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    Your post wasn’t approved yet when I made my first response. The OP started off mentioning St. Louis and continued then continued with a place not too far from St. Louis Park.

    42 was on duty at the time but was too busy bumping a 2 old thread to moderate this one.

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    About an hour west of Minneapolis is the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.

    If you’re in St. Louis Park be sure to see Tucker’s Tree House (but you can’t go inside it).

    in reply to: Shul and Kosher food in St.Louis #1016079

    FYI: St. Louis Park is nowhere near St. Louis.

    in reply to: Can You Check Where Someone Is? #1015657

    And public computers make it even easier to track down people. Internet cafes. Public libraries. It doesn’t matter, the people are on camera the second they walk into the place….

    This only matters if the recipient can get access to the cameras.

    I think gmail hides your IP address.

    It doesn’t.

    in reply to: Listening to Non-Jewish Music #1015488

    Schoenberg himself insisted that it was a natural outgrowth of the music of Johannes Brahms, a non-Jew who did not practice any religion.

    While Johannes Brahms himself did not practice any religion, much of his work has Lutheran influences.

    in reply to: Eucalyptus #1015243

    You need to get much closer to smell it than to see it.

    in reply to: Eucalyptus #1015241

    Have you ever seen a koala with bad breath?

    in reply to: No Fair! #1015075

    I’m pretty sure no one on this site knows who I am. I rarely disclose personal information (except my views on Gebrokts and possibly what country I’m in).

    in reply to: #1013762

    what is it a dating site?

    Shidduch World


    That is a very bizarre and disturbing distinction.

    I don’t see that. I agree with Charlie that the Seder Olam Rabbah does not have to be 100% accurate in order to be holy, consequently I can accept that it may not be 100% accurate.

    in reply to: What Happened to Aristotle? #1014579

    He was forced to drink poison.

    It was Socrates who was forced to drink poison.

    in reply to: How do we get Jroute and Nissim back on the air? #1012781

    When JRoute is off the air, 99% of the time I hear ONLY STATIC, so they are not cutting into the LI station’s business.

    But have you checked what affect their signal has on the adjacent channels? There are 2 second-adjacent channels whose coverage area includes Brooklyn, WQHT and WSKQ.

    in reply to: Matza over the door #1012540

    By the time succos rolls around again the mice will have eaten the matzah,

    What if it’s Kerestirer matzah?

    in reply to: Vayse Zukken #1012537

    What is the chashivus of it compared to shvartze zukken?

    White used to be a sign of affluence because it was expensive to keep them clean.

    in reply to: Milk and Eggs on Pesach #1011604

    Sam2: What about meat? I don’t recall ever seeing that meat has to be bought, slaughtered, or even born before Pesach.

    in reply to: H' vs. the Angel of Death #1012400

    There was an innocent little kid.

    What makes you think the kid was innocent?

    The cat ate the kid. So the cat deserved to be bitten by the dog.

    Alternatively, The cat doesn’t have free will so it doesn’t deserve anything. (And neither di the kid.)

    in reply to: Physics question #1011379

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean…

    I went back and looked at what you did and came up with the following

    in reply to: Physics question #1011374

    I got 27.3 MPH but that’s because I started out by converting everything to SI units. I think your error is in approximation too early in the equation.

    in reply to: Gebrokts on Pesach #1067499

    It truly doesn’t bother me when others don’t have my Chumros. Why do I get the feeling that it bothers you when others don’t have your Kulos?

    It bothers me when others say that I’m relying on a Kula when in fact I’m following the Shittah of the Chacham Tzvi.

    I have complained in the past that the recipie section on this forum only has place for Non Gebrukts recipes.

    in reply to: Torah Learning As A Burden #1010854

    There is a story about Reb Yaakov Kaminesky, …

    I’m going on record to say the story isn’t true. Regardless of what the halacha is, R’ Yaakov would never show such disrespect to the Sefer, author, or gift giver.

    in reply to: Blood-Red Moon this Pesach= War? #1100956

    Of the 4 upcoming eclipses, only 1 will be visible in Israel. And NASA hasn’t just confirmed it, in fact they’ve already computed the eclipses for the next thousand years.

    in reply to: Profile pages with two words or more #1010440

    Just wondering why PBA has 103 pages in his profile but there is nothing past page 73. Are there 30 pages worth of unapproved posts?

    in reply to: Bring back the Divrei Torah Sticky Thread!!!! #1010292

    Nobody used to read it or notice it.

    It’s like having a bookshelf full of seforim that are never used.

    in reply to: Apartment rental agreement #1010110

    4 years is a long time for a lease. It depends on the early termination clause and if the tenant expects to be living in the same place for 4 years.

    in reply to: Apartment rental agreement #1010107

    In theory yes, but in reality it is more difficult to evict a tenant without a lease so if the tenant simply doesn’t agree to the increase they would only be responsible under the original terms for however long they stayed until the landlord successfully evicted them.

    in reply to: Apartment rental agreement #1010105

    1) It’s generally more advantageous for the landlord because without it, the landlord is at a greater risk.

    2) Same way anything else is enforced.

    3) The agreement should state what happens at the end of the rental period. (The agreement doesn’t expire, but the terms of the agreement change.)

    4) Same as 3.

    in reply to: Are you real frums? #1008710

    Notice how the OP’s screen name doesn’t link to anything?

    Notice how the OP’s screen name doesn’t link to anything on any thread? The W3C validator found 127 errors on this page but it’s too much of a mess for me to figure out why my browser is ignoring the first “A” tag but not the rest of them, the syntax appears to be the same. (I checked a page where the OP posted a follow-up, the follow-up link worked.)

    BTW this is the error it finds on the links:

    Line 286, Column 122: document type does not allow element “a” here; missing one of “label”, “span”, “em”, “strong”, “dfn”, “code”, “samp”, “kbd”, “var”, “cite”, “abbr”, “acronym”, “q”, “tt”, “i”, “b”, “big”, “small”, “sub”, “sup”, “bdo”, “object”, “ins”, “del” start-tag

    in reply to: Why is child marriage being promoted on this site? #1004779

    What ad?I don’t see no ad?

    Oh, my AdBlock says it is blocking 8 ads. You mean one of those? B”H I’m not zoche to see it. Love you AdBlock!!

    Only 8 ads? The front page has about 70 ads last time I counted. I normally don’t block ads but did make an exception for this site, the flash animations were a huge resource drain.

    in reply to: LIST THE HOUSES WHO DON'T SHOVEL HERE #1005297

    In Montreal, the city cleans the sidewalks. They obviously don’t feel it’s the natural obligation of the homeowner, and I don’t see why they’re wrong.

    In most of Canada the sidewalk is not an easement over private property but part of public roadway.

    The fact that you as a pedestrian gets some third party benefit from the city’s requirements has nothing to do with us.

    Not really, the public has an easement on your sidewalk. The city’s responsibility is to protect that easement for the public.

    Gamanit, whatever you do, please do not put snow in the gutter. Parking is hard enough as it is.

    The gutter is a public place, just because you choose to leave a car there doesn’t mean that Gamanit can’t leave snow there.

    in reply to: Do Spices Need a Hechsher #1004268

    You’d need to know how each spice is manufactured. The CRC website has a list of spices not needing a Hechsher.

    in reply to: Has anyone heard of a Chuffin? #1063060

    Why didn’t my lost post go through? I’m pretty sure it didn’t violate any of the CR rules.

    I’m pretty sure it did. I’m pretty sure you know it did.

    in reply to: Refael Elisha White House Petition Answer #1004850

    There isn’t much the White House could have said without getting into patient privacy issues. I certainly wouldn’t want the White House involved in what medicines are legal.

    in reply to: using hot water from tank on shabbos #1002898

    Typical water heaters in the US are designed not to empty unless the drain valve is opened (or when the tank develops a leak just after the warranty runs out). This is by design to prevent the possibility of heating an empty tank.

    From what I’ve read, in the UK they often use an indirect water heater where there is no burner in the heater. These systems will not be damaged by running dry so they are allowed to empty. If such a system is installed above the living space the pressure from the cold water inlet is not required to deliver hot water.

    in reply to: A Question about Copying Music #1002761

    So what you are saying is that is would be ossur for the station to offer their archived shows for free download, and it would be ossur to download the entire show.

    I don’t know of any legitimate radio station that includes copyrighted materials in their segment downloads.

    in reply to: Zumba Excersize #1001606

    Time to start the popcorn.

    in reply to: Kudos to the RCA this time #1000965

    It’s interesting to note that Avi Weiss’ article is not written as from an RCA member but (Rabbi) Avi Shafran’s articles identify him as Director of Public Affairs, Agudath Israel of America.

    Back to the question at hand, if Avi Weiss publishes an attack on the RCA not by name, it’s fair for the RCA to publish an attack on Avi Weiss not by name.

    in reply to: Jewish Press Riddle #1000788

    Don’t understand your logic.

    $.07 (cork) + $4.00 is $4.07. Your missing $.03!

    $4.10 is a special bundle price only available when buying the bottle and cork together. Purchased individually they would cost $4.14.

    in reply to: Jewish Press Riddle #1000780

    The correct answer is $.07, I’m going to wait to see if anyone can figure out why before giving the explanation.

    in reply to: Questions on stuff I really should know… #1034237

    1. Either way unless it’s after Plag Hamincha and you’re concerned with R’ Akiva Eiger’s Psak.

    in reply to: …do I also need to… #1082324

    Have you picked a phrase to take shots to?

    in reply to: Why did kimchis have seven sons who were kohen gadol #1001665

    Or, why is popa 20 blatt behind.

    Is it because you followed the Vilna Shas?

    in reply to: Jewish music? Mah zeh? #999892

    “Parody” in music doesn’t mean making fun of. It means copying the song with different lyrics.

    But in regards to copyright “Parody” is a general English term, not a musical term.

    The heart of any parodist’s claim to quote from existing material is the use of some elements of a prior author’s composition to create a new one that, at least in part, comments on that author’s work.

    in reply to: Jewish music? Mah zeh? #999872

    Dash: What is this Jewish cheese? What have I been missing?


    I hope the mods allow this link through.

    in reply to: Manchester Eiruv #1000180

    Ok, so the claim is that the objection was real, but the extent of the objection was “political”.

    That’s how I interperted Rabbi Slifkin’s response. Even he agrees that his writings aren’t suitable for everyone.

    Well, what do you mean by that? It seems you mean that it was done so that people shouldn’t be influenced by his incorrect ideas.

    I never said incorrect, I said objectionable.

    in reply to: Manchester Eiruv #1000174

    Precisely what DY said. If it was the ideas he was propounding that were objectionable, then what about that is “political”?

    There is a vast range of statements that can be considured objectionable but not heretical. An attempt to classify them as heretical may be “political”.

    in reply to: Mason and Mug #998999

    I’s not the kind of place where you can mach heimish.

    in reply to: Why is there no option of U.K. section? #998995

    Because if the mods make a UK section (techncally GB, UK is not a valid ISO 3166-1 code), an AU section won’t be too far away.

    in reply to: Jewish music? Mah zeh? #999866

    I know what Jewish bread, Jewish cheese, Jewish cooking, and Jewish milk is. Although I’m not an expert in Shulchan Aruch, I can’t say I know what Jewich music is nor do I care (unless someone can come up a souce).

    Of course there is acceptable and non-acceptable music but it’s not determined by Jewishness.

    in reply to: Hebrew text turned into gibberish #998850

    The Palm used Windows-1255 encoding. Your sample translates to ?.?.?????. You need to convert it to UTF-8 or Unicode.

    in reply to: Hafrashas Challah question/poll #997830

    However, if you’re using 3 cups of flour or more, you must be mafrish challah without a brachah (up until 5 lbs. obviously.)

    I never heard of such a small shiur.

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