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    Which yeshivos (aside from RIETS) were started in the US before 1930?

    1886 – JTS *
    1900 – Mosdos Ohr Hatorah
    1903 – Rabbi Jacob Joseph School
    1904 – Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin
    1907 – Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem
    1917 – Yeshiva Torah Vodaas
    1922 – Hebrew Theological College
    1927 – Yeshivah of Flatbush

    * I wasn’t sure whether to include JTS in this list but at the time of its founding it was Orthodox.

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    in reply to: sheet music #1296446

    If the music is protected by copyright, only the copyright holder can distribute sheet music of it.

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    in reply to: Do people still call to hear the time? #1291819

    NIST still maintains their Telephone Time-of-Day Service at (303)499-7111 and their Hawaii service at (808)335-4363 . Both my computer and phone were accurate to within 1 second on their default settings.

    They also play a 440Hz signal 23 times a day so it’s useful for instrument tuning but to get the best signal you need a non-VOIP POTS line.

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    in reply to: Lakewood #1277258

    What’s wrong with that? Are hot dogs and liquor excluded from Maaser Sheni?

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    in reply to: Shabbos soap: Liquid vs bar #1272476

    The Star-K uses 600 Centipoise (cP) as the cutoff point. SAE 40 motor oil is about 600 cP if you want to do your own testing.

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    in reply to: Geneivas Daas Question #1263784

    Is it legal to drive a car with no working horn?

    Not in New York

    New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 375. Equipment
    1. (a) Every motor vehicle, operated or driven upon the public highways of the state, shall be provided with adequate brakes and steering mechanism in good working order and sufficient to control such vehicle at all times when the same is in use, and a suitable and adequate horn or other device for signaling, which horn or device shall produce a sound sufficiently loud to serve as a danger warning but shall not be used other than as a reasonable warning nor be unnecessarily loud or harsh.

    It is interesting to note that horns are addressed in paragraph 1 but turn signals aren’t discussed until paragraph 18

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    in reply to: jroot radio #1262597

    How does anonymous posting work?

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    in reply to: Should Proper Grammar Be Required in the CR? #1258817

    n. A lngwij iz sposd 2 evolve Ovr tym accordN 2 d way it iz bn Usd.

    A notable exception 2 DIS iz French whr aL changes R mAd by d Académie Française.

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    in reply to: Flying car #1258814

    … when co-pilot calls out “rotate”. That’s the “point of no return”.

    Rotate (or Vr) is defined as “The speed at which the pilot begins to apply control inputs to cause the aircraft nose to pitch up, after which it will leave the ground.” I think what you really meant is V1 which is defined as “The speed beyond which the takeoff should no longer be aborted.”

    Point of no Return, or the proper term “Point of Safe Return” is a completely different concept.

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    in reply to: Interesting Customs on Pesach #1254151

    In the chassidic groups of Ropschitz and Tzanz, they made a brocho of Shehakol on potatoes all year, but בורא פרי האדמה on Pesach. I don’t get that one at all.

    Ashkenazim make a Brocho of Borei Atzai Besamim on myrtle leaves all week long but say Borei Minai Besamim in Havdalah. I don’t get that one at all.

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    in reply to: If you're not with Chabad #1248857

    What’s the issue some shittas have with Chabad mikvas that they hold it isn’t kosher?

    No one holds that it’s not kosher.

    The only issue I know of is that the Mikvah is located below the Bor Tvilah so it’s impossible to verify that the water in the Mikvah hasn’t been displaced by dirt.

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    in reply to: Kosher in Basking Ridge, NJ #1244677

    That doesn’t sound Chinese!

    Iceberg, Goldberg…

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    It was replaced with an underline, to conserve space

    in reply to: Kosher in Basking Ridge, NJ #1244326

    I’d suggest you run these organization names by a non-anonymous person you trust.

    Starting with the closest area first.

    Vaad Harabonim of MetroWest
    Covers Livingston/West Orange

    Va’ad Harabanim of Elizabeth/Hillside
    As described by its name

    Va’ad Harabanim of Raritan Valley
    Covers Highland Park/New Brunswick

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    in reply to: Reverting to Minhag Ashkenaz? #1241644

    (maybe standing for havdalah?)

    The story I heard about Rav Yakov Kaminecki is that he was giving a class explaining the reasoning behind each minhag. When asked by a student what he does, he responded with “what my father did”.

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    in reply to: Quote from Aristotle in Tachlis Magazine #1241561

    I decided to look up the quote and found that it was never said by Aristotle, it is from Will Durant as a description of Aristotle’s philosophy. Apparently a retiring football player mistakenly thought it was Aristotle’s quote and mentioned it in his retirement speech and since then it has been attributed to Aristotle.

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    It doesn’t seem likely to be Rav Reuven Grozovsky. By the time of his death, the New York Kosher meat industry was no longer controlled by organized crime. Additionally I don’t think he was a big enough threat for someone to put a hit on him.

    All that is known is that he was in a hit-and-run and the driver was never apprehended.

    in reply to: Golf carts #1215519

    Do they get oil changes?

    Only if they have 4-cycle engines.

    The small engines used in golf carts typically used to be 2-cycle engines. To comply with newer emissions standards many carts now use 4-cycle engines.

    in reply to: Trees from a Stolen Fruit #1215258

    What makes you think that fruit from the first (planted) tree is Assur?

    in reply to: The Frierdiker Rebbe #1216839

    “Baal Hatanya V’Shulchan Aruch”

    Do you mean: “Baal Hatanya v’Shulchan Aruch HaRav”?

    No, the title is just “Shulchan Aruch”. Since it is being mentioned together with the Tanya there is no need to further differentiate it from Maran’s Shulchan Aruch.

    in reply to: Renovating Kitchen with New Sink —Assur? #1215592

    With a single sink does it matter whether or not it can be Kashered?

    in reply to: Godal address #1212203

    Anyone know the zip code? It’s in the Mekor Baruch neighborhood, in Jerusalem.

    If you’re sending from the United States, it’s better to leave the postal code off. Some sorting machines may mistake it for a domestic zip code.

    in reply to: The fight is ON supermarkets vs magazines #1211402

    We’re getting contradictory stories here. Did the stores want lower wholesale costs or higher retail costs?

    To the public they claim they want lower wholesale costs but that doesn’t make sense. (Imagine them saying “Expenses have gone up throughout our operations so publishers need to lower their prices”)

    in reply to: Driving on Shabbos #1212493

    Family relationships can be complicated. I know of someone who was a BT and had a brother who was going to get intermarried. her mother told her she had better be at that wedding or she was going to get cut off

    So did Donald threaten to cut off Ivanka if Jared wasn’t Mesader Kidushin for Eric and Lara?

    in reply to: Chalav Yisroel kefir grains: Do they exist? #1209625

    Start with regular grains and grow more using only CY milk. Eventually the non-CY portion becomes Batul. (How many batches you’ll need to go through is a question for your LOR or Kashrus agency.)

    in reply to: What's the story with the Durham campus? #1209252

    No, it’s in North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh.

    in reply to: Tefillin vs Mezuzah checking #1213373

    Checking a Mezuzah should be less expensive than purchasing a new one (assuming that you are dealing with the same scribe in both cases).

    in reply to: Switzerland forces mixed swimming #1208992

    Once a thread is derailed can I go back to the original topic?

    The NY Times article has the following:

    What we should be discussing is whether one should be allowed to create their own religious beliefs or if only the existing established beliefs should be protected.

    Back to derailing the topic. Once someone asked me to help them make a case that vaccinations were against their religious beliefs. I declined.

    in reply to: Izhbitza chassidus and open Orthodox #1209902

    Izhbitza is Radzin. And everything I know about Radzin (at least how it’s practiced today) has nothing to do with Open Orthodoxy.

    in reply to: Lakewood Resident Screaming About New Shopping Mall #1208554

    And he is the Rosh Yeshiva. Says so on all the documents. Rav Aaron Kotler, CEO. CEO (in America) means he is in charge, no matter who gives or doesn’t give shiur.

    Would you say that Richard Joel is the Rosh Yeshiva of RIETS?

    If you hold the titular roshei yeshiva of BMG to be “Gedolim” (one is on the “Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah”), then the Gedolim approve of the development.

    Do you have any information regarding any Gedolim without a potential financial interest?

    in reply to: Massive Hasovas Avaida – #1206574

    Most states eventually sell the contents of safe deposit boxes at auction. The proceeds are handled like abandoned accounts.

    in reply to: Siyum Hashas on eBay controversy…. #1199492

    Probably would have been better to use gofundme.

    He’s looking for a single sponsor to share the celebration, not a group of sponsors.

    in reply to: Bad Samaritans #1197073

    The story specifically used a Samaritan because they were at odds with the Pharisees. He could have used as an example an Israelite who wasn’t worried about becoming Tamei Meis but chose a Samaritan to make a point.

    in reply to: chulent meat #1200312

    It’s sometimes labeled “short ribs”.

    It’s butchered differently. Flanken is cut perpendicular to the bones, if it’s just labeled as “short ribs” it’s likely cut English style which is parallel to the bones.

    What your butcher does will likely depend on the season and day of the week.

    in reply to: YWN removes article #1196890

    There is no such thing as taking back anything on the internet, Someone saved it and has it somewhere

    It’s on the wayback machine.

    I read in other places that there were questions if some or even most of the story was false.

    The YWN article stated:

    in reply to: Closing online business for Shabbos #1198513

    MA, There are religious Jews in other time zones as well. The site is up but there’s no shopping cart or checkout available. (I’m not sure about order history.)

    Chabad’s website is completely inaccessible which can be inconvenient if you’re on the west coast and need to find last minute details on the local branch.

    in reply to: "KD" on cereal boxes in the late 80s? #1196440

    There have been a number of splits and mergers since then. Ralston’s cold cereal trademarks (most notably Chex and Cookie Crisp) were sold to General Mills when they exited the retail market. Today Ralston’s cold cereal lineup is pretty much limited to foodservice and private labels.

    in reply to: Return to 1803 borders #1197338

    I still think the Americans were very cruel to the Indians.

    It wasn’t one-sided.

    It is interesting to note that Declaration of Independence contains the following:

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    in reply to: "KD" on cereal boxes in the late 80s? #1196436

    It was made by Ralston Cereals. I don’t know who was behind their “KD”. They made a number of interesting themed cereals but many of them had marshmallows and don’t have the “K”.

    in reply to: Here is a purely hypothetical question: #1203305

    Joseph, Once selected as an elector any interference from the state on the elector’s vote would be subject to federal laws.

    in reply to: Is Midrash Rabbah translated by Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman kosher? #1195183

    About kashrus it’s hard to say anything. The Soncino group were graduates of “Jews’ College of London,” definitely not yeshivah-grade people. They kept Shabbos, but ….

    If you have Hashkafic issues with the Soncino press, I’d suggest you say away from anything from the Romm publishing house.

    in reply to: Turkey Dinner Tonight? #1195750

    Does anybody know which tape has Rabbi Avigdor Miller tz”l’s view on Thanksgiving?

    I’m not sure if you’re still looking but it is on tape #529. I think it’s in the Q&A section, not the main speech.

    in reply to: Boiling Newspapers #1193582

    All I am saying is that there is no way for the publisher to know if the ink is or isn’t soy or vegetable based. The only one who knows is the manufacturer and the publisher doesn’t buy it directly from them.

    Even if the publishers buy ink through a middleman they still know who the manufacturer is and have the necessary SDSs, not having SDSs is an OSHA (and possibly fire code) violation.

    in reply to: What happened with the Tallis/Tefillin search? #1192709

    Save the safety tips for a different time, or keep it private.

    No, now is the best time for safety tips. Isolated safety tips are usually ignored.

    While what happened this time is definitely a freak occurrence, the design of this cubby (and many others like it), leads to items falling out.

    in reply to: Boiling Newspapers #1193574

    My quote was from the organic gardening blog

    Maybe that’s why people who insist organic produce get a bad reputation.

    I couldn’t find that blog but I traced your quote back to a Pakistani article. While I can’t vouch for the inks used in Pakistan, the inks used in the USA are safe to compost.

    in reply to: Star-K updates Starbucks list #1192489

    Did Starbucks change the formulation of the Caramel Drizzle?

    in reply to: A disturbing video I saw yesterday #1191735

    The Spring Valley code is quite clear.

    It shall be a violation of this Article for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage on any public land or shopping center parking lot within the Village of Spring Valley or to have in his possession any open container containing any alcoholic beverage for the purpose of consumption of the same on any public land or shopping center parking lot within the Village of Spring Valley by either himself or another person.

    Interestingly, Public Lands is defined as “Any highway, street, sidewalk, lot, park, playground or shopping center parking lot in the Village of Spring Valley.” yet they explicitly included the wording “shopping center parking lot” in the law.

    in reply to: 6:06 AM…I already voted #1190811

    CTL, polls only open at 6. How’d you manage to vote, get home and post about it by 6:06, considering you only carry a flip phone?

    Jaguar E-Type

    in reply to: BR and haagen daz ice cream #1189699

    Question please: Do the ice cream scoopers not need to be immersed in a mikvah with a bracha before use?

    Immersion is only needed if they are owned by a Jew. Utensils that require immersion but haven’t been, cannot be eaten from directly but don’t make the food unkosher.

    in reply to: BR and haagen daz ice cream #1189691

    As mentioned, in NYC Rabbi Mehlman ONLY certifies the DD part of the store and NOT BR.

    How does that work with the BR utensils? A KOA certified DD location I know of does not sell any of the non-certified BR flavors.

    in reply to: Telshe! #1189652

    Geordie613 is right. The Telshe Yeshiva belonged to the community, not the Bloch family. The American Yeshiva was a new Yeshiva that followed the same path as the original.

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