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    When someone edits a post, does the system highlight the differences, or does it just show you the new version? (I assume you can see the reason given for editing, if the poster chooses to type one?)


    Someone seems to have made this page inaccessible:

    (Perhaps others among you would like to do the same?)


    De-italicize “[BOMBSHELL REPORT -Rx]” in this post.


    Strangely, the auto-short-link-generator (as seen here) doesn’t work on pure thread titles (as seen here).


    The link in the stickied thread “Search the Coffee Room 🔍” is no longer working (that is, the site it pointed to is gone).


    Request: De-italicize “[BOMBSHELL REPORT -Rx]” in this post.

    Thank you.


    Looks like I was wrong about the link generator (see my post #1805117 – I can’t be bothered to do more formatting right now). Maybe it’s actually something to do with the system not being able to follow some links to specific posts (such as any past a certain point on this thread – they all go to somewhere on the 16th page, and there’s no 17th-page box on the main page).


    Is YWN suppressing complaints about their new mobile ads?

    Considering how many I have put through I am not even sure why you are asking


    Considering how many I have put through I am not even sure why you are asking

    Because both of those threads have since been deleted.


    I see someone’s fixed the 17th-page thing, at least for this thread…

    Do you feel like revealing the identity of GoGoGo?
    (It’s been over a year since that account was used.)


    What happened to the thread about offensive ads?


    The “Monsey stabbing” thread could use the same fix that this one got
    (second-page box isn’t visible on the main page, links don’t work properly).


    I can’t post this where I usually would (I don’t want that thread deleted), so…

    Choose one of our beautiful UNBREAKABLE washing cups with free Tehillim!


    A certain thing that one can use on the web (which I believe you’ve long
    been a fan of) has apparently been deemed unmentionable on the CR.
    Those threads were deleted for that reason.

    (Obscure enough, mods?)


    Sounds like a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water. Why not just delete the replies that mentioned the unmentionable? BTW, given YWN’s extremely intrusive (possibly seizure-inducing) you-know-whats, I don’t see how anybody can use it without that naughty software.


    If the issue is the content, cat food shopping really does solve that problem.



    Shalom moderators. I wanted to ask (hopefully this is the right thread):. Am I allowed to advertise for a certain service I am offering to other coffee room posters?

    Thanks and kol tuv!



    Is there a reason why my thread hasn’t been approved yet?

    life 😉




    Does the new upgrade allow for a preview button/section
    (as I’ve seen on other forums)? I have a bad time with line
    breaks and links sometimes.




    Red alert off.


    If you wouldn’t mind giving this – – the old fix-the-post-count/main-page-display treatment.



    (I wonder if any non-mods will understand the red-alert post?)


    This one understands.


    I found this in the source code for a YWN article*,
    and I assume it’s the same for all article pages:

    <label for="mce-EMAIL">Get email updates from Yeshiva World</label>
    	<input type="email" value="" name="EMAIL" class="email" id="mce-EMAIL" placeholder="email address" required>
        <!-- real people should not fill this in and expect good things - do not remove this or risk form bot signups-->

    What is the meaning of this? There’s only one field, which simply
    takes in e-mail addresses. Is this left over from a previous version?

    * I was getting the YouTube links out of the article about
    Kovno Ghetto survivors; they can’t be seen on the normal
    page if you have YouTube blocked with Nativ.




    What do you think about the Pan-American Highway?


    Does seminary’s cause a shidduch crisis?

    Was that allowed deliberately?

    Yes, after much thought and determining it may not have been as it seemed. But it’s gone now.


    (For posterity, #1836731 referred to a specific post in that thread.)


    I just realized that posterity isn’t much of an issue, seeing as you have to go exploring to see this thread.


    (And now that’s been reversed.)

    Do you approve of this thread’s tag? –

    Sheet music


    Mods, did my new thread which was recently approved disappear due to the edit I made (of a minor typographical fix), and the software automatically unapproving an edited post?

    No, it disappeared due to my wondering why it went up in the first place. Waiting to work it out…


    Has the Supreme Moderation Council had the opportunity yet to begin working it out? 😁


    Any progress, dear Mod?

     It’s a bit redundant right now, provacative in an unproductive way, and the incoming posts sometimes have to be factored in. It wasn’t unanimous,  if that makes you feel any better 


    Mods, I will be resubmitting the thread in modified form. Hopefully the edits will make it more palatable for the moderation council members who were queasy about it the first time. TY

    Don’t you think we’re beating a dead horse at this point. I wouldn’t waste your time.


    What’s up with thread URLs ending in “__trashed-##” ?


    Dear 29,


    The main forums page displays the “Family Matters” forum as having no posts.


    How did topic/jewish-music-3 end up being an earlier thread than topic/jewish-music-2?


    Re: this post:
    If the post being responded to was accurate, the person GH
    is expressing themself about is the rosh yeshiva of Brisk.


    Dear Mods,

    Some of my posts from earlier today did not go up. It could be from a computer issue on my end. Please let me know if you are holding anything.

    nothing showing at this end


    This post has e-mail addresses in it:

    New World Order

    (If the link doesn’t come through, it’s post 1900918.)


    Search the Coffee Room 🔍

    The link there is still non-functional.


    Dear Mods,

    Thanks again for keeping this place going.

    I posted a bunch of replies today. Every other post went through. Maybe the others went to spam?

    I looked under all the couch cushions,  didn’t find any




    Mods, Did my new thread entitled Keitzad Merakdim come through on Erev Shabbos?

    don’t see it anywhere


    Dear Mods,

    A couple of things.

    1. We appreciate all of your efforts. It’s nice to come back and see that you kept the lights on for me.

    2. Can this page be pinned? It should not be on the second page of decaffeinated.

    3. I sent some posts and they were posted after later posts. Overs have not posted yet, but I get a duplicate message if I rewrite it from memory. Are the missing posts:
    A. Being held for moderation.
    B. Only coming into your queue hours later.
    C. Not reaching you at all.
    D. Both. Some awaiting moderation. Some lost in the system.

    Thanks again!


    If you write a megilla, the mods often leave it for last, to make sure you didn’t slip in something inappropriate. If they approve it after a later post, the earlier post will appear after the later one that was approved first. That’s simply a function of how the software was programmed, and the mods have no control over (other than deciding which posts to approve first.)

    Infrequently, a post may mistakenly get stuck in the spam queue until (and if) someone notices it and approves it.

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