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    The Ridbaz had already fled from Chicago.He was shot at.

    The story I heard is that he was locked in a freezer.

    in reply to: Kosher food in Niagara Falls #1188985

    when i was there any person could have eaten on either side of the room with no one stopping me from taking my pizza to the meat side of the wall.

    And even if you had done so, the next customer would still have gotten Kosher food.

    To tell the truth, I have brought outside drinks into a Kosher restaurant, so I don’t know if I can be trusted.

    in reply to: Do you think Jewish men should start practicing polygamy again? #1190979

    Why do you think he doesn’t know what it means?

    The same reason I think you don’t know what means. The context is wrong, and If you knew what it means you wouldn’t be asking.

    in reply to: Do you think Jewish men should start practicing polygamy again? #1190976

    As to others practicing it the Christians believe JC was born by immaculate conception. If that isn’t crazy what is?

    I’m not sure whether I should point out that Mormons don’t believe in immaculate conception, That fundamentalist are a tiny minority (if it wasn’t for polygamy you wouldn’t know they existed), Or that the poster has no idea what immaculate conception even means.

    in reply to: Halacha on warranty #1188750

    Every sale automatically includes a ‘warranty’…

    But that only applies to the condition at the time of sale. (Basically a warranty of merchantability.)

    in reply to: To Redd or not to Redd? #1188719

    Everyone has issues. If you think it is a good match despite the issues go ahead, but just don’t hide the issues.

    in reply to: Do you think Jewish men should start practicing polygamy again? #1190951

    The fact that women in general want to get married more than men do, is straight from the pages of Gemarah. That idea is used many times throughout Talmud.

    Times are different. It was almost impossible for a single women to subsist alone. So much so that being married to a rapist was considered better than being single.


    This is an easy one: “shibboleth”.

    in reply to: Anual kapporos argument #1185698

    When they are transported for food it done in a way which maximizes the percentage that can actually be used for food.

    I rarely do Kapporos with a chicken because I usually can’t verify that the chickens will be used for food.

    in reply to: Solutions for Waterproofing Sukkah Decorations #1184755

    There are 2 ways to do it, either put it in a watertight container or allow some other substance to be absorbed in the fibers to block out water.

    in reply to: Cellphone Jammers in Shuls #1184203

    Emergency lights is actually the law for shuls. If a shul doesnt have one, go to another one.

    Not all areas need emergency lighting, only the exit path needs to be lit. Additionally it only need to be a brightness of 1 foot-candle and only needs to run for 90 minutes.

    in reply to: PBA has flown the coop #1184086

    In fact, a huge chillul Hashem was caused not too long ago when a chareidi “beis din” was caught going TOO far to enforce giving gittin.

    If they had acted more like a Beis Din and put more effort into doing due diligence rather than trying to get a big payout, they wouldn’t have been such an easy target.

    in reply to: Blocking traffic while turning left #1178786

    how is someone from outside NY supposed to know that in NY there is no turn on red ever allowed?

    There are signs at the entrances to NYC. What I don’t recall seeing are signs that the entire NYC is a tow away zone.

    in reply to: Return policy difference based on where you live. #1178066

    It said Lakewood, Lakewood is a cithy [sic]

    I know, I’m also wrong for using the term “city” in my previous post but if you want to get technical the only city on the list is Passaic. Brooklyn is a borough, Lakewood is a township, Monroe is a town, and Monsey is a hamlet.

    in reply to: learning Zohar Kabbala #1180305

    However, I would humbly suggest that if you need the English translation, then perhaps you would be better served learning more traditional subjects (Gemara, Halacha, etc.).

    The Zohar (like the Gemara) was written in the vernacular. If language was intended to be a prerequisite, it would have been written in Hebrew.

    in reply to: Return policy difference based on where you live. #1178057

    I decided to look at the return policy using the WayBack Machine. The page at first had no such list, then a list of 3 cities and then 5 cities.

    in reply to: Kumzitz on the Hudson – 2016 – Kosher or Disgusting? #1177176

    Not every event needs to be a Musser Schmooze and not every event needs to be a Tzedakah fundraiser. Actually I prefer events that aren’t fundraisers.

    in reply to: Lakewood School Busing #1170575

    In order to earn this savings they are going to have stagger the starting and ending times.

    Compared to other schools, the starting and ending times of Yeshivas are already staggered. And compared to Brooklyn and Monsey, more Yeshivas (at least that’s my perception) are using bussing contractors that can take advantage of the staggered times.

    in reply to: Tracking a Avrohom Fried Song.. #1165850

    Yiddish Gems, Volume 1.

    in reply to: ewr to lkwd #1165915

    The terminal is at 1st & Lexington, there are a number of restaurants on Clifton Avenue which is 1 block away from Lexington.

    After exiting the terminal make a left on 1st street (crossing the bus exit) and the first intersection will be Clifton.

    (Some routes allow drop-offs at intersections along the route but there is no luggage access except at designated stations.)

    in reply to: ewr to lkwd #1165909

    is the aiport in philly as easily accessible to lakewood? (the newark prices are not working for me)

    You take the 317 bus to the Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal, cross the street to Jefferson Station and take an airport train to the airport.

    The 317 is a local route.

    in reply to: Cento San Marzano Tomatoes #1163287

    The peeling process uses steam.

    I’ve never seen the Kosher cans in mainstream stores, but there are other brands that are consistently Kosher.

    I prefer fresh local tomatoes. I once asked the White House kitchen what tomatoes they use but they never answered me.

    in reply to: May one use an escalator on shabbos? #1159186

    cherrybim: you are correct. As long as you don’t pay, it would be allowed to ride public transport, with the caveat that there could be “maris ayin”. For confirmation of this psak, check the sefer of the Rabbi of Moscow, R”Pinchas Goldschmidt, concerning subway rides in Moscow on Shabbos.

    There are a number of free public transit routes.

    in reply to: Natural and artificial flavors #1159032

    Natural means not assembled from chemicals. Things such as pig blood and ground up insect are natural since they were made from genuine pigs and genuine insects.

    Not really. Natural means that the flavor component comes from the item in question and artificial means the flavor comes from something else.

    There is more than just the flavor component so it may need a hechsher regardless if it is natural or artificial.

    in reply to: May one use an escalator on shabbos? #1159138

    Since nobody here has claimed to be an elevator or escalator repairman, I think lots of you are talking through your hat (it may be a Borsalino, but it’s still not edifying). That said, I’ve been on lots of non-Shabbos elevators that have what’s apparently called a door safety edge, which is a mechanical switch. With such a safety device, there’s no infrared motion sensor.

    I’m not an elevator repairperson but I’ll still chime in on the door safety features. Most modern elevators include all if the following.

    1) A proximity sensor to prevent the door from closing if someone is approaching.

    2) A light beam (or more likely 2) across the doorway to prevent to door from closing if someone is in the doorway.

    3) A switch on the door edge will reopen the door if it hits an object while closing.

    4) If there is too much load on the door motor it will reopen.

    To the best of my knowledge, the first features is disabled on Shabbos elevators and the second may be partially of fully disabled. The final 2 will still work. I have not had the opportunity to test them.

    My expertise with elevators does not include Shabbos elevators.

    in reply to: May one use an escalator on shabbos? #1159095

    It’s no better than an elevator,

    Elevator doors have a number of safety sensors that aren’t on escalators,

    in reply to: Shul coffee is better than Starbucks #1158625

    The information I have is that it’s all undergone some type of cooking process, even if some is not brewed.

    The patents (US8114457,US8114458,US8114459) describe a process where not all of the microground coffee is “cooked”.

    I’m not sure why there are three different patents, they seem to be the same.


    No, if local governments can’t keep the fines they wouldn’t enforce the traffic laws.

    in reply to: Laws of Kick Scooters in NYC #1155875

    How about drones and toy helicopters? Are they allowed to be flown anywhere?

    Not in controlled airspace or within 5 miles of an airport. The term “airport” includes any helipads.

    I think the only points on NYC are parts of Riverdale (but not near schools or hospitals) and parts of Van Cortlandt Park.

    in reply to: Laws of Kick Scooters in NYC #1155872

    Just checked the definitions article in the Vehicle and Traffic laws. They aren’t defined as Bicycles, In-line skates, Roller skates, Skate boards, or Vehicles so I don’t know what laws would apply to them.

    in reply to: BMG College Credits #1155669

    I’m not sure but I know that Pell grants cover 12 semesters.

    in reply to: Kosher Chalav Yisroel Starbucks #1155339

    How do they get Pride of the Farm milk in the New York metro area? Kreider Farm does not participate in the Milk Marketing Order that covers NYC.

    And when did Pride of the Farm start producing Half & Half? I can’t find Pride of the Farm Half & Half on any Star-K lists.

    in reply to: Women only hours at a public municipal pool in Williamsburg #1158847

    simple solution. Let them have some separate hours for the women, some separate hours for the men, and mixed hours. Should then be able to accommodate everyones needs.

    That would either require longer hours (and more funding), or the availability for all individuals would be reduced.

    And the Government does not need to (and can not) accommodate beliefs that can only be made by excluding others.

    in reply to: Controversy In Israel – Woman says Sheva Brachos #1180917

    I asked a rav and he told me that two people should not say a beracha at once even if they are two men. I presume that that is because of “trei kallei la shaamei” (two voices are not heard) so they did not motzi the listeners. However, it probably does not possel the kiddushin. In general, berachot are not me’akev.

    That’s if a third party needs to Motzie. Is there anyone else in this instance who needs to hear the Brocha?

    in reply to: Low tech tip to help prevent child left in car #1154578

    What if they’re in England, where they drive on the left side of the road (and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car)?

    The Cadillac Pedal Arrangement from the 1916 Type 53 is standard worldwide.

    in reply to: Materialism in the Frum World #1154448

    Always buy the best quality you can afford, it’s less expensive in the long run than buying lesser quality.

    I don’t thing anyone is buying a Patek Philippe watch because they think in the long run it’s cheaper than a Tag Hauer (or Rolex) watch.

    Even if my Mondaine breaks today, I’m still better off than if I had purchased a Rolex (which I couldn’t have afforded at the time).

    Back to the topic at hand, I expect that the typical reader of these magazines doesn’t have your watch budget. The existence of these ads leaves me to come to one of the following conclusions:

    • The advertisers are wasting their money on these ads.
    • The financial state is not as bad is I perceive it.
    • People are spending more than reasonable amount for watches.
    • I’m wrong about what is reasonable.

    in reply to: Reminder tefila of the Shela Hakadosh today #1154370

    In the past YWN had a banner posted about saying it today maybe one could be put up?

    in reply to: Tallis Katan – wool vs. cotton #1152078

    Merino wool can be made just as soft and thin as cotton and it reacts better to sweat than cotton, the problem is that AFAIK no one makes a Talis Katon from Merino wool.

    Before the advent of synthetic fibers, athletes would typically wear wool, not cotton.

    in reply to: How do you fix scratched CDs? #1152115

    Wet sanding perpendicular to the tracks. Do a web search for “Digital Innovations SkipDr”. (And the spray bottle it comes with is just distilled water.)

    in reply to: Should I wear a Tallis? #1152157

    I would like to suggest that a minhag of a conservative kehilla does not have the halachic binding of a minhag. A minhag is considered sacred in halacha for the reason that, whoever instituted the minhag, understood all of the talmudic background sources, and after careful deliberation the concencus was to act in that manner.

    This practice predates the conservative or even the reform movement.


    People finding my name don’t find it that easy to find my home address. Most searches will bring up my office address. My home is owned and listed in an LLC name.

    Does CT require home addresses to get on a ballot?

    in reply to: What do these stand for? #1151494

    What if is says ??”? [sic]?


    Are you looking for the Kaliver Rebbe of Jerusalem? Based on your posting history I’d think you’d be interested in R’ Moshe Taub The Kaliver Rebbe of New York (718-782-4553).

    in reply to: Should I wear a Tallis? #1152146

    The easterners were far too poor to afford both a Talis and Tefillin for the Bar Mitzvah boy. The boy might even receive the Tefillin of a dead ancestor, but the dead ancestor was buried in his Talis and it was not available for reuse.

    The practice of Eastern Europeans not wearing a Talis as Bar Mitzvah predates the era when Western Europe was considered wealthier than Eastern Europe.

    in reply to: How can I sell songs? #1151162

    Contact already established wedding singers and find out if they are interested.

    Even in cases where a performance license is required, it is the responsibility of the venue owner, not the performer.

    in reply to: hey, YW moderator-79! #1147884

    I think 79 and Quacky made a bet that they wouldn’t receive a Form W-2G.

    in reply to: Public service announcement- Biur Chametz #1147804

    Lighter fluid on an existing flame is a waste of fuel, most of it gets burnt off before it even has a chance of increasing the heat. You’re better off getting a propane (or MAPP) torch and a 14 ounce canister.

    in reply to: King of Prussia mall #1147794

    There used to be a Paradise Pen store there.

    in reply to: Aspartame-free diet Pepsi is still gross #1147228

    There was this one time that I didn’t rinse out my water bottle well enough and was forced to endure the taste of soapy water (I had no access to fresh water) and I can assure you that it did not taste like Diet Pepsi. Now I use Gatorade because its taste is stronger than soap.

    in reply to: Best Kosher l'Pesach instant coffee? #1147786

    One is the regular plastic jar with a Gefen sticker (Volover Rav’s hechsher) as an extra seal over the container (the kind zdad would have a fit about).

    I generally don’t like the stickers but in this case, it’s actually inkjetted that it is a special run for Gefen.

    Currently I use Tasters Choice/Gefen. I grew up with Maxwell House.

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