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    another test, i hope the moderator is asleep lol

    <b> bold </b>

    <i> italics </i>


    <center> center </center>

    skip a line </br>

    <font color=red>red</font>

    <font size=”22pt”>font 22</font>

    You can read a lot about how to use tags, and ask questions, at the following thread:

    The Laboratory II – Try Your HTML & ASCII Art Experiments Here

    There is also older stuff on this over here:



    The tags you can use are listed below the reply box.

    Allowed markup: a blockquote code em strong ul ol li.

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    The Wolf


    all chinease to me,

    i wouldn’t know where to start


    You have 5 minutes to edit your post, but no one else can see it until a moderator approves it.

    You can’t do much more than italics, bold, and blue font. See the links posted in the threads suggested to you earlier


    This is a blockquote

    Bold text

    You got it. Please continue your experiments in the thread provided to you a few posts back here.



    maybe that’s another solution have the state build a public school, where we’ll send our kids, have them pay the full cost, and we will rent the building for a few hours a day for anything we want, which will happen to be religious studies.

    Three questions about this proposed scenario — provided it’s even legal:

    1. Many parents send their kids to yeshiva not just to receive a Torah education but also to not have their kids subjected to outside influences. Sending them to a public school such as you proposed undermines that since you can’t have a public school for Orthodox Jews only. How are you going to address the concerns of parents to send their kids there?

    2. What are you going to do when a Jewish kid decides he doesn’t want to go to the after-school Jewish education. By law he can’t be forced to go.

    3. What are you going to do when a non-Jewish kid wants to join in? If it’s on public school grounds, I’m almost positive that you’d have to accept him.

    The Wolf

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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