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  • in reply to: Aspartame-free diet Pepsi is still gross #1147226

    That’s a strange comparison, being that Diet Pepsi is acidic and soap is alkaline.

    in reply to: School buses. #1146778

    Who is paying for the door to door service?

    Usually it ends up being the taxpayers. Rather than having the SD arrange and provide bussing, The schools lobby for the ability to provide bussing themselves and pass the bill to the SD.

    in reply to: School buses. #1146772

    I find it interesting that people expect taxpayer funded door to door service and then complain that their taxes are too high.

    When I went to school, I had to walk 3 blocks to my bus stop because that was as far as the school district was allowed to make the stop from my home and they weren’t interested in paying more to extend the route closer to my home.

    in reply to: Is Turkish Airlines safe for frum Jews? #1145310

    Also, flight crews may not be familiar with the rules for microwaving sealed kosher meals.

    Perhaps that’s because commercial planes rarely have microwaves, and airline meals are never heated by microwave.

    in reply to: All or nothing campaigns #1143041

    It’s a way to guilt people into giving money, bc in the end there’s an “anonymous” donor who picks up what wasn’t donated

    You can also read their side at but it seems too buzzword intense.

    in reply to: Building Torah In Cherry Hill – Be A Part Of It! #1142696

    Wouldn’t that be 900% growth?

    in reply to: Robo Calls violate Dinah da Malchuscha Dina #1141738

    They dont get your phone number from voting records

    they get it by dialing numbers in sequencial order

    No politician would do something that stupid. There are plenty of numbers that they don’t want to call.

    They could get my number from another source but those are expensive compared to voting records.

    in reply to: Robo Calls violate Dinah da Malchuscha Dina #1141733

    This being a national election year, you may receive many annoying campaign calls…all legal.

    That’s why I don’t provide my phone number when registering to vote.

    in reply to: CR records #1212808

    Where are you getting those stats for number of users?

    It’s on the dashboard page. (It’s at 207156 now.)

    in reply to: OU kashrus is not reliable? #1214490

    Writing Parve on cookies is to stand out because most cookies are made with milk.

    in reply to: An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump #1141103

    Godwin was right.

    in reply to: CR records #1212802

    Number of users: 207147

    Number of posts: 603473

    bbPress Version: 2.5.8-5815

    WordPress Version: 3.7.13

    in reply to: Purim – ????? #1142656


    in reply to: OU kashrus is not reliable? #1214422

    My biggest question is who came up with the disclaimer? Doing a Google search on the text didn’t come up with earlier instances (but that is inconclusive) and it doesn’t seem like something Hershey’s package designer would come up with.

    in reply to: What happened to New Square milk and food items? #1139895

    I believe the hashgacha played a key role in what brand name to go with. New Square had the New Square hashgacha, and people would get confused if it still bore the New Square name without the same hechsher, assuming it was allowed under the sale agreement.

    Initially perhaps, but it is not required. Neither Lakewood Farms or Lakewood Organic are certified by the KCL.

    Since I mentioned them, I’d like to add that not all Lakewood Organic products are certified.

    in reply to: Isplakaria #1140063

    Probably Latin. Although Greek was incorporated more than Latin, it was the Romans who advanced lens making.

    in reply to: Attention Jewish republicans #1140242

    It’s time for all the non-Trumps, except one, to pack it in. That’s the only way they can beat Trump. But it ain’t gonna happen.

    None of the primaries before March 15th are winner takes all. The best time for that to happen is closer to the 15th.

    in reply to: What happened to New Square milk and food items? #1139888

    Nevertheless, the brand new having been around so long had so much value that it would make sense to continue the brand even the brand was sold to another producer.

    25 years is not that long.

    That’s assuming the previous owners were willing to sell the name for a price the new owners were willing to pay.

    A quick trademark search shows that “Fresh & Healthy” and “New Square” are both owned by Yomo Quality Food LLC. The trademark was bundled with other assets by the bankruptcy court and apparently the new owners don’t think the name is worth using.

    Perhaps Yomo Quality Food LLC would be willing to sell the trademark to Joseph.

    in reply to: Will you still come over? #1140439

    Yea, that’s the only reason I don’t have cable.

    Your IP block indicates otherwise.

    Comcast Cable Communications, IP Services EDITED-10

    in reply to: Good news for everybody in the cr #1139253

    I would still prefer the heimish brands.

    If enough people contact them, they can do a run of labels that says Mishpacha instead of Manishewits.

    in reply to: Why can't girls stick out in a crowd? #1138856

    Hatzneh Haleches applies to men and women equally, while Kol Kevodah is specifically for women.

    Sticking out in a crowd is an Hatzneh Haleches issue so the OP’s premise is flawed.

    in reply to: Signs put up around BMG, Lakewood #1136804

    There are different kinds of cars

    There are different kinds of fedoras.

    in reply to: How do I sell 600 + Jewish books cheap? #1134668

    At the wholesale level uncatalogued used books have almost no commercial value. If your willing to invest the effort to sort them and the time to wait for a willing buyer you might make some money back.

    in reply to: Signs put up around BMG, Lakewood #1136797

    It’s just another anti-fedora rant.

    Like saying no one should buy a car because not everyone can afford a Ferrari.

    in reply to: How to contact the Chabad House on the Miskatonic University campus? #1133671

    They don’t have their own number. It’s operated by Chabad of Arkham.

    in reply to: POLL: 1 outfit on 1 shabbos? #1134081

    It might be a luggage space issue. Is the school providing transportation?

    in reply to: No, you don't own the parking spot you dug out for the next two weeks #1134008

    It took me no longer than half a minute to determine which town you referred to.

    In New Jersey there is a difference between a town and a city.

    in reply to: The Geulah will do get rid of the concept of "daas torah" #1133198

    Mashiach will paskin from A to Z, hashkafa, halacha. Soup to Nuts.

    Does Moshiach have to be a Posek? How will he have real Smicha? Can he even be called Rabbi?

    in reply to: Gemara names #1132497

    I would not make the assumption that this present day custom was in wide practice back then without further evidence.

    There are a number of families in the Mishnah where the same name is repeated skipping a generation or two. I can’t recall any instance of interaction between two people in the same family with the same name.

    in reply to: Bands and one man bands #1126200

    When the rabbonim shlita promulgated the simcha takanos, they were more than mere recommendations.

    If they had followed the format Rabban Gamaliel used for the funeral Takonos, they would have been more successful.

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag #1123093

    It was the 4th post, and yours is the 595895th post making it the biggest bump in CR history.

    in reply to: Will there be Sephardi Chareidim in the next generation?? #1132985

    Sam: When did they stop? It must be after the S”A was published. Why did they stop and what is your (written) source that they stopped (including when)? And other than the Teimanim are you sure it was universal among all Sefardim?

    They stopped when the countries they were living in were colonized by Europeans and “Christian values” were imposed.

    in reply to: Powerball #1132249

    There are only 205424 registered users and at least one of them is not Joseph.

    in reply to: A lion rampant gules and bars argent on a field rouge #1133769

    Prior to this post I wasn’t familiar with the word “gules” but the description seems highly unlikely.

    in reply to: Is anyone else reminded of "Verplanck" every time they hear that ringtone? #1117134

    Where did you get that number from? The Gofundme page lists $3261, was there another campaign I forgot about?

    Which ringtone are we discussing? (I guess that means my answer is no.)

    in reply to: women saying hallel on chanukah #1116459

    It’s not obligatory for women. It is discussed by the Sefardic Poskim because they don’t say a Bracha on a non-obligatory Hallel.

    in reply to: Invited to the Wedding Feast, not the Ceremony-would you be offended? #1142985

    Wife and daughter want to make a small intimate (family and closest friends) ceremony …

    My wife thinks this is horribly insulting.

    Which side is your wife on?

    in reply to: Mr. Obama's Pardons #1114266

    It turned out that I *was* wrong. He was released November 20, 2015.

    That’s because releases typically happen during the work week and they can’t legally delay the release.

    in reply to: Why is it called " The Mir" #1114186

    The same question is applied to ” The Ukraine” No other country in the world has a preface of ” The” before its name.

    You really need to catch up on the news, they dropped the “the” 24 years ago.

    in reply to: Is the shechinah shoreh in the coffee room? #1113749

    But “here” (the CR) is not an actual location.

    The CR is located in Grapevine Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

    in reply to: Duchaning in chutz laaretz #1111391

    especially if he davens there every day

    If he davens there daily it is more problematic because he could be establishing a personal minhag to duchen daily.

    in reply to: Psak of Rav Kook on Chazal vs Scientists #1208744

    I’m confused. Scientists make generalizations based on averages, no scientist claims an exact timeline for all.

    in reply to: Duchaning in chutz laaretz #1111383

    No one really understands how the reasons are sufficient but we can’t change the Minhag.

    Just because something is done multiple times doesn’t necessarily make it a Minhag. If you were to consistently leave weddings before Sheva Brachos, it still wouldn’t be a Minhag.

    Likewise, consistently Davening Mincha close to sunset won’t create a Minhag not to say Tachnun.

    in reply to: Yitzchak Yair Siddur #1111150

    The biggest issue I have with the Siddur Yitzchak Yair is the difficulty in differentiating between the standard one and the RCA edition. The Siddur Kol Yakov is much better in this regard.


    I don’t know how they did it but a Challah can be baked in a conveyor belt oven. For ridiculously large items, they are often assembled after baking.

    in reply to: COMPLAINT FOR THE MODS #1108729

    My testimony won’t be too useful. I said I remembered it was recently because I have a clear memory of writing those words and the process of choosing the correct spelling. I cannot, however, testify that it was specifically for Velt’s subtitle.

    So I will swear under oath (well, not really) that I put that phrase somewhere in/on the CR two or so months ago, but it could have been for a different purpose.

    I did a Google search for ‘ -“Veltz Meshugener” “K’shmo kain hu”‘ (excluding the single quotes) and came up with no results so it doesn’t seem like anyone else has the same subtitle unless they only post on the same threads as Veltz Meshugener. Maybe you used a different spelling.

    in reply to: COMPLAINT FOR THE MODS #1108726
    in reply to: COMPLAINT FOR THE MODS #1108722

    The second capture was on 4/5/2014 and it shows the current subtitle.

    BTW, is there any way for a member to see when a post was made?

    in reply to: COMPLAINT FOR THE MODS #1108720
    in reply to: COMPLAINT FOR THE MODS #1108718

    According to the Wayback Machine, it was sometime between October 20, 2013 and April 5, 2014.

    I’d post proof but am afraid it won’t get past 29.

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