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    Y.W. Editor

    As we continue the upgrade of the new YWN, we would love to hear back from you!

    Please post your feedback here!

    Edited to add: Some people have complained that the Coffee Room is loading very slowly and doesn’t even load to the end of this page so they can’t post a comment. If this happens to you and you would like to post a comment, please email it to [email protected] or to contact a specific moderator, email (replace ## with the moderator number)

    My own comment, I noticed that this edit post box is too wide so I can’t read what I wrote at the end of each line if it goes to the end, the “Edit Post” button is also partially cut off – YW Moderator-42


    Not bad, takes getting used to, figuring out where everything is.


    The old format was so hefker…so yeshivish. This new look is more sophisticated that Drudge Report.


    Part of Yeshiva World News title is cut off on top left hand corner

    Y.W. Editor

    monseyguy: What browser are you using?


    The print, especially for posts, is smaller and has less contrast against the background.

    It may be harder to read, for some.


    Heres some constructive criticism:

    Only 1/2 a photo appears on the top image for ever article.

    Its important to add the amount of comments per article on the front page. Some people enjoy reading the comments more than the article itself.

    Also, there are some ads that cover up several articles half-way.

    Theres no logical reason to squish all those sections onto the front page reducing the amount of lines per article and causing the photo of that article to be so tiny that it cannot even be viewed.

    Thats it for now.

    PS: Please make the lettering larger for us older folks. thanks


    You’re likely going to get many new CR members that usually only go the main site, since you are putting CR threads directly on the main page.

    Did you fix the slow loading threads in the CR, everyone who is logged in as a non-mod has been experiencing in the CR since the last upgrade of the CR a few months ago?


    I would also add that only 5 “general” stories on the main page is far too few. You have about 10 – 15 stories a day, and you should have at least a day’s worth of stories on the main general stories section on top of the main page. I would suggest at least 15 main stories stay on top.


    I understand that you need sponsors, but is there any way to make the page less “busy”. It is not so pleasant to the eye and often slow to load.

    Also, I think that you should pick the top headlines from all categories for the top of the page, as opposed to just US news. Otherwise, the US News at the bottom is redundant.

    The new page reflects that there is a lot of content on the site.


    I never had a problem viewing till today the ads are cutting off the articles and the top article is missing half the picture maybe its just my computer but it looks very sloppy and I never had a problem until now.?.


    its not bad, just have to get used to it! it would be much easier to read if it was a bigger font!

    otherwise, great job!!


    Although I hope you don’t need to use it often, I miss the “BARUCH DAYAN EMES” link.

    PS: On this page, “seperated” should be “separated”.


    Font too small for us older readers. Too few news stories at the top. Need about ten so I only have to look at the top, and go deeper only when I have time


    I would like all top stories, from all over the world, as soon as page opens, and on top.

    that’s really why i come here, the coffee room is just dessert

    ☕️coffee addict

    I agree it took a while (about a few seconds) to get used to but i like the order

    Y.W. Editor


    Font will be enlarged.

    Adi613: Boruch Dayan Emmes is still there….scroll down a bit.

    yrg: What browser are you using? We have not come across your problem on any browser yet.



    Very hard to read. Old format much better


    The overall design is appealing, however, the sections run into each other (especially the top story, which seems to be blown up and runs into the links on the right) and most of the pictures are either cut off, or are cutting something else off. There are also way too many links on the bottom half of the front page.


    I’m using IE and the side part of the page is cut off.


    I like the new site some adjusting maybe to get used too but cleaner and more professional looking.


    I am using Internet Explorer and the last letter of each word of the title Yeshiva World News was cut


    What is the difference between the regular news section on the front page and the other section titled “In the news” that appears at the bottom of the coffee room?

    They are two different sections with no clear (that I can tell) indication of why something is put in one section rather then in the other one, or why there are two separate sections at all?

    And speaking of the Coffee Room I no longer see a direct link going back to the room after a post, or any link going directly back to the main page from the posting section.


    The whole top of the page is empty, under the ads, and there are many other gaps throughout, making it very annoying, and hard to follow.


    On the main page & story pages it seems to be fine- will take some getting used to- however on coffee room pages the ads on the right (and the reserved space for ads that continues the entire length of the page) are cutting off some of the (longer) posts. The last word or two of each line is behind the ads. (also part of the ‘send post’ button)

    I am using IE8


    The advertisements seem to be overpowering the news – they are quite large and the text is quite small in comparison.

    Also, the gray background makes the page a bit more difficult to read as well.


    The most valuable feature (for me) on the home page is gone – the “comments” count for each story.


    too wide for the average screen size of 1024×768.


    I find the font on the “Full Story” report too small and difficult to read. Otherwise, it has a more sophisticated look to it.


    I think that the old format was more user friendly. This one is harder to follow, and the pop up advertisements block the articles.


    mayby a little more text in each sample… you use to be able to catch what it’s about from the home pg

    and some of the text is way too small

    Y.W. Editor
    Y.W. Editor

    IMPORTANT: Many people need to simply do a hard reset of the browser to fix many issues. This can be done by simply clicking “F5”, or “Control & F5” together, or some computers “Shift and F5” together.



    left and right margins are cut off, if i zoom out to be able to see the whole page at once, then the text size is too small.

    works okay on my widescreen at home

    very nice looking though

    F5, etc doesn’t help

    YW Moderator-42

    I received this from a member:

    The site is still very slow. It seems to freeze my browser for a minute while the page loads. I can’t get to the bottom of the thread to post a comment. It gets to the post by rivkylakewood about screen size and then stops loading. I tried it in 3 different browsers and tried doing hard-refresh and refresh a few times and never got past that post.

    I like the new front page layout. You seem to have incorporated the Coffee Room into the nain site more which will hopefully get more people involved. I think you should put the number of comments at the end of the article on the main page with a link because sometimes people want to read stories with a lot of comments. I like the way each comment on the news stories has its own permalink, I don’t remember having that previously. Now I can email someone a link to a specific comment.

    The YW logo at top-left is a little cut off (fixed this with shift-F5)

    I would also like more than just 2 lines of text for the preview to stories, maybe a 3rd line would add something. For the stories other than the top 5, part of the title sometimes gets cut off also so partial title coupled with only 2 short lines of preview doesnt give much.


    Just my 2 cents. I may be just repeating some previous comments.

    1. Too much information on the home page. Makes the page look too busy and as if you are trying to cram every possibe news item onto it.

    2. Font is too small.

    3. Limited text per each news item.

    4. Number of comments not visible.

    5. News items are not dated

    6. Margins are not visible. (F5 did not work for me. Granted it is Windows XP!)

    7. Some of the items are very old. Is anyone interested in reading about “no school on shushan purim” today?? (Clearing out outdated info will facilitate the improvement of the above issues)

    8. Clicking on a photo shown on the home page doesnt take you to the particular picture, just to the photos page. (I understand that this may be intentional)

    Thank you and Hatzlochoh Raboh!!!


    Y.W. Editor

    Key Master

    FLASHBACK June 7/2007:

    Cute of you to “clean up” the comments first.


    I can live with it but it’s becoming a real mess. I have to keep zooming in and out as I go from one page to another to keep the font size readable and keep the ends of the pages from getting cut off.

    I would consider this way pre-beta and go back until a LOT more work is put into this


    I miss seeing how many comments each one has. I like to open the juicy pieces…


    I really liked the old way much better. I’m bothered by having only 5 “top” news stories, and then having to check through several different lists. I liked having everything in one long (big-worded) list.


    I like the new site though as many said I’m going to have to get used to it. I would like to suggest that in all the boxes on the bottom (bechatzros hakodesh, business news, etc. etc.) you should have the date posted right next to it on the home page so we can see right away if something is old or recently added.

    d a

    I see that this thread was fixed. Hope all these other problems are also very soon.

    YW Moderator-80

    I can live with it but it’s becoming a real mess. I have to keep zooming in and out as I go from one page to another to keep the font size readable and keep the ends of the pages from getting cut off.

    I would consider this way pre-beta and go back until a LOT more work is put into this

    The mods don’t get filled in on all the YW news? I thought they were told all the secrets!

    The Mods get no respect around here.


    I really do not like the new setup! The print is much smaller, there are no pictures, there are no dates….I would rather scroll down the long list and see what I want to click on! Please go back to old way!


    d a

    I think the comments on the main YW page should look like this:

    36. shishlik says: (June 13, 2007 at 3:49 pm)

    good luck

    and not like this:

    36. shishlik says:

    June 13, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    good luck


    I really don’t like the new layout. Dividing up the news into different sections makes it difficult to access all the headlines.

    I’m sure that you’re not going to revert it back to the way it was, however, can you possibly make an option to view ALL the news stories on one continuos page, as was the old layout?


    I also noticed that for some reason when I click through from an rss feed link (I use igoogle) the page heading is not visible. I see the ads at the top of the page put not the thread title and info. Never had this problem before and if I reload the page it’s fine.

    BTW it looks like they fixed the problem on the right side of the screen-Thanx!!

    thinking jew

    I find it very difficult to read and it’s really getting annoying. please do something about it.


    I find the gray background on the side and the YWN symbol on the top kinda dreary. Much harsher (for lack of a better word) on the eyes. I also liked the home page better the way it was, now it looks very busy and all the stories are too small, and I like one section of general news instead of the all the categories.

    The Kotel-cam is great, and the little CR feed on the main page is nice.

    d a

    another problem with having “sections” on the main page is that some sections will have old stuff. For example,

    Health: latest story: H1N1

    Promotional Content: latest story: Oorah (and it says tomorrow when it really was two days ago…)

    Baruch Dayan Emes, wish it wouldn’t be updated so much…


    Things are improving here. I now have access to the Reply box. Overall, I like the layout of the main page. Particularly, I like the categorization of the news. I find it helpful to be able to look at the various categories separately. The look and feel is very professional.

    On a side note: the coffee room posts still seem to load slowly. I don’t know if this is a site issue or a browser issue (I am using Google Chrome).

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