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    anything which was once considered feminine?

    Such as fedoras?

    in reply to: Why are there religious Jews who are pro-gay marriage? #968390

    What about all those who haven’t stood up against Eiver Min HaChai?

    in reply to: Bike and Baby Trailer Rentals #967707

    Bike rentals usually are by the hour and rarely overnight. The places that rent trailers usually require that you also rent the bike from them.

    If you still want to pursue this, try bike shops closer to the Hudson River.

    in reply to: Aruch Hashulchan #1061530

    Why was the Mishnah Berurah picked to be the sefer followed l’halacha?

    I think it is because our generation perceives Roshei Yeshivah as being greater than Poskim.

    in reply to: Kosher Yacht #967094

    There was one, but you can thank the OU for shutting it down for non-kashrut related reasons.

    IIRC this particular instance was for non-food related reasons, not non-kashrut related reasons.

Viewing 5 posts - 401 through 405 (of 405 total)