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    When someone edits a post, does the system highlight the differences, or does it just show you the new version? (I assume you can see the reason given for editing, if the poster chooses to type one?)


    Someone seems to have made this page inaccessible:

    (Perhaps others among you would like to do the same?)


    De-italicize “[BOMBSHELL REPORT -Rx]” in this post.


    Strangely, the auto-short-link-generator (as seen here) doesn’t work on pure thread titles (as seen here).


    The link in the stickied thread “Search the Coffee Room 🔍” is no longer working (that is, the site it pointed to is gone).


    Request: De-italicize “[BOMBSHELL REPORT -Rx]” in this post.

    Thank you.


    Looks like I was wrong about the link generator (see my post #1805117 – I can’t be bothered to do more formatting right now). Maybe it’s actually something to do with the system not being able to follow some links to specific posts (such as any past a certain point on this thread – they all go to somewhere on the 16th page, and there’s no 17th-page box on the main page).


    Is YWN suppressing complaints about their new mobile ads?

    Considering how many I have put through I am not even sure why you are asking


    Considering how many I have put through I am not even sure why you are asking

    Because both of those threads have since been deleted.


    I see someone’s fixed the 17th-page thing, at least for this thread…

    Do you feel like revealing the identity of GoGoGo?
    (It’s been over a year since that account was used.)



    What happened to the thread about offensive ads?


    The “Monsey stabbing” thread could use the same fix that this one got
    (second-page box isn’t visible on the main page, links don’t work properly).


    I can’t post this where I usually would (I don’t want that thread deleted), so…

    Choose one of our beautiful UNBREAKABLE washing cups with free Tehillim!


    A certain thing that one can use on the web (which I believe you’ve long
    been a fan of) has apparently been deemed unmentionable on the CR.
    Those threads were deleted for that reason.

    (Obscure enough, mods?)



    Sounds like a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water. Why not just delete the replies that mentioned the unmentionable? BTW, given YWN’s extremely intrusive (possibly seizure-inducing) you-know-whats, I don’t see how anybody can use it without that naughty software.



    If the issue is the content, cat food shopping really does solve that problem.




    Shalom moderators. I wanted to ask (hopefully this is the right thread):. Am I allowed to advertise for a certain service I am offering to other coffee room posters?

    Thanks and kol tuv!



    ☕️coffee addict

    Is there a reason why my thread hasn’t been approved yet?

    life 😉

Viewing 18 posts - 801 through 818 (of 818 total)
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