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    While at the bus stop today I noticed several girls wearing their school uniforms. I was curious which school, and I could find out by looking at the logo on the shirt. However, if I didn’t recognize the logo I would have had to read the words to figure out which school. The logo is printed on a pocket on the front of the shirt.

    Why would a school have a uniform that has writing where nobody should be staring?


    rofl seriously? so which part, precisely, SHOULD men be staring at to find out which school a girl attends 😀

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    people don’t really care what school kids are from and therefore people shouldn’t look at logos (are you saying our kids are billboards for the schools) the logo is for the kid to say I’m part of this school so I have to act like it.


    Might I suggest: They simply didn’t think of it.

    (besides, is it REALLY important to know which school she goes to)


    I see the concern, and I presume they wanted to have the logo as part of a uniform but did not intend it to be advertising, just for internal unity, so to speak. This may have backfired as the OP mentioned, but I imagine they meant well.


    someone please close this thread before someone thinks its serious…


    There are so many comments floating through my head but I think it’s best I keep quiet on this one…


    I am serious. I think the uniform is disgusting. They could have the logo on a shoulder patch. Why don’t they?


    “I am serious. I think the uniform is disgusting. They could have the logo on a shoulder patch”

    what about on their shoes…seriously this is a joke right?

    yaakov doe

    Haifagirl: Where on the uniform do you suggest that they have the school same? On the back of the shirt or on back of the skirt? If you’re concerned about tznius speak to all those Brooklyn women with the shaitels and the short tight skirts, and stop worrying about school girls.


    ahh, yes! The new uniform shall be mumus/tents. Each school will have the logo scattered about. One size fits all! This takes care of the ‘tznius’ problem, clothing price problem…..


    You don’t all have to agree this is a problem but why are you mocking OP?


    So many people have shoulder patches on their uniforms: police, security guards, EMTs, etc. Why can’t school uniforms have shoulder patches?


    And thank you ChanieE.


    “So many people have shoulder patches on their uniforms: police, security guards, EMTs, etc.”


    Do you want your daughter walking around with items that attract the eye to the chest?


    she stated her point clearly, openly, and unambiguously. why are you asking what her point is?

    if you missed it she stated that she felt the location of the patches on these girls uniforms was inappropriate and there are other more appropriate places the patches could be located.

    why dont you state YOUR point instead of simply being critical by innuendo


    I think this is ridiculous and over the top. The logo is for “internal use only”. It is not for others to scrutinize. The uniform is exactly for the purpose of “uniformity” and not for you or anyone necessarily to recognize which school a child belongs to. That is a result of schools using the same uniforms year after year.

    If you saw someone wearing an interesting belt with a logo on it or a decoration on it, would you go closer and yet closer to get a better look to see what it was or who the designer was. Is it really your business or do you really need to know? NO you don’t and if you did it would really be chutzpa. So it does NOT matter where the logo is. It is on a pocket and wherever that pocket lands on the shirt of the girl depending on the size and the height of the girl it is not your business and it is NOT a tznius issue. It is common that logos, initials, decorations go on a pocket of a shirt. Lets NOT look for problems where they don’t exist. Maybe girls should be required to only wear sweatshirts so they will never draw attention to their private parts. Maybe they should never wear necklaces because someone might look closer and actually zoom in on their chest.

    When does this nonsense end?


    Haifagirl, were these elementary school girls or high school students? My daughters’ high school doesn’t have a logo on their uniform at all. The elementary school does but it’s less of an issue.


    My point is just as her examples shows people with badges on their shoulders, my examples shows that people have them on their front pockets as well…

    sorry if my post was a bit harsh…but to call this a Tznius issue is a bit much…


    They were high school girls. If I had a daughter, I would not let her wear those blouses. The seminary girls wear uniforms, but there is no writing on them. Why do the high school girls need writing on their blouses.


    This thread is absurd.

    on the ball

    this thread itself is a tznius issue (but not a crisis)

    a mamin

    It is amazing that with so many people thinking this is ridiculous, how many of you are commenting??

    I think the post should be mentioned to the schools.


    I cannot believe the mods let this thread get so far….maybe they just think its humorous. I think its called leitzanus. This is how we help the kids go off the derech- keep making nutty rules about where the symbol for their school is located on their uniforms but let them wear skin tight tops and skirts and no socks?!?!?!?!? Yaakov dove- very very well said.

    mod 80- so do you think that this thread is normal? i would assume that from your post above but i find that funny- you are usually a very sensible type….and this thread is not!


    i know haifagirl

    she is an intelligent, insightful person.

    this particular issue is significant to her

    because you, and a few others think it is nutty, i should close the thread?

    and what does this have to do with the fact that there are other more serious tznius issues? do you mean to say that no one can point out a problem that others may have not been aware of because it doesnt rate high enough on your importance scale?

    we shouldnt take measures against salmonella because it is not as severe as botulism?


    Mod 80 – I dont think a single poster feels this is an issue.


    I think when you make issues out of nothing then it can turn ppl away. why are you making a big stink out of nothing?!?!?!?! and do you know her personally that you can say that?


    i can go on and on about things that are really not tznius like long necklaces…. and the like but i wont because there are bigger things to worry about and more important things that i would like to teach my kids to focus on that this


    As a matter of fact, I wondered about the same many times.

    The halochos of modern day tznius clearly outline that women must not wear anything with letters on it. So why is it ok to have a school logo exactly in that area?

    I fully agree with haifagirl. It seems completely inappropriate and indeed a shoulder patch would seem much more appropriate.


    I don’t have an opinion either way regarding the issue raised by “haifagirl”s original post.

    However, she has every right to bring it up, and furthermore I agree 100% with “Moderator-80” that while you are entitled to disagree, doing so in a way that mocks and/or belittles someone else’s opinion is wrong.


    I think when you make issues out of nothing then it can turn ppl away. why are you making a big stink out of nothing?!?!?!?!

    she doesnt agree with you that it is nothing.

    she didnt make a big stink.


    Mod 80 – I dont think a single poster feels this is an issue

    haifagirl does

    that is reason enough for her to post.

    and if no one agrees with her the thread will soon die down from natural attrition

    unless a few posters get all riled up because they dont feel this is an important enough issue


    I fully agree with the OP


    To give credit where it’s due, my opinion basically echoed “ChanieE”s post, but less succinctly.


    I agree with bombmaniac’s first response. (not negating his others.) There is nothing calling attention, and there is no reason to actively look anywhere.


    I agree with the pro-logo crowd. A well behaved girl will not draw attention, no matter where the school patch / logo is.

    If attention is being drawn, its not because of the logo. I live in a uniform-heavy area, and I can easily spot the girls who are aiming for a grown up life of tznius on the cutting edge. They’re the one’s with the sassy pisk, the messy, in your eyes ‘do, the untucked blouse.

    Believe me, the uniform patch is the least of the trouble. (hint: check mommy and/or sis-in-law. That might be the role model)

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    Why dont you just ASK them where they go to school? Seems the easiest and smartest thing to me, not to mention that you might LEARN something.


    haifagirl – i see that some posters are wondering why you NEED to know what school the girls go to. I must admit that i too am interested in what schools kids go to (boys or girls) esp. when i see them in group. do i NEED to know? NO – just being curious.

    My daughters had their high school logo on the collar. so do some of the other schools here. another place that would be fine would be down one of the sleeves or on a low pocket of a hoodie type sweater. there options besides the pocket to which you refer.

    someone else asked (i’m too tired to scroll back up to check who) if our kids are a billboard for the school. well —- in a way—- YES. it can work both ways – they can make a good or bad name for the school.

    so haifagirl – i think you have a valid point IMHO


    bpt: How many people here know what a “pisk” is? But you touch on an excellent point, tznius is the way you act, and a fresh mouth (pisk == mouth) is NOT tznius.


    If you would see these uniforms you would understand. Unfortunately I can’t post pictures here.


    ” a fresh mouth “

    Pisk = Thanks for the definition. While chutzpah is never an adiel trait, what I meant by sassy is brash, loud, snarky talk.

    Endemic to teens today, mostly from what is said on TV, YouTube and movies


    I worded my original post badly. So I’m going to give it another try.

    Would you wear, or let your high-school-age daughter wear, a blouse that is a solid, light color, with an eye-catching design right on the left side of the chest?


    haifagirl – i find that people who do not come from the most yeshivish world may actually be more sensitive to certain tznius issues and other issues because some of the more charedi women do not really realize how guys and other people think. Because of their innocence they may do and/or wear things that are not truly proper. we, who may know and understand the dangers of what they are wearing and/or doing may be more sensitive.

    Does this make any sense?

    m in Israel

    When I was in high school our logo was on the collar of our uniform blouse. The uniform sweatshirt for a number of years had the logo on the chest, and this issue was raised (see, you’re not the only one!), and they moved the logo to the bottom corner of the sweatshirt as a result.

    It wasn’t a “big deal” — the idea was that why should they not put it in a location that was a little bit more appropriate. I don’t get all the posters getting upset over this. Why would it bother anyone if a school put their logo someplace else, or if someone wants to raise a subtle point with regard to tznius (after all she did say NOT a crisis!).


    Seriously??? THIS is a problem????? Who is even interested in looking?


    I happen to agree with this.

    When you go to an event where people wear nametags, it is a bit weird. I once even heard a totally non-frum acquaintance say this.


    Seriously??? THIS is a problem????? Who is even interested in looking?

    Oomis, sorry but your comment leaves me speechless.

    m in Israel

    pba — Actually, it’s funny you mentioned that. When I used to go to meetings or training where we wore name tags I used to put my name tag on the lower corner of my shirt, or if we would be sitting most of the time and it wouldn’t be visible there I would put it higher up on my shoulder. I always felt very uncomfortable, especially in mixed crowds, with a name tag in the usual place.

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    i agree with haifagirl 100%! in my school we have the name on our collars and on the pockets at the bottom of the sweaters. B”H my school is very careful about tznius. i really find it inappropriate to have the logo where the uniforms you saw had them.

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