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    [ New page 🙂 ]


    I actually don’t mind being technical support!

    (I’m even losing plausible deniability over this… what won’t I do for you?)

    I’m putting the answers to your questions (and more) in this thread:

    Please ask any future questions there as well – this will allow me to keep all of my instructional material in one place.

    So you like Kivi and Tuki, do you?

    Now let’s say that a vilde chaya runs out from the zoo

    He wants to eat up Sholom Ber

    Now what are you gonna do?


    I was originally planning on doing it, nothing to do with you.

    Anonymous mod: I’ll talk to you later. Someone wants the computer…


    No way, best of K&T is either the sheim game, emor me’at, hashovas aveida or everything has a place 😀 sheim game is most fun, but the others have the best lyrics (only when T sings them though) btw, its REALLY good this is all anonymous, coz I’m supposed to have outgrown this stuff, like, ten years ago lol:D


    Also, thanx I really appreciate your dedication:)


    Och so annoying randomex, now I can’t get ‘True Blue Friend’ outta my head!!!


    I’m supposed to have outgrown this stuff, like, ten years ago lol:D

    Just see these threads, we are all like that (and it’s lots of fun!)

    THE PURIM (urim) STORY (ory) Fan Club

    I still listen to MMM and other kids tapes.


    I don’t know if you know – Sholom Ber (from K&T 4) is the title character from the Shteeble-Hoppers song “Sholom Ber” (Break Out).

    That’s where the whole thing about him having drowned comes from.

    The Sheim Game is a straight-up cover of a non-Jewish

    song, with “sheim” instead of “name.”

    As for the others (from memory):

    Aseh m’at

    V’emor harbei

    I talk too much and

    You talk the whole day

    Talking is cheap

    Who cares what you say

    Aseh m’at v’

    Emor harbeh!

    If you find somebody’s wallet on the street

    Give it back

    Give it back

    If you find somebody’s wallet at your feet

    Give it back

    Oh, give it baaaaaaaack

    So don’t put it off ’til later

    ‘Cause ha – shovas aveidah

    is a mitzvah that will make you happy too

    Oh everything has a place

    And unlike the human race

    I like to throw my stuff just anywhere I guess

    I put jelly in my pocket

    blow my nose like it’s a rocket

    and I wear potato kugel on my head

    and I eat my pickled herring in your bed

    [Some of those foods are probably wrong.]


    Oh, I’m gonna be your true blue friend oh I’m gonna be your friend

    If someone starts a fight with you I’ll be there to defend you

    And no matter what the outcome I’ll [stand by you?] to the end

    ‘Cause I’m gonna be your one and only best and true blue friend

    (The verses I find a little harder to remember.)

    Now let’s say Moish the meanie comes and takes away his bat

    and says “This game is over, boys-now what do you think of that?”

    He looks in all his pockets but he just can’t find a cent


    Well it’s Tuki to the rescue when there’s money to be lent

    Ah, good old days.


    Randomex – yes, your lyrics are off in places, but it’s OK I forgive you 😉 you probably haven’t listened to those tapes in ages! About the name game, interesting, I don’t know the original song (or, to be more precise, my father doesn’t know it, therefore I don’t know it 😉 )


    SIDI – thanx!!! I happen to be a HUGE fan of all Shmuel Kunda and The Purim Story!! I love them and could listen to them all day! I know the MMM, but was never a fan. Also, I’m very surprised that with all the kids tape threads, there is no thread about R’ Fishel Shechter’s World of Middos and My Name Is Emes. I used to be able to repeat those WORD FOR WORD as well! Am I the only HUGE fan?!


    Kivi and Tuki have a sixth volume now – I didn’t know until Erev Rosh Hashana.


    Yes I know. I haven’t gotten it yet. I’m too embarrassed! There’s also a new R’ Shachter cd. I admitted to my friend that I wanted to buy it but was too embarrassed, and she said, “When you buy it, can I borrow it?!” lol


    Order it online! Besides, people will think you’re buying it for a younger sibling, unless they know you don’t have any.


    The point is, I’m still waiting to grow up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime in the near future…. 😉


    Ok, back to naming tunes! Here are 2 more, personal favorites of mine (although they should be easy!)

    It’s given me peace, feels like my youth

    I’m part of a chain linking thousands of years


    The second one is “I Want to Know” by the Miami Boys Choir.

    (It was Googleable.)


    DM – Whats the first?


    Where’s DaasYochid? He should know this!


    DM – could u give us a hint? (a few more words, singer’s name etc…..)



    The first one was sort of a trick question. The answer is staring you right in the face.


    Try these (no google, Randomex):

    “The streets of Jerusalem alive with song”

    “And when it’s all too much for me, I’ll hold on tight and You’ll carry me”

    “Birds sweet trills from Tzfat’s hills echo as they fly”

    “Can you tell me the story when tragedy befell upon you in your times”


    Ok, I haven’t seen any guesses on the first one I posted, so here’s the answer.

    It’s also I Want to Know, by Miami Boys Choir. It’s even from the same part of the song – exactly the same part, in fact.

    In the original release (on Miami Meets Toronto), the full line was “So now my days are filled with truth, It’s given me peace, feels like my youth”.

    When it was performed at Miami Experience, that line was changed to, “So now my path becomes so clear, I’m part of a chain linking thousands of years”.

    They actually changed a lot of lines from the song. I like the original version much better.


    I’m not supposed to be here…

    But that second one was Googleable. 🙂

    It’s “One Day At a Time” by Shloime Dachs.

    (You could have meant that I shouldn’t Google them, but that’s

    unlikely given that the others have this page as the only result.)


    Randomex – I didnt understand your post, but when I said “no google” I meant “do not google these” ! Yes you’re right bout the second one….are the rest not googleable?


    CIJ- “Birds sweet trills from Tzfat’s hills echo as they fly”

    Is that from the Chevra- Jerusalem or something? It rings a faint bill.


    hey eftach!!! My long-lost sis! Long time no see ;)! No sorry….the song is called “Dreaming” by Shalsheles (I think 3)

    Randomex – I am surprised you don’t know the other two!!


    “Is that from the Chevra- Jerusalem or something?”

    However the chorus is: “So in hope we lift our eyes to you, Jerusalem, G-d’s grace will surely rise from you, Jerusalem” maybe that’s what you meant?


    Yup- I meant that. I couldn’t place the song but I could sing it. Guess I associated wrongly.

    “hey eftach!!! My long-lost sis! Long time no see ;)!” Hi, hi- thanks, I was away and totally disconnected and I’m happy to say I had a nice time with no coffee room withdrawal symptoms! It’s gratifying to know that I’m free to unplug when I want to. BH!


    good on you 🙂


    Kay since Randomex obviously doesnt know (or is purposely ignoring me;P), the songs I mentioned (in order of appearance) are:

    Prayers of Peace – Mendy Wald (forgot the album, could be lchaim but not sure)

    One Day at a Time – Shloime Dachs (One Day at a Time)

    Dreaming – Shalsheles (I think 3)

    Watch Over Me – Lev Tahor (Lev Tahor 2 – Watch Over Me)



    (I didn’t know, and they weren’t Googleable.)


    “Iran Iran Ira-a-an / Iran’s so far awa-a-ay”


    “and never made it home”

    [I’ve got a good hint ready for this one. 🙂 ]



    ????? ?? ?????’?

    ??? ????? ????? ??? ????’?

    “…? ????’?


    Hint for the one two posts above this:

    It’s a lot less morbid than it sounds.


    Bump. Doesn’t anyone else like this thread?


    Isnt the first one the country yossi song about the

    Big guy playing baseball? (cant remember the name)


    Correct! (And welcome back to the CR.)

    The song’s title is “The Ballad of Fetteh Shmeel”

    (to the tune of “The Battle of New Orleans”).


    in honor of the return of the OP to the CR

    “in the future theres a place, where we’ll stand up tall and straight”

    “ven tziker vet tzilust, dan vert ess zees”

    “the tears, i’ve cried in joy”


    1.MBD…yerushayim our home?


    1) Conversation in the Womb – Journeys

    2) Ahavas Yisroel (Yiddish song from Efshar L’takein)- MBD

    3) Toda – Benny Friedman


    DY on the money!

    ” galei,galei,galei!”

    “forget the ones that are custom”

    ” kvetch di button ut azoi”

    ” let the beauty of our sun


    bump babump bababump


    How about the one that goes….

    “Oy na na na na nay oy na na na na na nay-ay-ay”?


    “kvetch di button ut azoi”

    “Shabbos Goy,” by Country Yossi.


    I will (be”h) be posting lyrics from 4 songs by one

    (Jewish) artist, going from most obscure to least.

    Let’s see how long it takes until the artist is identified.

    1 of 4:

    Sometimes people tell me / That I’m tall

    As if that ever meant something significant

    Oh my G-d, you must play basketball

    As if that ever meant something significant

    Sometimes people tell me / That they like my hair

    (It’s a lot funnier when my peyos are down)

    As if that meant something significant

    (Which it does, but that’s besides the point)

    Sometimes I think / Perhaps ’bout twice a year

    Someone somewhere says something significant

    Oh, I’m trying not to fool ya

    If you think you’re so cool, ya ain’t nothin’

    Oh, recycled opinions are typical of the minions

    Who don’t / Know / Anything at all about themselves


    good i love guessing these types of things! im new to the whole yeshivaworld but it looks like a nice group of people from all walks of life with a true sense of camaraderie!


    very good comlink! how about the others? plus i’ll add one more

    freinds comin’ over sayin’,/ howya doin?!


    2 of 4 (certain parties were responsible for the delay):

    I’m not here to answer any questions, I’m just asking you to think

    Are we really better off now that technology has brought us global warming?

    And the ethics of the application of all this scientific knowledge,

    where should it come from?

    Decisions about scientific research are funded by politicians with agendas

    Or by corporate boardrooms governed without concern for human beings,

    just what the yen does

    And the results have been fantastic,

    particularly if you judge by how much money has been made


    are you sure you posted in the right thread?

    Little Froggie

    How I love that song


    (I think this is the 500th post in this thread.)

    Songs 3 and 4 were rejected (or at least,

    the lyrics from them that I selected were).

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