to come to the bedside of 1 of her 16 year-old daughters. Apparently, the 2 of them (him & this daughter) once had a very long conversation. I don’t remember all that the wife told me, but part of the conversation between him & the daughter was about him asking forgiveness from her for all of the wrong-doings that he did to her in his lifetime!!! Now, I was REEEAAAALLLY freaking out. Apparently, him & his daughter were now getting along better than when he was alive!

    I could never again be alone in that house & I decided to move…and rather quickly.

    Although, I walked away with many positive lessons from that point in my life.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    the Gemara says that those who die before their time hang around until their time.

    With a visible form? Also, it says they “float around” (Rashi, Chagiga 5a). Do they come down to ground level?

    golden mom

    We do believe in “shadim” There are many halachos involving shadim like for example never close up a window or door way (and if u need to u have to do…) And it is brought down bec*use the shadim need to go in and come out and if block it causes a lot of problems….so I guess we believe in them


    “Pac-Man” knows a quartet of ghosts.

    Unfortunately, they are of the unfriendly variety, and constantly pursue him with nefarious intentions.

    Their names are Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.


    On a more serious note, supposedly President Lincoln’s ghost is sometimes seen in the White house.

    On the day before he was murdered he famously had a dream about mourners crying over his assassination.


    Aries, my mom also does not really come to me. I have seen her in dreams, knowing she has passed, and she only smiles at me. Once, she told me she loves me in response to my telling her how much I miss her. Wow, I can’t type this without tearing up. I totally get what you mean. Sometimes, especially when I bensch licht for Yom Tov, I feel that need to see her. we spent every yom tov together, and her hands were always next to mine as we lit candles.


    A relative of mine a”h had unusual gifts of perception, I remember having had, as a sickly child, an out of body experience, and I have had some “be careful what you wish for” moments. Note that the Kohen Gadol would daven for Hashem’s inattention to the tefilas yachid of travelers.


    No, nothing in that Gemara indicates that they appear to people. I did not quote it as proof, rather as an explanation of why they are. The proof that it happens is the fact that many people have experienced it in many different levels. Many more people have heard raps, knocking, things falling, than those who (were lucky enough to) see them.


    always runs with scissors- I know they weren’t only asking me. It was a question asked to each patient. And I almost gave that answer but was too nervous about the consequences lol.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    The proof that it happens is the fact that many people have experienced it in many different levels. Many more people have heard raps, knocking, things falling, than those who (were lucky enough to) see them.

    Many people also claim to have been abducted by aliens.


    could be yes, could be no…

    but i dont believe we have any reasonable “proof” either way


    I do believe there is a concept of shadim/dibbuks/and when a neshama is still “lingering” after its petira on Olam HaZeh.

    I remember when my great grandmother was niftar (On Friday- On her birthday) she m,ore “appeared” to me then in a dream- it was so surreal (i felt as though she was literally in the room) She told me some things to take with me for life (I was only 8)…I was so freaked out, during the week of shivah I was acting really strange…later on I found out a lot of my family members (grandmother, aunts n uncles) were visited too.


    Why would you tell someone that you don’t have proof to what they saw? There are many famous incidents of people revisiting. Many are mentioned in Sefarim. Rebbi made Kiddush — although that wasn’t a ghost. There are many references in Chazal of Ruchos.

    As for stories of abduction, I wouldn’t be that arrogant in that case either to say that because I can’t believe it, it didn’t happen. It is by no means as common as ghost sightings. It sounds exotic to us because aliens aren’t a well found existance. However, whoever said that they are aliens? Perhaps the person got entagled with some ‘Sheidy’ business. The concept of a Sheid doing things to people is not unheard of in our Sefarim. The Ritva does say that these things were more common in the north than here.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I’m not saying it didn’t or doesn’t happen. I still don’t have proof that it can or does.


    Why would you tell someone that you don’t have proof to what they saw?

    lets not make this personal. i just stated my opinion on the subject in general. i didnt deny what anyone saw.

    stories arent proof

    stories about ufo sightings and abductions number in the MILLIONS.

    i dont call that proof.

    if you tell me ghosts (not Eliyahu, not shadim, not dybulim, not dream visitations) are in the Gemorah that would be proof enough for me. could be there is, i dont know Shas


    if you tell me ghosts (not Eliyahu, not shadim, not dybulim, not dream visitations) are in the Gemorah that would be proof enough for me.

    The gemarah in kesubos 103a says Rebbe used to come home on Friday night. The gilyon hashas adds that he would be motzi everybody kiddush.

    Not that I necessarily believe in anything said here, but is that proof enough?

    Between ghosts and “old souls” its starting to get a little bit too new-age in here.


    i retract

    i do believe in ghosts

    i recall reading an incident indisputably witnessened by two Gedolai Yisroel, when they were bachrim.

    it is told in a book “just one word” a great book by the way.

    that’s enough proof for me

    though it may not be for others.


    actually daas on second thought that is good enough proof that ghosts can exist, and that they appeared to worthy people and in those days.

    its not proof that they appear to ordinary people, or in todays era

    but as i said i already have my proof

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Rebbe used to come home on Friday night.

    Does the gemara indicate that Rebbe was not tangible (which seems to be the property of these “ghosts”? I’ll see if I can find anything on it.

    an incident indisputably witnessened by two Gedolai Yisroel, when they were bachrim.

    Are you referring to the story with R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld as a bochur and the banker who came back to give a check to the widow who used to pay to have kaddish said, and needed to marry off her daughter when she fell on hard times?

    I believe in these as well, but they don’t seem to fit the same characteristics as the classic apparitions.

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