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    @OOT is splitting his sides…
    He is A TROLL !!!!
    CMON peoples !

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    Stunning response !
    Took the words out of my mouth !

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    Just a casual reminder that quite alot of posters on this forum can be quite snarky, and cynical.
    some of whom you’d never even so much as nod your head at them , unmasked…let alone vying for their דעה…
    As such please take with a grain of salt the shallow caustic cynicism and/ or sarcasm that may be hurled your way in this disscussion,of which there will be plenty….
    Stay focused.you raised good points and there is some substantial discussion above.
    Hatzlocho and Much Mazel !!

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    1. Shidduchim are Lmaale Min Hateva
    They have nothing to do with your resume at the end of the day.
    No kalla walks down to her chuppa thinking,Yeah,my resume did it !
    2. Having come from a divorced home means your better equipped for real life than others
    3. There are thousands !!! Of amazing boys today from similar homes.
    4. Tefilos can do anything,ANYTHING.
    5. A long term learner means you want a life that requires faith and Bitachon,welcome to Practice !!

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    The Aguda made a conscious decision to permanently ban the
    Showcasing of gvirim at it’s Siyum Hashas.
    Placing them on a Pedestal that stresses Torah is antithesis to
    And the contrary of the entire event.
    There was no Chairman whatsoever at this venue for that reason.
    This is the official Aguda policy as decided by the Moetzes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)