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    Is a diet including eating pizza unhealthy?


    NOPE – it’s one of the healthiest foods around. especially if you have veggies on it. 😉


    Is the earth round?


    honestyly probably not- unless ya want it not to be a typical pizza.

    if you make it whole wheat and whole grain, lowfat/reduced fat cheese or cheeseless and grilled (not fried) veggies then you’ve got a healty but nutritious pizza

    however, some may disagree… 🙂


    pizza is very healthy: eggs, milk,tomatoes,etc.! and oil!!!!! good for arthritis! :0)


    I don’t know why people make it so bad. If you have homemade its for sure healthier but its the same as eating bread, tomato sauce, cheese and spices. Yes, its high in calories though.


    hey mods- can i have a saying/motto under my name?


    There’s no way all that oil can be good for you


    Englishman Yolk has the right idea as far a Pizza made with Whole Wheat Flour Vegies Grilled and Low Fat Cheese being healthier than the Standard Pizza. Is this the kind of food that will help you lose weight, I don’t think so. The best diet that will help you lose lbs. is the Alkaline Diet. You will have to Google Alkaline/Acidic list. Englishman 80-70% Alkaline Foods and 20-30%Acidic Foods is optimal, but if you gradually adapt to eating more Alkaline than Acidic Foods then you will benefit by losing weight eventually. Chew very well so the food is broken down into Saliva consistancy. Eat dinner several hours before retiring. Drink a lot of water daily at least three Liters of Clean Filtered Water. Drink before or after a Meal but not during eating. Switch from Regular Table Salt to Himalayan Salt(Kosher Certified). Sugar is one of those Acidic Foods that is best to avoid, choose Stevia (Kosher certified) instead. Cooking Oil opt. for Alkaline Virgin Coconut Oil (Kosher Certified), which has a higher burning temperature than Virgin Olive (Kosher Certified) Oil. Make sure Vegies are not Genetically Modified which could be a shailah if they are, and they are not healthy to eat many are from Monsanto Seed. Run, Jog, join a Gym, use an Exercise Bike at home- stay active to help burn Calories.


    it sure is worth the calories. its heaven

    A Heimishe Mom

    everyting in moderation!

    A slice now and then is fine, as is anything else you want. Two slices and fries daily, however, is not such a good idea.

    The only diet that has been proven to work and be maintable is the Zip It diet! Just zip your lips and stop eating junk! Yes, pizza is junk.


    I have a terrible weakness when it comes to Pizza. I pass the pizza shop and cant resist!


    thank you mom! similar to chocolate. mods- how is the chocolate going?


    Is a diet including eating pizza unhealthy?

    Not if you’re just looking at it.

    Finally. It took me 14 hours to think of a good line for this thread.


    well i take off the oil when i eat pizza its gotta be a little healthier…;0


    id suggest you take another 14 hours.


    I would have, but I think if I waited any longer the timing would be off. One liners require good timing. You have to catch the mood.


    pizza is fine if you use whole wheat bread as a base and remove the sauce and the cheese, then put on some alfalfa sprouts and enjoy!


    Mottis pizza shop in BP makes a cheeseless veg whole wheat pizza. Which is whole wheat has tomato sauce and loads of veggies cut into tiny pieces. Its very good. Cant vouch for the amount of calories, but certainly better for the diet.



    you could put spinach on as a topping then remove the bread, cheese and sauce.


    aka broccoli salad.




    SORRY spinach. whatever veg you were talking about.


    “then put on some alfalfa sprouts and enjoy!”

    Sorry, nowadays you’ll drop a lot quicker from the sprouts than from regular pizza.

    E. Coli in sprouts from Europe killed 30 and sickened thousands.

    Samonella in sprouts from the NW of the US sickened hundreds.


    you can have a veggie pizza with no cheese on it. make sure its whole wheat



    you can find almost any healthy food that has been involved in an e.coli infestation. it is a ubiquitous bug. similar for salmonella.

    but were kidding around here health


    Blot off most of the oil. Cheese, tomato sauce, enriched weat – what could be bad?


    dont be fooled. enriched wheat is a 100% refined product.

    they take healthy whole wheat remove the protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals ,and fats. then they mix back in a few vitamins.

    they call it enriched to fool the consumer

    so too unbleached grain, meaningless healthwise


    Even whole wheat is generally not left whole. In most or all commerical flour, the germ must be removed because it spoils quickly unless roasted, vaccum packed and refrigerated. It is worth the effort to mill your own, because the taste and richness of fresh ground whole is incomparable. (and in matza, actually delicious) If you have a Kitchen Aid, there is a mill attachment but i dont know how it is rated. Some of the Magic Mills are serious enough for most.


    im no expert

    could be youre right

    but a quick googling expedition says the germ is left in

    what you say is logical though


    I mean besides the crust what if it was whole grain crust and cheese well wouldn’t only a little bit of thin layer of cheese be alright especially if it was low fat and tomato sauce is food for you because its a vegatable. and pizza is baked in the oven so why is it bad for you?

    The reason that some people believe it is bad for you is more based on the idea it is a fast food that has lots of over processed products on it. It is also thought of as a evening meal and that is the time the average person eats a green vegetable. You are correct in thinking a whole grain crust is better as white flour has been processed and has nutrients removed. The fact that whole grain requires the body to work harder to digest is a good thing. If you was to make 2 pizza at home one with regular cheese and one with a processed cheese not only would you find the one without the processed cheese tastes better. It is healthier.


    My eating philosophy is to find nutritious foods that fill me up substantially so I don’t eat again for a few hours. Pizza is the ultimate diet food! It is a complete meal – protein (cheese), carbs (bread – best if whole wheat), and veggies (if you have veggie pizza). It really does the trick and keeps you full for a few hours! The meal is best if you combine it with a nice salad and drink water.

    As Heimishe Mom put it – everything in moderation (which I think is a very “heimish” perspective). Don’t make yourself crazy! You want to develop good eating habits that last.

    minyan gal

    Heimishe Mom – you said “Yes, pizza is junk.” Sorry to tell that you are wrong. Ask a dietician and they will tell you that pizza contains most of the food groups in one handy product. It gives you grain, dairy and protein. If you have a vegetarian pizza, then you also have an extra group. Of course, cheese is a high calorie food, so, as with everything, eating pizza must be done in moderation – a meal should be a slice or two, not an entire extra large pizza. I have read many articles saying basically what I have just said. Most professionals also say that if your kids want to eat cold pizza for breakfast, let them do it. It gives them a more nutritious start to the day than a bowl of sugary cereal. They will stay full longer with pizza, enabling them to absorb more of what they are being taught in school. I didn’t make this all up – just parroting what I have read. Pizz is NOT junk.


    pizza is healthy. the end. veiter! :0)

    basket of radishes

    Ok. It has carbohydrates and quite a bit of cheese. That tomato sauce never killed anyone. But that said, I really must say that our Creator probably did not make the pizza an appetizer for the children of our years just to be fearful of in the future as we schvitz about the number on the scale. But hey, dont eat it more than once a week at the most unless you just can not find anythig else to dine on. Right?


    Moderation is the key word here. If you have a slice of pizza once or twice a week, and maintain a well balanced diet, you’re fine. If you’re eating two slices or more per day, it becomes junk. It’s been shown that people who deprive themselves of the foods they truly enjoy end up in over indulging. It’s better to allow yourself an occasional “treat”, be it pizza or once a week ice cream.

    YW Moderator-42

    Pizza is healthy as long as you only get a small fries and diet coke with it


    Even diet soda is unhealthy 😉 supposedly it also causes weight gian like the pizza


    Well, Congress just voted that pizza is considered a vegetable and CAN be served in school cafeterias for lunch. So, I guess that makes it healthy, right?? 🙂

    moi aussi

    If you make it whole grain, make it whole spelt. Wheat has become a problem product over the years. Many people have developed allergies to wheat, and it also causes bloating/constipation. Spelt has become the popular wheat replacement.


    they must have accepted mod80’s version of pizza


    who cares its yum!!!

    Think first

    So is marijauana. Were talking health not carelessness!

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