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    This is what a looks like

    This is what blockquote looks like

    This is what a looks like

    This is not what it looks like

    This is just what it looks like

      This is what ul looks like
      This is what ol looks like

    <li>This is... whatever</li>



    I can’t tell what “a” does. Link? How do you tell it what to link to?

    “blockquote” gives a quotation effect.

    “code” uses a different font.

    “em” is for italics.

    “strong” is for bold.

    (Okay, those last 2 were covered in a sticky.)

    “ul” and “ol” both appear to indent. I’m probably not doing this right.

    I can’t tell yet what “li” does either.

    <li>New line?</li>

    Any help here, folks?


    Okay, “li” definitely does something. Besides giving a kind of signature-below-the-post effect, I think it might mess up the formatting of the entire page below the point where it’s used.

    So, does this “backtick” thing mean they can be used instead of triangular brackets? emYes if in italics/em


    Can you show how you did those?


    How I did what? Here’s the deal: Below the area where you type your posts, you’ll see a list of “Allowed markup”.

    Put any of those things, for example blockquote, into this format:

    <markup>desired text</markup> to use a certain effect with it. That is to say: the markup inside triangle brackets <> will start the effect, and the same thing, but with a backslash in front of the markup </> stops the effect. Those things inside the brackets will

    not show in the post.

    (Looking at this http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/moderation-memos-posting-tips-and-important-links again, I got it. “code” allows you to type HTML markup and not have it activate, useful for demonstrating how to use the things.)

    I still don’t know what they all do, but here’s what I’ve found out:

    “a” is meant to link (I think). I don’t know how you tell it where to link to. Well, at least it makes things red, and they go green when you put your cursor over them.

    EDIT: “a” is apparently not for linking, as at least links to YWN pages are linked automatically.

    “blockquote” gives a quotation effect.

    Like so.

    “code” causes whatever effects you type inside the “code” brackets not to be used, instead appearing as you typed it. It uses a different font, which is also useful for making a visual distinction between things. You can also use these ` (the key above Tab) for this effect (one before and one after the desired text).

    “em” is for <em>italics</em>.

    “strong” is for <strong>bold</strong>.

    “ul” and “ol” both appear to indent. That’s probably not exactly

    what they’re meant for.

    “li” cause whatever you put into it to go underneath the bar where

    your name and subtitle usually go. Search this page with Ctrl-F for falafel if you don’t see it. I think it may cause problems, though; look at the distance betweeen my second and third posts (but not between my first and second… I guess it’s complicated),

    and how the reply text is smaller on this page than it normally is. Well, happy fancy posting!



    Maybe if you’re the first it comes out different.


    ol means ordered list. ul means unordered list. li is list item. You used li outside of a list which messed up the whole page. This is a bug in wordpress.

    Ordered list:

    1. First item
    2. Second item

    code is:


    <li>First item</li>

    <li>Second item</li>


    Unordered list:

    • First item
    • Second item

    code is:


    <li>First item</li>

    <li>Second item</li>



    Let’s see if this fixes it:


    The bug is because every comment is put in as an item in a list. If you put in <li> outside of a list it got put in as another comment. This is why the next comment got shifted out of the row.


    <li> It's nice to have a wild page.</li>

    no it isn’t


    So, what does “a” do?


    I meant the other, nearly obsolete kind of nice.

    <li>But I take offense.</li>


    Well, it’s been twelve hours since RebYidd’s post, and it hasn’t been edited.

    should it have been?

    Anyway, which kind of “nice” do you mean?

    And can someone tell me if “a” does anything more useful than making words go green when you mouse-over them?

    I think <a> is supposed to create a link, but you didn’t input the link destination.


    <a href=”http://ww…”>click Here</a>.

    That’s how it works. Now, I’m sure you are aware of the rule not to link anywhere. So you can use this to link to another thread or post, and a few allowed sites like hebrewbooks.org and the like.


    Don’t tell me you don’t know what “nice” meant.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    EDIT: “a” is apparently not for linking, as at least links to YWN pages are linked automatically.

    If you type a full URL such as http://www.theyeshivaworld.com it will turn into a link but if you want it displayed like Yeshiva World News – Frum Jewish News you need “a” tags.


    Are you sure you figured it out?


    Can someone put up all the special symbol codes, like &trade for the trademark,

    or a link to a list of them (or directions to one on the Internet, which is allowed)?


    Gamanit: Your link doesn’t work. You put the URL where the appearing text is meant to be (or something). See my “tutorial.”



    Courtesy of Wiktionary:

    nice (comparative nicer, superlative nicest)

    1 (obsolete) Silly, ignorant; foolish. [14th-17th c.]

    2 (now rare) Particular in one’s conduct; scrupulous,

    painstaking; choosy. [from 14th c.]

    3 (obsolete) Particular as regards rules or qualities; strict. [16th-19th c.]

    4 Showing or requiring great precision or sensitive discernment; subtle. [from 16th c.]

    5 (obsolete) Doubtful, as to the outcome; risky. [16th-19th c.]

    6 Respectable; virtuous. [from 18th c.]

    7 Pleasant, satisfactory. [from 18th c.]

    8 Of a person: friendly, attractive. [from 18th c.]

    So, uh, 1?


    Testing… Okay.

    You can link in 2 ways. One is by simply entering an address:

    google.com will not work.

    www.||google.com (without the lines) will appear, once posted,as

    http://www.google.com, which itself works.

    The second way is fancier, and allows you to link without using the address – any text (or symbols) will do.

    Here’s the format, with instructions:

    <a href="http://www.xyz.com">desiredappearingtext</a>

    This appears as


    So this:

    <a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a>

    will link to Google. By the way, the quotation marks around the site’s address will be added automatically if you don’t type them.

    Thus Google

    If you don’t type http://www. before the address, it will be automatically prefaced with http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/, resulting in


    for “google.com” in the markup.


    Let’s break it down further. The standard beginning is:

    <a href=

    The <a is an HTML opening, but note the lack of the usual second bracket > behind the <a.

    This is so that there will be 2 sections in the finished code.

    The href= means that the “h (whatever that stands for)” that you want to “ref”er(ence?), that is, link to, equals (is)… whatever comes next.

    After href= comes the URL/address you want to link to (in quotation marks, but you don’t actually have to type those).

    It must start with http://www. (unlike when posting an address).

    We’ll use “example.com”:

    <a href="http://www.example.com"

    This is followed by a bracket (>) to close this section.

    <a href="http://www.example.com">

    Now comes the text or symbols that you want to be visible in the post – in this case, ExAmplE.

    <a href="http://www.example.com">ExAmplE

    Finally, there’s the standard HTML closing – `</a>:

    <a href="http://www.example.com">ExAmplE</a>

    This appears in the post as


    Well, that should be clear enough…

    (P.S. Yes, I wrote this. All of it.)


    It would be obsolete if I didn’t use it!

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    Yeah, I know. I figured out my mistake to late to fix it though. Randomex- thanks for your tutorial. Makes it much easier.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    This post and this post give very different impressions of your level.


    <strong>Bold</strong> = Bold

    <em>Italics<em> = Italics

    <blockquote>Quote Text</blockquote> =

    Quote Text

    <a href="http://www.theyeshivaworld.com">The Yeshiva World (LINK) </a> = The Yeshiva World (LINK)

    There are others. See: The Laboratory Thread (LINK)



    You can google HTML escape code.


    Gamanit: One post demonstrates my HTML ignorance, the other demonstrates a little knowledge about code formatting and the ability to analyze HaLeivi’s “<a href="http://ww...">click Here</a>.”


    You can google HTML escape code.

    I’m not sure who or what you were responding to, but that would

    require you to know the meaning of “escape” in relation to code, which I’d assume the average user does not.

    BTW, shouldn’t your subtitle read “Aeolian harp by ear”?


    Aeolian harp by air is more accurate.


    Having looked up the Aeolian harp, I understand. (I had assumed it was simply a harp tuned to the Aeolian mode.)


    So… I still can’t get the trademark symbol to work.

    Can anyone help me out here?


    With what? AltKeys? Character Map? It’s not on my keyboard…

    Can someone explain this properly?

    Okay, examining that a little more carefully, I got it.

    Let’s try it – ™


    Randomex, congratulations! You did it! Have fun!


    Does anyone feel like posting a short list of widely used symbols and the code for them?


    Well, no one did, so I did a little Googling. Maybe later…


    Okay, just let me stick this here so I’ll have everything in one place:

    I was thinking that you could create a new account with that name, but then I realized – you can ask a mod to change your name.

    Make a new post in this thread and put “for mod read only” at the top. Ask that they change your name because of the mistake. If they won’t do it, you can make a new account.

    As for keeping track of your posts, you’re new here and don’t know the ropes yet. Click on (almost) any user’s name next to any of their posts, and you’ll see a page with some information about them, if they’ve chosen to put it in, and 2 lists: 1 of all the threads they’ve posted in, and another of all the threads they’ve started.

    There are a few posters whose names link to something else – you just need to get a profile URL and type their name instead of the other user.

    Also, if there is a space in the user’s name, clicking on their name will take you to an error page – manually replace the spaces in their name in the page URL with dashes (-) to see their profile.

    Thank you for taking a Randomex Crash Course!

    You can find more helpful material in the “stickied” threads at the top of the Coffee Room and in this thread (and the links there): [this thread]


    Also: This user exists:


    (has no activity whatsoever [registered 4 years ago, same as samthenylic, but probably unrelated])

    This may need studying…

    And there’s this


    Work progresses…



    how do you get a subtitle?

    They’re given by the mods. If you hang around long enough, you’ll probably get one. I think it took me about 3 weeks.

    (My first one was Memberex, derived from the default subtitle “Member,” which made me laugh the first time I saw it and was serviceable enough, but I eventually realized that it essentially reduced my name to Random. Last night I asked for the one I have now, and there it is.)

    If you want to ask for a subtitle, I’d suggest waiting another week or two, then starting a new thread (there’s an add new button at the top of the thread list on the main page), or for that matter, posting anywhere, and putting “for mod read only” at the top of the post. Ask politely and you’ll probably get one.

    (If you’d been named “cozimajew,” you might well have ended up with “I do that too” for a subtitle. For all I know, they’ll do it anyway now… :p )

    And when it says "Inactive" or "blocked" is that a joke or serious?

    That’s not a joke. Inactive users usually have asked the mods to render their accounts inactive so that they temporarily won’t be able to use the CR (probably because their addiction was interfering with their lives). That’s the impression I got.

    Blocked users have violated the rules (probably either severely, or multiple times). I don’t know if the mods can unblock a blocked user even if they want to. Maybe they’ll tell us.

    We can unblock, but it’s easier to reactivate from “inactive”.

    General useful information:

    All posts must be read and approved by a mod before they’re allowed to be seen by the public. You can still see your own posts that haven’t gone through yet – when you look at such a post, the bar along the left side where your name is will be yellow.

    You can change (“edit”) your post for a certain amount of time

    after you’ve posted it, whether it’s been approved yet or not

    (except a post that starts a new thread – that has to go through first). The edit button is at the bottom right of the post.

    There is a little hash symbol (#) there too – this symbol holds a link to that specific post.


    Randomex, about bullets, sorry but I don’t have a code for it. I got it from my Samsung Keyboard. If you are using a regular computer, you can grab symbols from Character Map (or just go to Symbols in Office) and paste them. Don’t know if they will all work, but it’s worth a try.


    When Randomex says:

    Also, if there is a space in the user’s name, clicking on their name will take you to an error page – manually replace the spaces in their name in the page URL with dashes (-) to see their profile.

    he is referring to:

    If you click on “catch yourself” or “dunno what name”‘s, you will get:

    bbPress – Error

    User not found.

    Back to YWN Coffee Room.

    and the URL will be:

    catch yourself:


    dunno what name:


    Notice the “%20” instead of spaces in the username.

    catch yourself:


    dunno what name:


    and now it will give you the correct page.

    To go to any member’s profile page, change “catch-yourself” or dunno-what-name” to a different username. For example, my profile is:


    Also note that many times posts have been approved and then removed for different reasons. This can be very confusing when reading threads because people responded to something that is not there. Just gotta love with it.

    Even worse then that, some users have been completely removed, including all their posts. Basically the same problem as above but bigger…

    Anything else?



    Randomex, about bullets, sorry but I don't have a code for it.

    That’s alright. One of the 8 pages I saved should have a code, or I could just copy them from your post – I’ve been doing that for musical notes from the end of the Laboratory II thread.

    Thanks for doing the detailed profile-URL explanation – I’d forgotten about spaces being expressed as “%20”.

    (“%X” codes are used for a variety of symbols in URLs.)

    Anything else?

    Actually, yes. Posts relating to a user’s subtitle may be incomprehensible because their subtitle has changed (possibly even multiple times) since the post.

    And the -1 years glitch supposedly causes some posts to be out of order. (I don’t know if that’s permanent, or any other details.)

    In this post, DaasYochid claims to have taken advantage of it (to pre-date his own post, I assume) – this claim is questioned by PAA.


    We can unblock, but it's easier to reactivate from "inactive".

    How does that work? Shouldn’t both just be as simple as flipping a switch? (Or is there a registry of blocked users you’ve got to remove someone from in order to unblock them?)

    It should be, but due a software glitch, it isn’t.


    Posts relating to a user’s subtitle may be incomprehensible because their subtitle has changed (possibly even multiple times) since the


    Their is a thread about that. I think started by RebYidd.

    About the -1 thing, I really don’t know anything about it. Sorry!


    I have no idea has to access any if the above. Can it be done on an iPhone? Or do i need a computer?


    Okay, I’ve got it: If you’re using Firefox, spaces in usernames will not turn into %20, but they will with Internet Explorer.

    Ivory: You just type them in, no special equipment required.

    Example: Italicization. To italicize, type <em> at the desired starting point and </em> at the desired endpoint. Those won’t show up in your post, or even make a space in it, but whatever’s in between will look like this.


    ivory, if you click on a Username it will open his/her profile page. The above instructions are for usernames that have a space or have been altered.

    If you need more information, just ask.


    Tip: <code></code> renders any text inside them inert – that is, you

    can type things like <em>italic</em> and they will show up in the post as typed, instead of as italic.

    This can be done with less effort by putting a backtick (` – the key is above Tab/below Esc) on each side of the text you want displayed.

    This is helpful for troubleshooting effects issues or distinguishing between bodies of text, such as a quote from someone else and your response to it. It’s certainly less work than <blockquote></blockquote>

    Also, when using this effect, every character

    typed takes up the same amount of space:


    as opposed to



    This is useful for ASCII art (see the “Laboratory II” thread).




    When using Google (and most search engines), there is a difference between, for example, searching for

    [her son is serving on the line] and searching for

    [“her son is serving on the line”]. A search with quotation marks around some words will find only pages that have those words in that order.

    (If it finds no results for the exact phrase, it will show results for the same search without quotes and tell you so).

    This is obviously a more precise and powerful way to search, though it can be a stumbling block if you’re misremembering something even slightly.



    It turns out that multiple instances

    of <blockquote> are stackable.

    That is, you can start a new one without closing the old one,

    and keep going.

    To stop, you can…

    use a single closer at a time

    for an interesting sort of

    pyramid effect.

    I discovered this by “accident” while verifying my list of posts.


    I asked earlier, if it says as a subtitle “blocked” is it a joke? Randomex said no, they really are blocked. So why does it say “blocked” under Little Froggie’s name in an old thread (Question for Little Froggie) but in recent threads it says “member”?



    The 25 minutes to edit run out on not-yet-approved thread-starting posts (which cannot be edited).

    You might want to start threads only when you see recent time-stamps at the top of the main page.


    Click on the time-stamp that indicates the “Freshness” of a thread

    (far right column on the list) to go directly to the last post in the thread (useful for multiple-page threads).

    This can cause you to miss the last few (or more) posts on a page, though (because you’re landing on the new page),

    so watch out for that.

    Please don’t respond – I’d like to save the last post on this page for a compilation of all the useful information in this thread.

    (Note to self – be sure to correct that one Google part.)


    I found something weird. If you type in # before a poster’s name (e.g. http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/profile/#patur-aval-assur) it automatically goes to your profile page. Randomex why does that happen? (Btw, I tried with other symbols such as % and that just says there’s an error….)

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