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    d a

    Chrome, IE, Blackberry… there all slow. Anyone on Firefox?Is it working good?

    YW Moderator-42

    I’m on Firefox, it’s just as slow

    YW Moderator-42


    I’m bothered by having only 5 “top” news stories, and then having to check through several different lists. I liked having everything in one long (big-worded) list.


    …I would rather scroll down the long list and see what I want to click on! Please go back to old way!

    Rose Valley:

    I really don’t like the new layout. Dividing up the news into different sections makes it difficult to access all the headlines….can you possibly make an option to view ALL the news stories on one continuos page, as was the old layout?

    The list of all news stories can be accessed by clicking the All News link at the bottom of the top 5 stories

    YW Moderator-42

    One thing I would really like in the CR is at the bottom of the list of threads have a link to “more theads” that would give the next 20 threads the same way you can access news stories that way. It is very annoying when trying to find an old thread and I can’t remember which section it’s in but I know that it just slipped off the main page recently.

    YW Moderator-42

    And when I post in the CR it gives me a page with just that post, no page header with link to main CR page, etc

    d a

    Just now, I saw the entire page but then after the page fully loaded, only 42’s post above can be seen. (I could still see all the ads including that dreary ad on the side with the gray and fire)


    IMHO, if only the ads would be still and not action packed, they’d be more tolerable.


    will take getting used to.

    a little too over crowding though!!!


    I’m using Firefox, on a wide screen. It seems to be working fine, although the coffeeroom does take a little long to load.

    d a


    I searched the main CR page for this thread. I looked up. I looked down. I looked far. I looked near, but I could not see the lost thread…

    Then I used the “Find” option on Google Chrome (Ctrl+F), and there it is, in the skipped over, never looked at, always ignored STICKY SECTION.

    No one pays attention to sticky! It was much better in the regular section where people actually look

    But thats not why I came here.

    I came here to complain again!.

    Before, you could not see the bottom half of many CR pages. They fixed that.

    Now, you can only see the most recent reply on the page. All the other posts disappear.

    This website got problems.

    Joe katz

    What about a way to go to the next article without having to go back to the homepage.


    I have a number of issues with the new website.

    First of all, the homepage is way too busy. It has way too many links. I liked it a lot better when all the links were on the side of the page. And as some one pointed out, the majority of the links are outdated.

    Fourth, the bigger font size of the articles is an improvement, but the font size of the headlines on the main page is still way too small and hard to read. I would also like the pictures to be larger.

    Fifth, the post button is half cut off at the bottom of the coffee room page.

    Sixth, the website now takes forever to load because of all the ads. I did not use to have this problem on my high speed internet. The speed of the coffee room is slightly better today than it was yesterday.

    On the positive side, even though I do not personally like the new website design, it is a much more sophisticated look overall. I have also not experienced any problems with the ads covering up the text, and the website is a good size for my browser (Firefox) and screen (wide). Nothing is cut off, in fact there is empty space on the sides.

    I look forward to seeing how the site turns out after all the problems are fixed. Congratulations, and Good Luck!


    I like to visit YWN several times a day for a quick look at what’s going on. I would prefer to see more stories (not broken out as a few top stories and then Israeli and US/world news), with more of each story on the front page. If I want to read more than a couple of paragraphs I can go to the particular news item, but I don’t want to have to click on every link to get more than the first few words.

    I would also like to see, up front, how many comments each article has. OK, so I’m a yenta …

    d a

    This is CRAZY

    You can’t see previous posts. Its getting very annoying.

    d a

    On the positive side, even though I do not personally like the new website design, it is a much more sophisticated look overall. I have also not experienced any problems with the ads covering up the text, and the website is a good size for my browser (Firefox) and screen (wide). Nothing is cut off, in fact there is empty space on the sides.

    I look forward to seeing how the site turns out after all the problems are fixed. Congratulations, and Good Luck!

    I agree with all that you said. Except I use Chrome…


    What was wrong with the old site? I am finding this troublesome so I don’t bother just shut it down.


    Overall I think it looks more like professional news sites, but I really miss the latest news updates in the upper right hand corner – maybe you can put them on top, changing topics, in red, like on

    I also agree with the others, more headlines on top would be gr8!


    dont like

    old page was better


    For me one of the major maalos of YWN was it’s simplicity, seeing all the stories with a bit of the article in one spot. Now to find an article you have to hunt around for it, not fun. Also the font is so small I find myself squinting just to see what the article is talking about and I’m under 30 w/o glasses. Also being that underneath the top 5 stories it is split into 2 sections very often the soundbyte is cut off, so I have no idea if I even want to read the article. Not to mention that picture is pointless now oweing to the fact you can’t see it w/o a magnifying glass.


    I have a iMac computer and a PC. The page on the PC looks fine, but doesn’t load properly on the iMac. No images and only words all over the page. Never had a problem with old style.


    1. If I was an advertiser, i would be very upset. The new format does not show all ads on one page without scrolling, and the size of the ads is very small in the marketing world. People are not going to pay attention and sift for an ad that they want to click on. Statistics show that you have less than a second to catch their eye, and in the new foramt there are to many small ads to be effective.

    2. Not enough info on the most recently added stories.

    3. Expand main articles fom 5 – 10.

    Change s always hard, but we are loyal followers and want to work with you.

    Thank you


    I usually lurk & never post, but this is so bad I have to comment. Yesterday I would get only half the picture in the top story. The rest are tiny, hard to read and sometimes spilling over each other, but not always. It loaded very slowly. Today I cant even get the main page to load. I clicked on YWN, left, came back and it was still very very very slowly loading. I gave up. I think it was much much better before the change.


    One missing feature that is missed is the link that used to appear under “Member” for each CR member’s post. It disappeared last month with an upgrade. It was quite useful, and other’s have previously mentioned (last month) that they miss it too.


    If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

    What was wrong with the old one?


    I would like to see the comments that are posted usually by each article but cannot!


    i much prefer the old format, the new one is slicker but the old one more user friendly. I liked the bigger font and having the stories lined up with easy access. The new format is too busy and less inviting. Since you changed over i don’t think i opened any of the stories, they seem less interesting in this format.


    It’s just sooooooooooo slooooooooooow.

    All the other critiques are just as valid.

    The improvements, especially the graphics, are good; but can or will you go back home?


    The site looks more businesslike and professional at first glance.

    The redesign has clearly had a lot of planning and work put into it.

    A few requests, suggestions and comments:

    Main Page

    -If the main news section could be expanded to more than five stories that would be nice. I like a prior poster’s idea of keeping all news of that day on the main page.

    -Number of comments is something people like to see.

    -The Israeli / US news sections could also use expansion.

    -Headings should not be truncated.

    Coffee Room

    -If the formatting issue can be resolved, a restoration of forty items per page and forty threads shown on the main CR page would be nice. Dare I request fifty?

    -The color for active URLs should be different from other text.

    -The color for previously accessed URLs should be different from ones not yet clicked on.

    -Can threads which dropped off of the main CR page be accessed in chronological order (add Prev and Next buttons)?

    Hatzlocha raba.

    Gut Shabbos

    YW Moderator-42

    Email response:

    Hi. in the feedback thread it said that if we can not post a reply because the page doesn’t load all the way (which means that the post box doesn’t show up) then we should email a mod.

    I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having this issue- that the entire

    site does not load on Mozilla Firefox. I can get onto the site but all I can see is a few words on the left hand side and that is it. No articles or any other info and it def does not look anything like the updated site. Is there a reason for this?

    Thanks a million for a great site!!


    The website is to wide!

    Its 1007px, but it shouldn’t be wider then 960px


    Sorry, but I don’t like it. I preferred when the stories were all posted serially.


    please please please switch back to the old format- the only improvement that i enjoy is the recipes format


    “I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having this issue- that the entire

    site does not load on Mozilla Firefox. I can get onto the site but all I can see is a few words on the left hand side and that is it. No articles or any other info and it def does not look anything like the updated site. Is there a reason for this?

    Thanks a million for a great site!!”

    I am using Morzilla Firefox, with no technological problems.

    However, I do have a few issues with the new design:

    1) Why are there no comment counts under the stories in the main page? I can’t imagine that would be too hard to put in, seeing as its there when you click the “All News” link.

    2) The font is too small. Seriously, it makes it alot harder to read.

    3) There are very few stories ion the front page. You might want to put 7-10 stories in each section, not just 5.


    i use safari on a mac. and my page never loads right or fully with this new format


    Can this site run any slower??


    It took me so long to figure ourt how to do the old format. I do not like “CHange” (nor Obama). I I like the old way better. Thanks!


    Personally I like the old format better. Easier to read and all the sujects were together.


    I delayed responding immediately because I tend not to like change and figured it would be more fair to give it a chance. I really, really don’t like the new layout. I agree with many of the problems other people are raising.

    To me, the two most serious are:

    the way many of the headlines fr anything besides for the top two stories are truncated, (ditto the beginning of the article) such that I can’t really figure out what it is about. You may feel that then we are more likely to click into it and see (curiousity?) – I can only speak for myself – I just turn away and say forget it, I can’t waste time on this site the way it is now. There’s so much to do, so little time and with it all, I used to read so much on yeshiva world – because I could see so much of interest to me. But it’s not worth having to click into every story to see if it is or is not of interest to me. I will first forget the whole thing. So far, I keep checking in to see if you’ve made changes based on the comments, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.

    Then there’s the issue of the separate categories, which is nice for people who have only specific interests. But what if you have no specific interests or very wide ranging interests. Why do yo have to scan every single one of ten different headings? Isn’t it obvious that for people who want to keep on top of everything, there should also be a section where everything is posted sequentially without regard to topic, much like the old version? This doesn’t have to be instead of your new categories – just in addition. Why can’t a story show up both places? It would be soo much better!

    I’ve loved your site until nw, had no problem with your last redesign, but please bring back some more of the old. This is so much more just like the other frum jewish news sites now….


    1) Can’t see the whole headline – i think it’s a very big difference for the negative.

    2) Why the Streimel in the “B’chatzros Ha’Kodesh” section – aren’t there items there from the Litvisheh Gedolim as well?


    Add more titles to the main RSS feed.


    the main news posts leave the front page to fast (should stay for 24 hours) also the print and pictures are to small i waited a few days didn’t get used to it keep up the good work!!!


    thanx for making the font bigger now I can actually read the headings of the articles. the pictures are a little better but not much. The old version was less professional but much more user friendly. I have definately read alot less on this format than on the old one.

    d a

    Can this site run any slower??

    Also, many times the page is getting cut off on top, and you can’t see old posts.

    One more thing, four days ago, Y.W. Editor started this thread. Can he come back here and explain to us what is happening?


    Here’s a case in point of exactly what I was talking about his morning. My husband called and said “did you hear about the whiskey?” NOw, whenever my husband calls in and says “did you hear?” my ansewr in the past has always been “Yes, I saw it on Yeshiva World.” Now, my answer was “no”. He proceeded to tell me about this new realization that one of the major distillers is Jewish and alot of whiskey etc is chometz she’ovar uluv hapesach. He said “it’s got to be on yeshiva world – i heard all the other frum sites have the story prominently, with a list. So i looked. once i looked, i found it, down on the bottom with the kashrus alerts that you’ll never see unless you scroll to the very very bottom. In the old days, a breaking story was seen – period. didn’t matter what category or heading it belonged to….PLEASE make some changes….

    Y.W. Editor

    FYI: That story was posted as the top story for approx 9 hours, and then remained in the top section for at least another 4 hrs after that.

    Direct link to story:

    Link to main category (and FYI, this article is only on the second page of the category….)

    d a

    Editor, you responded to coconut’s comment. What about mine? Are you working on these many problems that everyone is complaining about?


    To YW editor – thanks for the response, but I NEVER missed a story this way before. And from what I see, it will be happening alot now.

    I generally check your site a dozen (or more) times a day. Here and there, there are tmes when i don’t have access for a day or two at a time. As was obvious to you, that happened now between friday midday and sunday morning, so i missed when you say this story would have been staring me in the face.

    But in the good old days, I STILL wouldn’t have missed it.

    What about my suggestion, that one of the categories should be an everything mixed category like in the past? Then maybe you can make everyone happy? 🙂


    I just noticed that after I posted on another thread, all the previous replies disappeared as well as the log off button. I needed to go back to the main coffee room page in order to log off.

    Second, the top ad of this page blocks the search box in my browser.

    Thanks for a great website!


    1. I was having the layout of the page not working properly. The entire top (next to the sidebars) was blank and the news articles were all the way on the bottom of the page – you need to scroll tons.

    2. I think the font is too small.

    3. Why is the page not loading properly(using google chrome) but when you log in it loads ok?

    d a

    I think I figured it out (I repeat, I think) that when you click on “FRESHNESS”, it takes you to the last post, and all posts before that (and the title information, log off, tags, and all that stuff) gets hidden. Why? I have no clue, but its dumb!

    And Editor, I’m still waiting for your response.

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