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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    maybe you were just being a little cavalier

    You’re right, that was too cavalier (not just a little).

    I still stand by the statement that most could come up with the $5k if they had confidence that it would help, notwithstanding that it might be very difficult. People somehow come up with more than $20k for seminary, with the rationale that it’s necessary for shidduchim (although I’m personally with BPT that it’s not). Also, most “girls” who are 22 and above have been working for a couple of years and have some money saved up.


    Also, most “girls” who are 22 and above have been working for a couple of years and have some money saved up.

    MOST SHMOST! A nechtiger tug!

    This is the most award winning inaccurate post of all the hundreds on this topic! Chassidishe girls who dont go to college, get f/t jobs straight out of school. NOT so with 95% of Litvishe girls.

    1. Teachers are all penniless, always.

    2. Many girls are still in college/masters programs, way into their mid-twenties, paying hefty tuitions from their small p/t salaries, if the programs theyre in allow them time to work at all! If they break even, theyre doing great.

    BARF the 4th time.

    And, no Im NOT feeling better, and neither are the hard-working/studying penniless girls, since this “helpful” (oy) initiative. Helpful in keeping them at the back of the line.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    (leaving poor girls more behind than before)

    Maybe not equally attended to as those who put up the money, but in the scheme of things, they should still get more attention than before, because the overall focus will shift more towards the older girls.

    Although money is a good motivator, I believe that most shadchanim are well meaning, and once their attention is placed on finding shidduchim for older girls, even the ones whose names are not on the list will be thought of.


    MSS: nah, don’t think so. If you care enough you’ll do some leg work yourself. Maybe you’ll even contact them directly. If all you want to do is post in this forum, then go right ahead-knock yourself out.



    … most shadchanim are well meaning, and once their attention is placed on finding shidduchim for older girls, even the ones whose names are not on the list will be thought of.

    I dont think you could sell that to even a five year old. That got me rolling. Better than barfing.

    Will be thought of, perhaps, after ALL the girls on the list, older and younger, if they’re in the mood.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Will be thought of, perhaps, after ALL the girls on the list, older and younger, if they’re in the mood.

    I guess you could speak for yourself, but I know of shadchanim who try to focus on girls who didn’t just start dating, without any $ incentive. I just got a call today from one, seeking information from me about a boy I know, for a girl older than him.




    APY: aren’t there STILL plenty of single girls how still aren’t married?

    feel free to ignore the discussions…



    I know of shadchanim who try to focus on girls who didn’t just start dating, without any $ incentive.

    You got me cackling like a goose. OBVIOUSLY they’re few and far between or we WOULDNT NEED THE NEW “HELPFUL” NASI INITIATIVE!!!

    Now Im really ROTFL. Is this the cofee room or the comedy hour? I feel guilty laughing while the poorer girls out there are crying. Dont do this to me!


    AZ makes one good point: time will tell a lot. if the folks at nasi become filthy rich, as they hope, then obviously nasi has filled a void that actually existed. if they fall flat then we learn, in hindsight, where these folks were coming from – just using scare tactics to make money off of people’s fears and weaknesses.

    i would add, however, that even if it is a successful program, it would still be quite disgusting from an ordinary person’s point of view. i would compare it to a kidney broker: sure, he provides a very valuable service to people in need but uch, what an awful way to make a dollar.

    any way you look at it, the folks behind nasi don’t look good.


    Did someone address me?


    ” Good to know. “

    Like I said in a post a while back, I’m fully convinced that at some point, our paths will cross in the real world. I just hope I recognize you, Lois 🙂

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    You’re naive for thinking $500 a shidduch after the first fifty is going to make anyone rich.

    You’re cynical with an ayin ra for accusing the people at NASI of having impure intentions.


    Besalel: How on earth could NASI even possible become filthy rich from this program???

    The money goes to shadchanim not to the program. The only money that goes to the program is $500 for each completed shidduch from the particpnats who aren’t from the first 50 to join.

    1. please define filthy rich.

    2. feel free to do the math how many completed shidduchim they would need to be involved in in order for your accusation to be valid.

    3. then take into account the expenses invovled in setting up and running this program. (ads/accounting/firm/lawyer to write the contracts. maybe a few pennies to the people dong the work behind the scene…. I’m sure you think that it just happens by itself.)

    4. Not that it’s to be expected, but a apology on your behlalf is in place.

    5. and finally the folks behind nasi aren’t in a popularity contest. They have their eye on the singular goal of alleviating the tragic shidduch sitatuation facing precious bnos yisroel. Construtive insight is welcome and valued and a necessitiy for the scucess of any project. Simple minded negativity like some in the CR have expressed, has not and will continue to do little to move them off their mark. Four years ago there were naysayers, and there still are some. That’s okay. They are more than happy to let others run for office.


    IF Nasi is credited with making 100 Shidduchim in any year (Halevei), at the charge of $500 each for those who arent the first 50 to join, that comes to $50,000 for that year. It might not make anyone “filthy rich”, but sure is nice jingle in one’s jeans.

    Ideally, if they’d take that money and offer “free memberships” to poor older girls from large families, people would have less teinehs. Ads should be offered free by newspapers, to lessen the cost of running Nasi, and most of the costs should be undertaken on volunteer basis, leaving the bulk of the income for “free memberships”.


    MSS: great job with the math.

    okay so IF they are credited with 100 shidduchim of particpants who were not part of the first 50. (if that happended i think everyone would agree it’s a very succesful program)

    Now take away form that 50k the money spent on lawyers/accountants/advertsing (over 10k already on advertising alone) to get the project off the ground.

    Lets pretend that no one is needed to do any backend work becaseu after all MSS has offered their services to run the program gratis.

    so this is the huge scandal… here it is

    MSS discoverd… someone has nothing better to do witht themselves than make the entire world meshuga and put up with (don’t ask) all in order to pocket 10/15k in the chance that the program is a roaring succes and 100 shidduchim are made for participants who were not part of the first 50…

    OF Course: ARE YOU FOR REAL. ARE YOU?????????????????

    Gee i wonder why Bernie Madoof didn’t think of going into the NASI business

    your points are so outlandish it ridiculous that i’m even bothering to reponsd. Excpet for the fact that there are actually others like you….

    so APY …. is goes on….

    You mention: ads should be offered free by newspapers.

    MSS- Please do everyone a favor. Get on the phone to the newspapaers and tell them what you think. Because so far well over 10k has been spent on newspapers ads that you think should be free. To bad the majority of newspapers don’t think like you.

    And then why not get off the coach and go run a program exactly how you think it should be run….

    You can be sure NASI would love “competition”.

    Who can run the most effective effient programs to close the age gap and alleviate the crisis.

    so far sadly it seems like they’re the only show in town.

    Please! i’m sure they’d love for one and all to come on board and run programs far better than what they are doing.


    “Please! i’m sure they’d love for one and all to come on board and run programs far better than what they are doing.”

    That should be easy.



    Go for it talk is cheap… posting is even easier.

    If i may ask a simple qeustion.

    have you done anything in the last five years to make a dent in the shidduch crisis?

    after all, It’s sooooooo easy you claim.

    Please step to the plate and you should have tons of FREE volunteeers from the the CR chevra. I’m sure MSS will of course be your first worker. You can also count on oomiss and many others to help run your org.

    Go For It

    I’ll be looking out and rooting for you.


    The so called shidduch crisis and solutions is a money business; shame on you Mr. Nasi.


    I havent had an experience where the calmest most easygoing people I know have gotten frazzled and shocked by anything, since this new NASI initiative. My opinion is that if the Nasi initiative is so expensive to run, it aint going nowhere unless they make loads of Shidduchim real quickly!


    Not sure how on earth you can accuse “Mr. Nasi” of running a money business

    Where exactly is the money in it for “Mr. NASI”.

    Or are you accusing “Mr. NASI” of running a business to profit shadchanim and somehow “Mr. NASI” is in cahoots with the shadchanim and getting kickbacks.

    You level serious motzei shem ra allegations. It would be prudent to

    a. explain

    b. bring some concrete evidence to your accusations.

    (if you’ve followed the progam from inception, and are familiar about anything to do with the NASI Project, you would know that they care not that much about shachanim. They simply realize that one of the effectvie ways to allevaite the age gap problem is by having shadhacnim focus on young women who didn’t just start dating. One of the ways to accomplish that is by appreciating and compensating them for their time and effort on behlaf of such young women. Whether it be via the variouls very effectuive 100/400 programs, whether it be by this new program as well. In fact No one involved in the project -Mr. NASI to you- even redds any shidducim).

    By why should you get overly confused with the facts.)

    still waiting and looking for the progam you launch.

    Wishing you much much haztlacha!!



    I checked the papers this week looking for your iniative, please tell me which page it’s on.

    Please make sure to keep us posted.


    Good thing your parnassah doesn’t depend on your opinion. They are actually people out there who believe in the program in a huge way and who are helping to cover the start up expenses… oh well

    and yeah the results from the first week in terms of the attention that the participnats have received from the over 70 shadchanim has been TREMENDOUS… and the participants are thrilled.

    Not bad for a program that’s less than one week old…

    But OF COURSE you are entitled to your opinion


    AZ – Why do you always answer for Mr. Nasi? Are you his attorney? Mr. Nasi should answer for himself so that we get the right facts rather than your assumptions.


    I think AZ is the head of the project Nasi, Cherry Bim.


    i think NASI may want to consider having someone else do the talking. the more AZ responds, the worse they look. i hope they use some of that mucho cash that they’re hoarding as they feast in an orgy upon the flesh of the scared and vulnerable to buy some better PR. surprisingly, self-righteous and obnoxious defenses wherein essentially all the detractors are basically called stupid, does not appear to be having a positive effect on the oilam.


    AZ, you are entitled to your opinion

    Have you spoken to G-d about the definite success of the new NASI initiative? What has HE said to you to make you 100% sure about YOUR opinion? Has HE given you any guarantees?

    The opinions you’ve formed are well intentioned.

    Guaranteed!!!!?????, no way.


    Cherry: I double checked. The facts are right.

    “MR NASI” has better things to do than sit in the CR, i simply help them.

    Suggestion: Contact them directly, ask all your questions about the money etc. and then report back. We anixously await.

    That way you’ll provide accurate info.


    AZ, i simply help them.

    Have you ever gotten any compensation of any kind (other than Mitvos) in return for such help?

    Pardon my legal language. I think the innocent Oilem, all potential members, would want and benefit from such clarification. If you cant or dont want to answer this, then we already know the answer. Dont give me the “call them” answer. Thatll be a clarifying answer too.

    YES or NO?

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